Power Dressing in Dark Green Suede

Thursday, November 10

Dress: Calvin Klein | Blouse: This is Unfolded (Collection 01) | Heels: Clarks (via Vinted)
It was love at first sight with this dress in the Calvin Klein outlet in Orlando. I loved the dark green colour and the lovely, thick suede material. I just couldn't have it behind! I had to try on a few sizes to get a fit that I was happy with but I feel amazing in this dress. This is what power dressing means to me. 

Today I decided to layer it for autumn and winter with this blouse I ordered from the first 'This is Unfolded' collection. Having bigger boobs means the Lyndsey blouse is tricky to style but I've found it is great for layering.

Finally a dress like this looks best with heels so I've paired it with these Clarks ones I bought in summer from Vinted. Comfy enough for those business meetings I don't attend... maybe one day! This dress definitely makes me feel confident enough.

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