The Last Minute Christmas Party Outfit

Monday, January 1

Jumpsuit: Shein (via Vinted) | Shoes: Clarks | Bag: Ashwood Leather (via Vinted)
I'm going to start this post by asking everyone to pretend 2024 hasn't started yet... and ideally that I managed to get this blog post up before Christmas. After our team Christmas night out at work I got an awful cold thats taken about two weeks to recover from and with all the festive activities there has been a lot of time. 

However, I love how this jumpsuit looks on me and the red is so festive I wanted to share it at this time of year. 

To give you a bit of background into how last minute this party outfit was I want to start by saying I try really hard not to buy a new outfit for events. I have lots of nice clothes in my wardrobe and buying things you'll only wear once isn't sustainable. However, a couple of days before my works Christmas night out I realised that none of the outfits I'd normally wear suited the occasion. 

It was too late to order anything from Vinted (my normal go-to for pre-loved fashion) so I had a quick run round my local charity shops on my lunch break without any success. Then I thought to look on eBay and limit the search to items near my postcode without much luck either. 

Then the morning of the night out I discovered if you search your town on Vinted you can see thing that are listed locally. After some quick filters on dresses and jumpsuits in my size I found this one. I messaged the seller asking if I could collect it at lunchtime. Thankfully they only lived 10 minutes from my house so I ran to get it and put it on almost immediately when I got home before heading out to meet my colleagues.  

Normally, I'd avoid Shein by a mile but I'm really happy with my secondhand purchase. The original owner wore it as a bridesmaids outfit so I've been able to give it at least a second outing. I did plan to sell it on straight away but I don't know... I kind of love the way I feel in it and it's surprisingly good quality. 

I feel guilty about fast fashion all the time but if you are going to buy clothes from websites like Shein then they should be worn and loved. If I don't get to wear it again soon then I hope I'll find a new home for it! 

Check out what I wore to our night out last year - A Christmas Party Outfit

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