Sunday, April 30

My week in pictures #220

(From top left) A sunny walk through Seaton Park on Monday afternoon. One of the dishes from my hellofresh box I made on Instagram stories this week. Morning revision with a cuppa and porridge. My flatmate and I finished Iron Fist this week which was so good. Pizza from Papa John's on Saturday night. Looking at the nuart art in aberdeen while out shopping on Sunday.
Welcome to one of the most boring weeks of my year - revision week! I was spared some of the boredom by my Hello Fresh box which arrived last Sunday meaning I had nice food to focus on cooking in the evening. I'm thinking about doing a review - would you be interested in seeing that?

I went to the library in the morning 5/7 days this week and tried to get out in the afternoon/evening before doing some more revision. Even though the weather has been horrendous (snow in April!?) I managed to get out for a couple of walks, went into town, made it to the gym and zumba and more than one trip to McDonalds... so it hasn't all been bad!

On Friday night once my flatmate and I had finished Iron Fist on netflix and had our tea we walked along to McDonald's for a Mcflurry for pudding. Luckily Riverdale is back on Netflix so that kept us occupied. 

Saturday morning was taken up by revision in the library but afterwards Scott came round so we could go to the football. The game against St. Johnstone was pretty terrible but we showed our support anyway. Later on we ordered pizza from Papa Johns and finished watching Lucky Man. If you've not seen it on Sky then I really really recommend it.

Sadly Scott has to get home for a food order on Sunday morning so he left at about 11am leaving me to find something to do for the rest of the day. I occupied myself by walking into the city centre - sadly there were no second half ipad minis at the right price for me but I did get a good look around Primark before coming home again.

I'm counting down the minutes until 2pm on Friday when my third year exams will be over! In the meantime I have two new blog posts planned for this week so give me a follow on bloglovin' so you don't miss them!

It would also be so helpful if you could RT this tweet for me! Hopefully the power of social media can help find Titta.

This week on G is for Gingers: Blossom Embroidered Denim Jacket

Wednesday, April 26

Blossom Embroidered Denim Jacket

Chions: Fat Face | Top: Levis | Jacket: Tu at Sainsburys | Shoes: Cath Kidston
My mum spotted this awesome jacket on the Tu website and called me to tell me about it. I've been talking about a denim jacket recently because I thought one would fit right into my spring/summer wardrobe. As soon as I saw this jacket I know it was the right one for me and my lovely mum bought it for me while I was in Aviemore. They don't have it online anymore but maybe it is still in store.

The pink floral blossom is a perfect match for these Fat Face chinos so I decided this would be one of my looks for a trip to Glasgow last week. Fat Face don't seem to have a pink pair of chinos this year but they do have a similar style in different colours. 

To finish this look off I added this simple levis tee with the dainty floral on the front and these Cath Kidston plimsolls. I got them in the sale last November but they've only recently come out of my wardrobe for spring. The woodland animals on them are just too cute.

I've been waiting 'not so' patiently for the blossom tree in the garden to flower to take pictures next to it but now it seems a lifetime ago. I'm back in Aberdeen where there has been grey skies, pouring rain, icy wind and SNOW!? Hopefully there will be more spring looks on the blog soon... just as long as spring actually comes back.

Monday, April 24

My week in pictures #219

(From top left) Curry at Obsession of India on Tuesday night in Glasgow. Artwork on the side of one of the University buildings. On Wednesday Scott and I visited the Riverside Museum. Bundi behaving crazily while barking at stones on our evening walk. I've spent time updating my Scrapbook and can't wait to order more photos for it. Going out to a house party on Saturday night. 
On Monday morning Scott came to pick me up and we drove down to Glasgow for a couple of days. We got there before check in so decided to waste sometime in Ikea. We both just bought little bits and pieces before heading to our hotel to relax. We stayed in the Hilton Double Tree in the city center which was just perfect. Later that day we headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner - I eat so much I could barely walk back again. 

Tuesday was our day for wandering so after a long lie we went down to the shops to get my boyfriends mum an easter egg from hotel chocolate. After a cheeky McDonalds lunch we walked to the Botanic Gardens then onto Kelvingrove park before walking back to the hotel. That was already a lot of steps but we had decided on Obsession of India for dinner so walked there in the evening. It was really tasty but on a Tuesday night the restaurant was dissected. 

