A Christmas Party Outfit

Tuesday, December 27

Top: Primark | Skirt: Coast (via the charity shop) | Shoes: Clarks (via Vinted)
Before the festive period is over I wanted to share this outfit - perfect for Christmas or New Years Eve parties. Of course it caught my attention in the charity shop because it's a huge princess skirt!

I picked it up with the intention of wearing it to my works Christmas meal but also knowing it's just my style for formal events - it might get another outing at a wedding we are going to in the summer. I love a bargain and I had a feeling a skirt like this from coast would have been very expensive so I'm glad it's found a new home in my wardrobe.

It's really easy to pair with a white top or blouse and some simple jewellery. It's such a statement piece it doesn't need any more than that. It was a happy accident that the clarks heels I bought in the summer look like they were bought to match. 

This gorgeous, organza midi skirt might not be the most wearable item in my wardrobe but I know it will be a staple for parties for years to come. 

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