Things That Made Me Happy This Year 2022

Friday, December 30

When I was thinking about my blog posts for the end of the year I wasn't sure I'd have enough for a 2022 highlights post. It's not been a bad year but I also didn't think I anything exciting enough to share. I flicked through the photos on my phone anyway and it turned out there were lots of lovely moments I wanted to share. 

Watching this little puppy grow up has without doubt been the highlight of the year. Puppies are cute and soft but they are also lots of trouble and can't leave the house for weeks so I couldn't wait for him to grow up and go on adventures. The photo above is his first time visiting the beach and I'm so glad he loved it because we've been back 100s of times since.

For Christmas last year Scott treated me to an amazing meal at Haar in St Andrews. Not only was it lovely to have something to look forward to in those grey days at the start of the year but the food was also delicious. I'd love to go back if we got that chance. 

My cousin got married at the start of March so we used it as an excuse for a weekend away with my Mum and Dad. We got a cottage with an outdoor hot tub near the wedding venue and had a lovely getaway. Sadly, Brodie was too young to come and be left alone for hours but my Mum and Dad's collie Doogie kept us company. 

For my birthday near the end of March we went to see the Stereophonics in Aberdeen. They are one of our favourite bands and I've seen them live a few times. It felt so good to be back doing that kind of thing after covid. Plus, because we were staying in a hotel I got to enjoy breakfast out and had waffles and ice cream on the morning of my actual birthday. 

The only other time we got away this year was a few days in Edinburgh. We had a really nice couple of days exploring including a trip to Edinburgh Zoo to see my favourite animals - the giraffes! Seeing these gorgeous animals will always be a highlight of my year. Hopefully I'll see them in the wild at some point too.

This photo with Brodie on the beach captures what an amazing summer we had - lots of warm days meant we could go to the beach later in the evening or relax in the garden with a cider or two. As much as I love cosy nights in front of the fire being able to go out and about in the daylight is one of the best things about Scottish summers. 

The first year growing in my new greenhouse - I really enjoyed filling it with as many plants as possible and then enjoying the produce at the end. The photo on the left is when I'd just planted the tomatoes in their grow bags and you can just about see how full it was looking in the photo on the rights.

In the summer my Mum and Dad added another crazy member of the gang - a rescue collie called Spike. This was the first day him and Brodie met on neutral ground and they both loved playing in the sea together and chasing sticks. It was a rocky start to their friendship but I think they are just about there.

Finally, I think I've saved the best until last. The biggest (and most expensive) project in our house renovation has been the new kitchen. It took a fair bit of demolishing and rebuilding to get to the point that it could be fitted but now it's in I couldn't be happier. It's such a great colour!

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