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Wednesday, January 11

Since I won't be back in the garden for a few months yet to post a gardening update I thought I'd share the gardening I do indoors with my house plants. For as long as I can remember my Mum had had a house plant collection and pretty much as soon as I've had my own flat I've been adding to mine and now there are plants in every room of the house.

I won't pretend I'm amazing at looking after them and I've lost a couple recently with moving house and all the renovation work going on. I don't think some of them are 100% happy where they are and during winter the house gets a bit cold with lack of sunlight which isn't ideal. 

Anthurium | String of Hearts
The bathroom is one of the best places to keep plants in my option - it's warm and steamy which a lot of plants enjoy. I put a hanging planter in the corner so my string of hearts can trail down. The Anthurium is now quite big so makes a nice feature on the unit in a green pot I found in Ikea.

Aloe Vera & Cactus | Spider Plant, Aloe & Flaming Katy
Also on the bathroom shelves I have is very tall looking aloe vera and a cactus. Plus there is a small watering can handy so I don't forget to give them a drink regularly. 

Through to the living room now and I have to be careful which plants I keep in here because it doesn't get a lot of sunlight even in the summer and it is constantly a cool room. On the shelves I have a spider plant which was advertised as a cool room plant in B&Q and it seems happy so far.

Below I have another aloe plant which has moved around a few times but seems okay anywhere and a flaming Katy which was taken from a cutting of a houseplant Scott was given from his Mum when he first moved out. 

The blue pot is from Ocean Plastic Pots - a really cool company from Scotland who collect rope from harbours and beach cleans, then recycle it into Ocean Plastic Pots. I want to add more of their pots to my collection because they look great and do good as well. 

Mixed Succulent & Orchids
On the TV unit in the living room I currently have a planter with mixed succulents (that if you look closely you can see my puppy had nibbled at some point) and two of my orchids. 

I know Orchids don't like full sunlight but this can be a bright spot so I thought they'd be happy but I haven't been successful in getting them to flower since we moved. Maybe more TLC and food is required!

String of Hearts & Flaming Katy | Dracaena
These shelves in the dinning room are a new addition since we finished the new kitchen but straight away I moved plants into them. Firstly, I have two more string of hear plants taken from cuttings of my Mums. They root really easily in water then can be planted up in soil.

I also have my biggest flaming katy on these shelves - I'm not sure if she will be happy here but I'll keep an eye on her and hopefully see some flowers this year. Finally, I have a Dracaena which was originally Scott's as well. 

When we moved my Mum replanted it into a bigger pot and it was thriving but I wanted it to be bushier so after doing some research I cut the top off. All the leaves you can see here are new growth since last summer and I'm hopeful I will see even more this summer. 

Veltheimia, Amaryllis & Various Cacti | Flaming Katy & Dracaena
In the corner of the bedroom we currently have this step planter to keep the cacti that were in the kitchen safe during the renovation. I know where I want to put up a new shelf for them so hopefully they will move back soon. 

At the moment I'm also keeping my Veltheimia in here until it flowers. These plants came from my Grandad's greenhouse when he died but my Dad couldn't get them to flower for years until he did some research and realised if he brought them inside in the winter they flowered beautifully. So now I have a few as well!

 An off cut of my flaming katy that I kept isn't looking too healthy... not sure if it has been underwater or to cool! Hopefully I can give it some love and it will recover. Last but not least I put the Dracaena top I cut off the original plant into some soil and it appears to have rotted which is exciting because now I have two. 

Now let me convince my boyfriend I need some more plants... 

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