A Button Through Linen Dress

Wednesday, August 10

Dress: WoolOvers | Shoes: Clarks | Earrings: Isle and Coast
When browsing in the charity shop you can always tell if an item is good quality and well made. I definitely felt that when I picked up this linen dress even though I didn't recognise the brand name. When I got home I discovered it was an absolute bargain because it was still available on their website for £69. Why someone gave this away I'll never understand... 

I am so glad I managed to pick up this dress when I did because it's been perfect for this hot weather we've been getting. The linen fabric is lovely and light while still being covered up - I've even worn it to work a couple of times. It has pocket too - perfect!

These earrings were a recent purchase too from a local maker who makes clay jewellery - I'm a little bit obsessed with this style at the moment and have a few pairs I've picked up at local markets.  

The dress goes with pretty much all my summery shoe choices - may I've picked up second hand this year but I'm planning another post to share them all. Stay tunes for that.

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