Another Claire Wrap Dress

Thursday, July 28

Dress: This is Unfolded | Sandals: Moshulu
Back when Unfolded released their first collection I bought the 'Claire' wrap dress straight away and feature it in a blog post when it first arrived because I loved it so much. 

So, on a fairly dull day at work when I needed a pick me up and Unfolded announced in their Facebook group they had a few items from previous collections available I snapped up this yellow 'Claire' dress from collection 02.

Thankfully I love this wrap dress just as much as my original Claire - it's even better for summer because it is in a gorgeous, bright yellow floral pattern. You really can't get much more summery than that. 

In this collection the improved on the design and it now comes with a simple slip dress to wear underneath so you aren't going to risk flashing anyone which is a bonus for me. 

I get so much wear out of both these dresses and to know that I'm contributing to a less wasteful fashion brand and helping support children's education is amazing.  If you've not already I urge you to check out 'This is Unfolded' - they are currently finalising collection 05 which is super exciting. 

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