On our final morning we checked out and went to Cafe Nero for breakfast. Scott suggested the Riverside Museum so we got in the car and drove there. I've already been before but it was interesting to go again and take even more in. After we'd done that it was time to drive home again - such a short but sweet break.

The end of the week was reserved for studying for exams that are creeping up on me. I got quite a lot done plus I was able to take outfit pictures, do some scrapbooking, take my dogs for walks and spend time with my family before going back to Aberdeen.

Scott and I had been invited to a party on Saturday night so after the Aberdeen Vs Hibs we headed back up. We didn't do much but eat pizza and watch TV until it was time to get ready. It is always nice to spend time with friends you've not been in along time and have a few drinks soo. We played Cards Against Humanity and then I had to drink the dirty pint after a game of Ring of Fire. When we arrived home in the early hours we were shattered (probably because we decided to walk back...).

I woke up with a sore head on Sunday but nothing too serious. We had the longest lie in, sausages for breakfast and didn't go out until about 4pm and that was only for pudding. My new Hello Fresh box arrived so we had five meals to choose from. I'm thinking about doing another review for that - would you like to see it? We had lots of episodes of Lucky Man to watch up on so spent the rest of the evening snuggling on the sofa.

A nice, chilled way to end the week before a week full of studying for exams!

This week on G is for Gingers: A Postcard From Aviemore

Wednesday, April 19

A Postcard From Aviemore

If you saw my Instagram last week you'll have seen a ton of photos from my week in Aviemore. We bought the timeshare for my Uncles 60th birthday and this year he turned 75 so that will give you some idea how long we've been going. My last 'Postcard from Aviemore' was in 2014 so I thought it was time for an update - even though we do more or less the same thing every year!

View from The Old Logging Way (near Coylumbridge).
View from the South West end of Loch An Eilein.

View from the path between Aviemore (Dalfaber) and Boat of Garten. 
We went on three decent bike rides this year. The first was to Loch An Eilein from Aviemore - round the loch and back. The second was too Boat of Garten along beside the steam train and back again. Finally for my Uncle 75th birthday we went to Loch Morlich via the Cairngorm Club Footbridge and back via the Old Logging Way.

View from the path between Aviemore (Dalfaber) and Boat of Garten.

View across the Cairngorms from 'Whitewells' farm.

The river Spey from Dalfaber.
There was 12 of us this year spread across two different houses so it was a pretty full on week. As there was so many people we mostly eat in the house at night. Midweek, however, we went to the Cairngorm Hotel (my favourite) for dinner. I had mince and tatties - it was huge and very very tasty. On our final night we went to the Garth Hotel in Grantown on Spey. The food there was also really tasty and very Scottish.

View from the Cairngorm Club Footbridge.

Another View from The Old Logging Way.

The blossom tree on the main street in Aviemore.
By the time Saturday came round again I was more than ready to head home to see my parents and my boyfriend too. It is great to spend time with my family but it was really busy and I didn't get much time to myself. Going to look forward to visiting again next year.

All these photos were taken on my Moto G2 - because I couldn't take my camera out on my bike! I hope you've enjoyed these photos and maybe they have inspired you to visit the Scottish Highlands.

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Sunday, April 16

My week in pictures #218

(From top left) My favourite dessert at the Cairngorm Hotel on Wednesday. Evening over the cairngorm mountains on Thursday. My Uncle Ron turned 75 when we were on holiday this week. A bike ride down the 'old logging way' to Aviemore on Friday. Going out for dinner for the last night of our holiday on Friday. An Easter present from my mum - this awesome denim jacket (from Tu at Sainsburys). 
At lunch time on Saturday I arrived home after another successful holiday in Aviemore. We bought the timeshare for my Uncles 60th birthday and this year he turned 75th so that shows you how long we've been going. There was 7 of us in the main house, 4 in another house plus a baby so it was a busy week. Like all family get togethers there was ups and downs but we all survived the week. 

I want to talk more about my holiday in a separate post but I will say it was active. We went on three decent bike rides around Aviemore (giving me lots of opportunity to take pictures). On Wednesday night we ate out at the Cairngorm Hotel which is my favourite and for our final night on Friday we went to the Garth Hotel in Grantown-on-Spey.

