Seasalt Cornwall Cord Autumn Winter Dress

Tuesday, November 24

Dress: Seasalt Cornwall | Boots: Office | Tights: The Leg Wear Co.*
I love it when you spot a brand in a charity shop that you've heard of but haven't got to try because the price point is out of your reach at the time. That's how I felt when I spotted this beautiful Seasalt Cornwall cord dress in a colour perfect for autumn/winter in the Shelter shop in October.

Did I need another dress? Probably not but I couldn't resist treating myself when it was only £8.50 and it looked like it had barely been worn. Imagine buying a dress like this and not wearing it to death. It's now started a new obsession with Seasalt Cornwall because their style matches mine and I'd happily wear anything from their site. Maybe when we are allowed out again I might treat myself to something new like this teal pinafore dress.

I've worn this dress a few times already but most recently when we went out for lunch for my Dads birthday a few weeks ago. It was a grey day so something like this was perfect for a wander round the shops and grabbing something to eat. Similar to my next dress I know this is something I'll be able to wear to work too which is great. 

I'm obsessed with this dress and I love a charity shop find that introduces me to a new brand!

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