Twenty Four Month Renovation Update

Friday, September 23

Sunday marked two years since we moved into this house, my renovation series now has 15 posts including update and individual room mood boards, but today I wanted to share some before and after pictures. 

No room is truly finished - they still need finishing touches and some new furniture but we're getting there. I'll be back in a couple of months with a kitchen update!

A Living Room Renovation Mood Board
The first photo of our living room was taken the day after we moved in to the house - we started ripping it apart really quickly. We painted the feature wall 'Honey Mustard', fitted a wood burning stove and sanded and stained the floor. 

One of my proudest achievements was being able to dye the curtains navy blue to match the room. No doubt that saved us a fortune because I think they'll have been custom made. It's a lovely warm space now but we still need to find some big artwork for the walls. 

The front bedroom was a quick fix - we needed somewhere nice to sleep so we got to work stripping it back, taking out fitted wardrobes and filling cracks on day two in the house. For ease we painted everything white and got a neutral carpet fitted. 

Since we finished and moved into the master bedroom this room has been our home office. Once we finish everything else we plan to revisit this room. Fix some of our initial mistakes and make it a guest room/home office. Compared to the rest of the house now it feels very plain. 

A Bathroom Renovation Mood Board
The bathroom badly needed done but we tried to wait until the old sash and case window was replaced so we knew everything was water tight.  I remember feeling out of my depth with this stage of the renovation with so many decisions to make (and another lock down pending) but overall we made a massive improvement.

The unit is a shallow kitchen one from Ikea built to suit the space so we now have loads of storage and a walk in shower. The old bath never felt like ours so I was glad to see the back of it. We will need to sort out some splash back behind the sink but at the moment it is functional. 

A Bedroom Renovation Mood Board
We used our future master bedroom as a home office for months before we were ready to start work. Once everything was stripped back it became obvious that we needed professional help to patch the walls, ceiling and around the old window. Thankfully we got a plasterer involved and the finish he left meant it was easy to decorate. 

This room is so bright that is could take the dark blue wall and hopefully now that Ikea have their PAX wardrobes back in stock we can finish off this room. There is a few new pieces of furniture I want that will make the room work better but everything is done gradually. 

The latest project to be completed was the hall - I think I under estimated how much having a nice hallway makes a difference coming home and I'm so happy with the end result. Again, we got the plasterer involved because we had to totally remove the old coving. 

Once the herring bone flooring was fitted the space really came together and adds warmth to the house. I picked up this console table on Facebook Marketplace and have since got a mirror to hand above. 

A Hall Renovation Mood Board
We lived with the walls a plain white for a couple of months and I quickly realised we needed more colour so I took inspiration from Instagram and painted a two tone wall. I'm so proud I've managed to do it perfectly myself and Farrow and Ball Peignoir is a lovely soft colour for the space. 

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