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Wednesday, October 11

Dhalia - David Howard

At this time of year I find it difficult to accept the growing season is over and it's time to treat inside again. As with any year there have been lots of successes and a few fails as well. 

In August and September I've been taking plenty photos of the vegetables and flowers growing in the garden as a nice follow up to All The Seeds I've Started This Year which I posted at the start of June. 

Scabiosa - Black Knight
The pink poppy above self-seeded (probably thanks to the birds) and I just left it to grow it a huge plant that kept flowering all through summer. I really love flowers that are a delicate pink like this. 

The Scabiosa was one I successfully managed to grow from seed last year but it really thrived this year with these unusual dark, velvety flowers. 

Sunflowers | Rudbeckia Triloba
I had midsummer I had regrets not looking for branching sunflower seeds to start but luckily for me some of the seeds that grew under the birdbath were branching and gave us  a small patch of sunflowers in late summer. 

In the garden centre I picked out a different variety of rudbeckia that had the same gorgeous colour as the classics but a totally different growing style. I hope they come back year after year. 

My favourite flowers are dahlia's so to give the tubers a head start in the spring I started them in pots - with dahlias your always rewarded with lots of late summer blooms. 

Another pretty pink poppy this time grown from a seed mix I chucked in a bored I wanted some quick colour in. It's a shame they don't last but they are pretty when they do. 

One massive success this year was all the rudbeckia I planted. Bought for just a few pounds they've grown into big plants they keep giving me enough flowers to cut and bring inside without taking away from the colour in the garden. 

Marshmallow | Dahlia
This marshmallow has been an unexpected delight in the garden this summer. I didn’t really know what it would look like when I bought it but it’s grown massive and has these beautiful, delicate pink flowers.

My dad grew these classic red poppies from seed (much more successful than the ones I grew from seed). Not sure I'd grow poppies again next year - you don't get much for the effort you put into growing them. 

Chrysanthemum - Polar Star 
Calendula - Pink Surprise
Of all the seeds I started this year I was especially excited to see these Polar Stars - not that many of them germinated but I do love the colours. Maybe I can save some seeds and try to get more next year. 

Calendulas have to be a staple bedding plant because they are so easy to grow - I think the variety above is pink surprise because they have the faintest touch of pink on their leaves. 

Tomatoes | Aubergines
In the greenhouse thing were just as busy. I grew nine tomatoes plants this year and while it wasn't the best (it got cold overnight in late August which they hated) but I still got a decent amount for cooking. The one in the photo above was a bonus that must have self-seeded in the ground and is still thriving. 

I love growing Aubergines because their purple flowers are so pretty and I can make moussaka with homegrown produce so that is pretty cool.  

Purple Sprouting Broccoli | Squash
I'd say the raised bed was more successfully than last year - I've had a few courgettes although I don't think the cool weather in August has helped them keep producing. 

The purple sprouting broccoli that I was excited to try has been delicious despite half of it being enjoyed by the cabbage white butterflies and their caterpillars. Oh well I love the butterflies in the garden too. 

Finally, my dad gave me two squash plants that have taken over and grown lots of fruit. I've not harvested yet because I wanted to see how big they'd get but it will soon be time to bring them inside. 

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