2022 in Outfits

Wednesday, January 4

My annual outfit round up is one of my favourite posts of the year. In 2022 I set myself the challenge of a new outfit post every month because I didn't have a lot to choose from for my 2021 post and outfits used to be a staple of my blog.

While I didn't quite manage a post as frequently as once a month I did post an amazing 13 new outfit of the day posts most featuring secondhand finds to build a more sustainable wardrobe. 

Embroidered Spring Wedding OutfitThe Hobbs Cadence Dress
I found it a real challenge to find a dress for my cousins wedding in March. As I wear dresses regularly I wanted one for a wedding to feel extra special and after a few false starts that has to be resold on eBay I fell in love with this Monsoon one. I'm thinking it might come to Paris with me later this month.

The Hobbs Cadence Dress was a charity shop find I couldn't leave behind. While I don't find it the most wearable it feels gorgeous and grown up to wear. I'm hoping there will be a work event I will have to dress up for soon.

Kathleen Dungarees and Beach FunAnother Claire Wrap Dress
These green dungarees were in my most recent 'This is Unfolded' purchase and I wore them so much during the summer. They were so easy to throw on to run errands or take the dog to the beach - I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear them again.

Speaking of 'This is Unfolded' I couldn't resist adding another Claire wrap dress to my collection when some extra stock became available in the summer. Maybe a lot of people would find the bright yellow intimidating but I think it's perfect. 

A Button Through Linen DressThe Perfect Sage Green Wrap Dress
Another charity shop find I didn't know I was missing was this blue linen dress. It is such a nice fit on me and so easy to throw on and head out of the house in a rush (which I'm always doing) and it has pockets. 

I must have been going through a bit of a green phase because in my 'This is Unfolded' order I also picked up this wrap dress. Annoyingly, I has to size up which meant a few weeks finding another one with fellow unfolders but the end result is really good. 

An Autumn Look for Second Hand SeptemberPower Dressing in Dark Green Suede
You can see the weather had started to shift for my secondhand September post featuring a dress I got in a bundle from Facebook Marketplace and a bargain Ralph Lauren cardigan I've worn so often I got on Vinted. 

In keeping with the time of year I also shared a post layering this awesome Calvin Klein dress with a blouse from my first 'This is Unfolded' order from early 2021. I'm so happy I've found a new way to wear items that were already in my wardrobe for another look.

Autumn Checked Skirts and Cable KnitsA Christmas Party Outfit
I'm wearing my Ralph Lauren cardigan again but this time with a Hobbs skirt I found in the charity shop. The autumnal colours were perfect for the time of year and this is an item I find really easy to work into lots of outfits in my wardrobe. 

Finally, the outfit I wore to my works charity party. The most perfect princess tulle skirt I picked up in the charity shop for a fraction of the cost it would have been new. No the most wearable item in my wardrobe but I'll keep it for years so I will get plenty of outings and failing that I will just wear it to Aldi... 

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