Coco and Vanilla Gin and Juice Review

Wednesday, August 17

- This Post Contains Gifted Items -

Cocktails are always a fun way to celebrate the weekend, however, buying all the ingredients can sometimes seem like a bit too much effort. That's where Coco and Vanilla come in with their new 'Gin & Juice' range - three premixed cocktail flavours that just leave you to is pour over ice and top with garnishes provided.

These cocktails have been created alongside 'Pangea Spirit' - an up and coming brand who have recently created their own gin. Their gin is distilled to give the smoothest and freshest taste with hints of cucumber. 

Coco and Vanilla's 'Gin & Juice' range comes in three flavours - Strawberry Kola, Blue Raspberry and Passion Fruit Mango. The bottles I was sent are there 250ml taster bottles which are £5.50 each or if you want to share with friends they have full sized 650ml bottles for £22.00.

Finally, let get onto what I thought about the taste of the cocktails themselves - Coco and Vanilla sent me the taster bottles of all three flavours to try and after making sure the bottles were chilled in the fridge and preparing some ice at the weekend I did just that.

Gin & Blue Raspberry Lemonade

In the blue bottle (of course) we have the blue raspberry lemonade mix - I personally love a raspberry lemonade and will order it whenever I see it on the menu so it was great to try it in a cocktail form. This one was delicious and I would have been quite happy if all three bottles were this flavour. 

Gin & Passion Fruit Mango

Next up we have a passion fruit mango flavoured juice - a fruity cocktail is right up my street and this one had a strong mango flavour. Perfect for drinking outside in the sunshine during a heatwave.

Gin & Strawberry Kola

Finally, the juice pictured above was the blend of gin with strawberry Kola - it's such a fun colour in the glass and had a deliciously sweet flavour you'd expect from kola. If I had to pick I'd say this was my least favourite of the three just because it was so sweet.

"Brings Back a Summers Day in Every Glass"

I will say all these cocktails are a sweet treat that masks the flavour of the alcohol - something I personally like in a cocktail but if you prefer your cocktails more of the juicy/fruity side these will be perfect for you. Having them in pre-made bottles is very convenient for a weekend treat or an easy party alternative for guests.

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