Tuesday, May 31

Boohoo Prom Queen | Bringing Out the Sequins

Dress: Boohoo* | Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (similar) | Bracelets: Accessorize (similar) Hairband: Primark
I have been so excited to share this collab with you after sharing this dress on Instagram when I received it. It is a proper princess dress - I love the big tulle skirt and sparkly top. The dress looked so pretty online and I'm really happy that it didn't disappoint when it arrived. It was hard to choose from such a big selection of Prom dresses on Boohoo's site. 

If you have been following my blog for long enough you will remember my original 'Prom Time' post. Looking back I'm not sure this dress suits me as well as some others might have. It is still hanging in my wardrobe and I've not worn it since. Maybe I will put it on eBay this week...

Back to my beautiful new dress though. I would have loved to wear this to my prom even though it wasn't a very formal event. Next year I really want to attend a university ball so this dress will be perfect or if I get a wedding invitation then I would also get the opportunity to wear it.

This dress does all the accessorising itself so I paired it with a simple headband, bracelet and earrings. These shoes are my formal event shoes, I don't get to wear them often but they are always useful. 

I'm so pleased with the way these photos turned out - what do you think of this dress?  

I am trying to clear some room in my wardrobe before going on holiday so I'd love it if you checked out my blog sale. Everything is under £10 and I'm happy for you to make me an offer.

Sunday, May 29

My week in pictures #174

(From top left) Ice cream from Aunty Betty's in Stonehaven on Monday. These new boots arrived in the post from JD Williams* - really love them! Getting myself slowly into running and pushing myself even though my legs were still aching. Edzell today in the sunshine with Scott. Meeting my neighbor's new dog today now that I'm home for summer.
My second week free of university has been just as eventful as the first. The week started off at Scotts flat where I woke up on Monday morning. I showered and tidied everything up before rushing out to try and catch the train. On the way to the station though I bumped into Scott's friends who were going to the same place as me - lucky because I probably would have missed the train. I met my geology friends in Stonehaven and we explored and wandered round the coast to Dunnottar Castle which was lovely. We had a chippy tea and ice cream before heading back to Aberdeen.

Tuesday was fairly chilled until my flatmate got back and we went to take some outfit pictures then to the gym. Annoying my calves were still too painful to run so I had to work out other ways. When we got home I sat with frozen peas on them which helped a lot more than I expected. Wednesday was my friend Kate's last day in Aberdeen so we went to Wagamama for lunch before she caught the train. It was a really good chilled day and the food was yummy as always. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the shops before Scott finished work. We walked back to the flat together and made nachos for tea. After a fairly early night I was feeling refreshed and ready for the gym. My legs were a little bit better so instead of pushing myself I ran and walked almost 2 miles which felt like a productive way to spend my morning. 

Friday was my last day in Aberdeen and all I had to do was pack up and meet Scott in town. I had a fairly long to do list and luckily managed to get it all done. Always feels bittersweet going home for the summer. Once back in Montrose Scott and I went to get food and cooked a pasta bake for tea. We then went for a walk because we couldn't resist a nosey at what was happening at the beach. Jools Holland was headlining the local music festival so we wanted to see if it was busy. 

We went to a first birthday party for my little cousin on Saturday afternoon. Spending time in the sunshine catching up with family was lovely. Afterwards we headed back to Montrose to go to some of the music festival. We had a few drinks in the pub but didn't stay out too late - neither of us could deal with a hangover the next day. 

I thought Sunday would be pretty lazy but after a long lie and a slow start we decided to make the most of the sunshine and go to Edzell. It is much further inland so it was glorious in the sunshine so we walked down the river before stopping for ice cream. Afterwards it was finally time for me to come home - I never like leaving Scotts though. Mum and I decided to take the dogs for a walk and I finally got to meet our neighbours new puppy. Such a good weekend and I'm more than ready for bed now.

