My Disneyland Paris Bucket List 2023

Sunday, January 22

I am so excited because for Christmas last year (and my upcoming birthday) my boyfriend has treated me to a few days in Disneyland Paris. I've known for months because he can't keep a surprise but now we are just a few days away I thought I'd write a bucket list post for everything I'd like to do as a first timer. 

I've been reading all the articles with tips and tricks, advice for first timers and any hacks/secrets. Although I'm really familiar with Walt Disney World this will be a new experience and I'm really excited. Let's hope the weather stays nice for us!

1. Get a first visit badge

A little basic but I want to get a first visit badge when we first get into the park. I missed out on one when we went to the Magic Kingdom because I was so excited to be there but this time I've making it a priority. Hopefully the first of many trips! 

2. Meet Woody or Jessie at Hotel Cheyenne

I'm hoping this one should be pretty easy because we are staying in Hotel Cheyenne but the idea we could meet a Toy Story character makes me so excited. Out of all the Pixar films they are easily my favourite so that would be my dream meet and greet. My fingers are crossed for a photopass photographer too. 


3. Be brave enough to enjoy as many rides as possible

Much to my boyfriends dismay I am nervous about pretty much every ride... I blame it on never having the chance to do that kind of thing when I was a child but also I hate that dropping feeling. I've tried my best to figure out which rides I'm avoiding (Crushes Coaster I'm looking at you) but I want to try and be brave. 

If you have any recommendations for beginner roller coasters, think ones you might take a three year old on, then I've love to know and work my way up. 

4. Eat at Bistrot Chez Rémy

I'm adding this one to the list to manifest it into reality. I didn't realise how quickly we'd have to book a table to eat at Chez Rémy on one of the nights of our stay but a month in advance obviously wasn't enough. However, I am checking multiple times a day for a cancellation so keep your fingers crossed for me. 

5. Take it slow(ish) and enjoy the Disney atmosphere

I know that Disney trips can be 100 miles an hour because there is so much to see and do but it's also my aim to try and slow down a little and just enjoy being there. Walking down Main Street USA, experiencing Avengers Campus and meeting Mickey. I'm so excited for it all. 

Rosie has two 'Dislandland Paris Hack' posts on her blog you should check out. Taking a water bottle is always a must for me!

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