Mostly I got to play with my little cousins who are almost two, five, seven and thirteen. My big cousins were also there so we got to catch up too. When did I become one of the adults though!? We were in the swimming pool everyday and although it had destroyed my hair and skin it was great fun.

After an exhausting week I was happy to get home to my parents and talked for hours telling them everything that happened. Since getting home Mum and I have been out for a walk and today we went into town and I got a pair of bargain walking shoes in the charity shop. I'm equally as tired today so my afternoon has been lazy - once I've finished this post I'm going to go out for a walk with my dogs then crash for the night. Hopefully it is early to bed!

Next week Scott and I are spending a couple of nights in Glasgow. I'm excited for a little break with him - you should give me a follow on Instagram so you see all my pictures.

This week on G is for Gingers: A Simnel Cake Recipe for Easter

Thursday, April 13

A Simnel Cake Recipe for Easter

Before heading to Aviemore for the week I started thinking about something I could bake and take along with me. I will be back home for Easter Sunday but as it is our easter holiday I thought this classic recipe would be perfect. It is easy to do and results in a huge cake so perfect for my big family.

For the almond paste you will need:

250g caster sugar
250g ground almonds
2 free-range eggs, beaten
1 tsp almond essence

and for the cake:

175g butter or margarine
175g soft brown sugar
3 free-range eggs, beaten
175g plain flour
Pinch salt
½ tsp ground mixed spice (optional)
350g mixed raisins, currants and sultanas
55g chopped mixed peel
½ lemon, grated zest only
1-2 tbsp honey
1 free-range egg, beaten for glazing

I pinched this recipe from the BBC food website because it looked simple enough. You start by making the almond paste - I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy this part so I halved the amount and still thought I had plenty to cover the cake. 

Firstly place the sugar and ground almonds in a bowl, add enough beaten egg (you probably won't need it all depending on the size of your eggs) and mix to a fairly soft consistency. Finally add the almond essence and knead for one minute until the paste is smooth and pliable.

Roll out a third of the almond paste to make a circle the right size for your cake tin and reserve the remainder for the cake topping.

For the cake, cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Gradually beat in the eggs then sift in the flour, salt and mixed spice. Finally, add the mixed dried fruit, peel and grated lemon zest and stir into the mixture. I bought my fruit and peel from Lidl which sells bags of it already premixed which saved buying too many ingredients.

Put half the mixture into a cake tin. Smooth the top and cover with the circle of almond paste. Add the rest of the cake mixture and smooth the top. Bake in the preheated oven at 140°C for 1¾ hours. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool on a wire rack.

Brush the top of the cooled cake with honey (or something similarly sticky) divide the remainder of the almond paste in half; roll out a circle to cover the top of the cake with one half and form 11 small balls with the other half. Place the circle of paste on the jam glaze and set the balls round the edge. Brush the cake topping with a little beaten egg.

Preheat the grill to high. Place the cake onto a baking tray and grill for 1-2 minutes, or until the top of the marzipan begins to brown. 

See my last baking post - Sweet Potato Cake

Sunday, April 9

My week in pictures #217

(From top left) The Pittodrie sunset on Tuesday night watching them beat Inverness. I finally found a Beatrix Potter 50p on Wednesday. I've been meaning to put these photos in a frame for years - two years after they were taken! Taking my boys out for a walk has been a pleasure this week. I made a Simnel Cake for an easter blog post later this week. I won a competition on Little Talk's blog and my bamboo towels arrived this week from 'The Towel Shop'. 
For the first time in forever my week started at home with my parents and I didn't have any plans all week. Well apart from exam revision which tries to spoil this time of year. I've got a little bit done every morning though to keep ontop of things and get it out of the way. 

I've also done a couple of HIIT workouts with the help of yaboymillhoy on YouTube because I can't get to the gym this week. They have been fun but harder than I expected too. On Tuesday after I felt like I'd already done so much I got the train to meet Scott in Aberdeen. I spent my birthday voucher in Paperchase and we went to the football. It went well and Aberdeen beat Inverness but Burger King was closed by the time it was finished so we ended up having dinner SO LATE.

When mum picked me up on Wednesday we got to see the foal in the field next to the house close up for the first time - so cute! After some revision I took the dogs out for a walk while mum was out. My brother came home later in the day so I didn't get much more work done but I did add some new pages to my scrapbook.

