My Garden In July 2022

Friday, August 5

For two years in a row I wrote a garden update every month - in 2022 that didn't happen for a number of reasons. Mostly because gardening has been tough with a young puppy - plants are trampled getting to the ball and flowers are beheaded just as they've come into bloom. However, I did want to share snapshot of my garden this summer. 

I think this post will be long enough so I'm planning a separate post for the fruit and veg I've been growing in my raised bed and greenhouse next month. I couldn't resist adding this photo of the rainbow last night - click over to my instagram to see the full image. 

Brodie seems to love lying in the flower bed where this scabiosa lives, however, despite the flattening the flowers are as beautiful as ever this year. I did try growing a different colour from seed - I do have some little plants but they don't flow any sign of flowering yet... Maybe I can take care of it over winter and get flowers next year.

The grass we worked hard to lay last year isn't looking good... however it's improving with lots of watering, aerating and we've got a new mower which will hopefully bring it back to a healthy condition. 

You can see much of the garden has been taken over by weeds... it isn't a garden for someone who works full time but it will take a few years to change things.

I don't remember these hydrangeas looking so beautiful last year but their pink blooms are stunning at the moment. I love these plants and they seem to need very little care...

The white flower above came from my Mums garden because it didn't suit the soil - lovely people on Facebook helped me identify a Galtonia also known as a summer hyacinth. It's thriving here and my mum loved to see it flower.

In the front garden I've been putting the Zinnas and Calendulas I've grown from seed so they are safe from the dog. I've love how colourful this bed is at the moment and everything seems to be thriving. 

The square shaped bed in the front of the house is a little jungle like but I'm loving all the oranges, yellows and pinks. The bees seem to love it too because when I was outside earlier taking photos there were loads of them buzzing about. 

I have lots of dahlias this year courtesy of my dad - he now had too many so donated some to my garden. They are probably my favourite flower so I'm delighted to see them all starting to flower now and their different colours. I have a feeling the best of them is yet to come!

A bee enjoying the marigolds I plant in the front of the house - this variety have grown huge and will have plenty of flowers for a while yet. 

Another one of the many bees on the Sidalcea prairie mallow 'Candy Girl' - again from my mums garden because I had one in our previous garden and missed it. It's so big now I had to cut some of the back to get at the grass...

Like I said I'm planning another post later in the month or next month for all the things I've been growing in my greenhouse and raised bed. It's certainly been keeping me busy. 

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