5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #39

Wednesday, February 1

At the weekend we returned from an amazing trip to Paris and Disneyland Paris. There will be a whole post on the trip because we had such a good time. 

However, my boyfriend only has two night at home before he had to leave for a work trip and this is the first time we've been apart from more than a day since before the pandemic. So I'm really having to keep focusing on the good things and keep my mind busy to stop myself missing him. 

1. Making the Most of Our 24 Hours in Paris

Okay I said this would be it's own post and I promise it will be but one of the things that made me happy about our recently holiday was being able to take full advantage of our day in Paris. I wasn't sure how much we'd be able to get done but 34,000 steps later and I feel like we saw all the major tourist spots!

2. Doing My Nails with the Manucurist LED Lamp

For Christmas this year I treated myself to a Manucurist LED Lamp set in the hope it would give me longer lasting nail polish and protect my nails better. So far I'm loving sitting down to properly do my nails (and not smudge them 5 minutes later). I chose this lovely pink, old rose, for our trip to Paris. 

3. Getting Home to my Own Bed

Paris was full on so we always slept well at night but there is nothing like getting home to your own bed - it felt so good to get home late on Saturday evening and crawl straight in for a proper rest and not have an alarm set for extra magic hours the next day. 

4. Slightly Longer Days

Over the last week or so I've noticed it isn't pitch dark when I leave the house at 5pm for a walk - it's only slight but it's very exciting! Plus it's lighter in the mornings too which makes it easier to get ready for work. Now I'm looking forward to a full walk before 6pm in the daylight. 

5. Having Brodie Around to Keep Me Company

Scott has travelled for work a couple of times since we moved in together but the big difference this time is I have Brodie around so I'm never truly alone. He is great company with his silly behaviour and snuggles in the evening. Plus having him to take care of and force me out for a walk is good for my mental health. I still can't wait for Scott to be home though.  

My Disneyland Paris Bucket List 2023

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