5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #5

Wednesday, January 2

I've not blogged in ages - I just got caught up in Christmas and it's been great having my boyfriend off work and at home for over a week. I thought I would kick start my 2019 blogging with '5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week' then I'm going to see if I have enough photos to do an outfit round up and share my Christmas presents too.

1. Our Real Christmas Tree

I knew my boyfriend wouldn't be keen on the idea so I didn't ask his permission and put it up while he was out. He wasn't happy at first but I think he has come round to it and I really love it. Plus it smells amazing!

2. Edinburgh's Christmas Market

The Sunday before Christmas we headed to Edinburgh as a Christmas treat. We walked round the Christmas market, finished our present shopping and had a delicious meal. The perfect way to feel festive before Christmas. 

3. Christmas At Home with My Family

I woke up on Christmas morning with Scott for the first time but after breakfast and present opening I headed to my Mum and Dads for a family Christmas. It was perfect and my little cousin made it so fun to be home again. 

4. Long Lies and Lazy Days

We've basically been doing nothing all week. We've slept in way to long (which we never do) and watched a lot of TV during the day. I've managed to persuade Scott to come out for a few walks but nothing too difficult. 

5. Having a Big New Year Tidy Up

A few days have been spent giving the house a good clean and tidy. We've sorted through cupboards and thrown things out. The bathroom has been deep cleaned and all the floors washed. When two people do it is much easier and it feels so good.

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