Pre-Loved Summer Shoe Haul

Friday, August 19

When I was unpacking my summer wardrobe in spring I realised most of my go-to shoes for summer dresses and warm weather were long past their best. So without really knowing what I was looking for I started searching on Vinted for pairs of shoes that were neutral enough to match everything and comfy for walking. 

Not every pair were a success so went back on Vinted to find a new home but these are the shoes I added to my collection this year. 

Shoes: Clarks | A Button Through Linen Dress

This pair of heels from Clarks are probably the least wearable shoes in this list but an essential nonetheless when you have to dress up because I think they'd match every dress in my wardrobe.

I can't resist a bargain either and this pair were only £X - they looked slightly dirty in the photos but I think it was just the way the suade photographed because they are perfect.

Shoes: Clarks | A Letter To Forgotten Summer Dresses

In my teenage years and early twenties cheap flat ballet shoes from New Look were a staple in my summer wardrobe but when my last pair worn out I thought it was time for a more grown up replacement. 

That's where this pale pink pair from Clarks come in - they are so comfy and perfect for wearing with the dresses I wear to work. They were hardly worn when I bought them so I'm confident I've already had them on more time than their previous owner.

Shoes: Bobs from Skechers

A pair sandals comfy enough for walking miles and miles but also nice to look at was the most difficult ones to find but when I saw these BOBS from Skechers Desert Kiss I knew they were the ones. At the time they were still on the Skechers website for £50 and I bought they almost brand new for £10.

They have a cushioned Memory Foam footbed which makes them super comfy but also a slightly raised heel which makes them perfect almost every occasion. 

Shoes: Boden | The Perfect Sage Green Wrap Dress

I bought these Boden heels mostly because they were a total bargain - looking a little bit worn out the first thing I did when they arrived was giving them a polish and they instantly looked much better. 

Now, this pair aren't super comfy so I won't be wearing them when I have to do lots of walking but if we were going out for dinner and I had a nice dress this is the pair I'd reach for. 

Shoes: Clarks | Summer Purple Polka Dots

Finally, my most recent purchase! I thought I was finished but browsing Vinted again this pair appeared on my homepage and I loved the colour of the turquoise band. I believe you need option for footwear because you never know how your feet will feel if you have to wear the same pair everyday. 

If you are new to Vinted this video from Steph on Instagram is a good guide for searching for what you are you looking for. 

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