Another Great Charity Shop Find

Tuesday, February 4

Dress: Next | Boots: Clarks | Tights: The Legwear Co.*
I was a little unsure when I spotted this dress in the 'Shelter' shop - it ticked all the right boxes for me in terms of brand and style but I wasn't sure about the print. I walked out of the shop then decided 10 minutes later to go back. It was too much of a bargain at less than £5 to leave behind. 

Fast forward a few weeks and it has become a staple part of my workwear wardrobe - I actually have it on as I write this blog post. With long sleeves and a collar it feels smart enough for work but still me. I love wearing it!

If you want to pick up things you love in the charity shop you've got to keep going back for a browse regularly. I was purposefully looking for dresses for work when I found this one but I've written a little more about my process in this blog post.  

Check out the last Next dress I found in the charity shop - 

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