Thursday was more of the same revision in the morning but in the afternoon I started baking a Simnel Cake for an Easter blog post. I'm so chuffed with the way it turned out and can't wait to share it with you. On Friday morning I made a to-do list and powered through it (including a HIIT workout) in plenty of time to meet my boyfriend after work. Annoyingly he didn't finish until 6pm and the daylight was quickly disappearing but hopefully I cheered him up after a hard day.

Saturday was an early start because I was off on our annual family holiday to Aviemore. My uncle picked me up in the morning so we could pick people up on the way and travel down. Having all my cousins together is so exciting so I'm really looking forward the the week. On Sunday we started with swimming then went out for a bike ride in the afternoon. My big cousins are making curry for tea but I'm ready for bed already! It's going to be a good week.  

This week on G is for Gingers: An AX Paris Floral Bodycon Party Dress

p.s. I've had the loveliest comments (both on my blog and on twitter) for my new outfit post and I am so grateful. Everyone who takes the time to comment makes me smile!

Tuesday, April 4

An AX Paris Floral Bodycon Party Dress

Dress: AX Paris (similar & similar) | Heels: Faith | Necklace: Accessorize
As four years of blogging might prove I own a lot of dresses but none like this one! It caught my eye on eBay because of the beautiful floral pattern but I wasn't sure about the length or the fit. However, I was looking for a dress for my birthday and decided to go for it. 

It didn't arrive in time for my birthday getaway but when I did tear it out of the packaging I was super impressed with the quality. The material is lovely and thick and the colours are so vibrant. The shoulder pads give a bit of extra shape and help hide my chubby arms. 

Most of all though I'm really happy with the way the style looks on me - it is actually quite flattering. I was really worried it would show all my lumps and bumps but these photos prove it doesn't. It is short though so I don't think I'll ever be confident enough to wear it without dark tights. 

I've got a party coming up in a few weeks (that had to be moved from last weekend because my friend has chicken pox) and this dress is a top contender for the night. My boyfriend likes it too which is always a bonus. I'll just throw on my leather jacket and I'll be ready to go.

Catch up on my last outfit post here - Learning to Style a Leather Jacket

Sunday, April 2

My week in pictures #216

(From top left) Old Aberdeen in the spring sunshine on Monday. Possibly the last rock thin section I will look at as an undergraduate. Spent 4 days in the library this week making a start to my exam revision. A geological model made out of playdough - even I'm not sure what it is meant to mean. Arriving home for the holidays on Sunday night and Bundi is at the door to greet me. Mum bought me this very pretty oil burner while they were on holiday this past week.
This week has been a strange one because my uni timetable has been so empty with only 7 hours of classes. I'd decided this was the perfect time to kick start my exam revision so every morning at 9am I arrived at the library ready for a few hours revision. In the afternoon I spent my time going to the gym, Zumba or going for a walk in the sunshine. I got loads of work done and got to enjoy spring too. 

On Wednesday after I danced around for an hour at Zumba I went home for a rest then Scott came round after work. We went to Tesco for some food, reheated Curry Dahl in the microwave I'd made earlier and chilled in front of the TV watching lucky man. It was our third anniversary but we don't normally do anything special to celebrate it. 

The gym on Thursday really took it out of me so I spent the rest of the day trying to relax and write to-do lists because I felt like I had so much to do. After my library session on Friday I went into town with my flatmate to take a bag of clothes and shoes to my boyfriends car. We grabbed lunch at McDonald's before I had to go back for my last Friday 3pm class. 

Our last night in Aberdeen before the holidays was spent enjoying a chinese from M&S and binge watching Iron Fist on netflix so it couldn't have been much better. On Saturday I was up early to get housework done, defrost the freezer and pack for going home for the holidays. It wasn't easy hauling my suitcase on the bus but I got a doughnut in Union Square before getting the train. 

Scott and I didn't do much on Saturday afternoon but I was feeling quite sleepy. We went out in the evening for a retirement party at our favourite pub coming home at around midnight happy drunks. Sunday has been the ultimate lazy day and my steps have been pretty appalling. We had a lie in, a cooked breakfast and looked at summer holiday. At about 5pm I told Scott we needed to go for a short walk but we were home quickly to make tea. Scott gave me a lift home shortly after and I'm feeling lonely without him. We are constantly talking about the day we don't have to say goodbye again and get to live with each other.

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