G is for Gingers 10 Year Blogiversary

Thursday, January 19

Today marks 10 year since my first blog post - a cautious start into a hobby that would give me something 'productive' to do with the hours I already spent on the internet. I was still at school with no idea where my future would take me... but it's all documented here! 

The year I took out before going to university, the four years of my degree, feeling lost as a graduate before ultimately finding a job, starting my career, all the amazing holidays with my boyfriend, renovating the house we bought together and getting a puppy.  

When blogging was at its peak I was lucky enough to work with brands regularly - creating some content I'm really proud of and giving me enough 'fun money' through my degree that I didn't need to find a part time job. The community of bloggers online was something I loved the most when I first started and I'd prioritise the blogger chats happening on twitter every night. 

I wasn't sure where I was going with this post... I never remember to write a post my blogiversary but 10 years is not a milestone you can miss. Originally I thought about looking back at my favourite posts or landmark moment in my life that have featured as blog post but honestly with 918 posts that would have been too difficult. It has made me feel a little emotional looking back at them and I'm so grateful for my online diary. 

There have been moments throughout the 10 years that I didn't know if continuing blogging would be an option but I haven't stopped and I still can't see the moment I will. Although, I'm sure that day will come. 

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