This week on G is for Gingers: Summer Style in Fat Face Rosebud Pink Chinos

Thursday, May 26

Summer Style in Fat Face Rosebud Pink Chinos

Top: Fat Face (similar) | Trousers: Fat Face | Shoes: Just for £5* (similar) | Scarf: Apricot Clothing*
Another item of clothing you're bound to recognise if you read my Styling Spring/Summer Outfits with Fat Face or The 'Your 5' event at Union Square posts. I decided to exchange the trousers from the original pair I bought to these ones and they arrived just in time to wear to my second trip to Stonehaven this week. I much prefer the colour and style to the first pair I chose.  

They maybe aren't the most flattering pair of trousers because they have such a baggy style but it makes them easy to wear. Great for warmer days too because they aren't as tight fitting as jeans. The pink is a bright enough colour by itself so I wore them with this plain top also from Fat Face. The scarf I got months ago from Apricot and has become a go to for warm days. It is big and floaty just the way I like scarves but the light material means it isn't too warm. 

What do you think of these chinos? If you want to keep up to date with my summer trips then give me a follow on Instagram too. 

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Monday, May 23

My week in pictures #173

(From top left) A selfie with the rocks at Portsoy on Monday. I woke up on Thursday morning so find out they had cut down two of the trees outside our flat - heartbroken! I have decided to get fitter over the summer and teach myself to run (of course this means buying appropriate footwear). A cheeky Burger King for lunch on Thursday. Lunch out again on Sunday this time at the Jute Cafe Bar in Dundee. Got to watch a historic moment as Scotland win their first rugby sevens tournament. 

I have been making the most of my first week of the summer holidays. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have been what I've been up to but if not then I will quickly fill you in.

On Monday my geology pals and went on a little road trip to Portsoy. We did some walking, took loads of photos, had lunch in a lovely little cafe and of course looked at rocks. I had such a good day and arrived home in the evening shattered in the best way possible.

Tuesday was also an adventure. If you saw Thursdays blog post you'll have seen that my flatmate and I went to Stonehaven for the day. Really the blog post says it all but we went for a picnic on the beach, Aunty Bettys for Ice Cream and a walk round the harbour before getting the train back to Aberdeen again. 

The rest of the week went at a slower pace - on Wednesday I went to the gym for the first time in years which felt really good. Forever Amber's post about running inspired me and I feel like it might be the thing for me. Very annoyingly I seem to have pulled something in my leg, worse than just normal stiffness after exercising so I spent the rest of the week hobbling around... I bought trainers with proper support though and plan to get back into it as soon as possible. I walked into town to get there trainers on Thursday and made my legs and ankle so sore I spent the rest of the day on the sofa!

Friday was definitely the worst day of the week though - I woke up with a horrible cold that had started out of no where. I couldn't spend the whole day in bed though because Scott had offered to take my clothes back to Montrose so I had to pack. He picked me up in the afternoon, we drove home then went to the pub for a couple of drinks. A few to many probably on top of my cold because I got home much later feeling very sick and falling asleep on my feet.

I woke up feeling much better on Saturday but we still had a pretty lazy day. We walked to Lidl to get food and pretty much just chilled in the flat for the rest of the day. In the evening we watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles which is a classic and very funny film. Sunday was more adventurous because we decided to go to Dundee for lunch and shopping. The food at the DCA was delicious as always and luckily for my bank account I didn't see anything I fancied at the shops.

We got home and the sun was still shining so Scott cut the grass and I sat in the garden, he finished just in time to watch Scotland's sevens game in the cup final which was so exciting. We then went to the pub to play darts (I'm pretty hopeless) and a bit of pool with one of Scott's friends. It was late by the time we got home to cook food and we were both more than ready for bed. 

My Instagram is looking very summery at the moment and I'd love it if you showed it some support - @ginger_claire.

This week on G is for Gingers: Giving Hello Fresh a Taste | A Day Trip to Stonehaven.

I've decided to have one more go at selling some of my things on ebay before I taken them to the charity shop. You can see what I'm selling here

Thursday, May 19

A Day Trip to Stonehaven

During exams I felt like I never left the flat and cabin fever was really starting to kick in. Since they finished last Friday I felt determined to go out and do as much as possible. I plan on staying in Aberdeen for two weeks after my exams so I can see friends and go out more.

On Tuesday I persuaded my flatmate, Eilidh, to come to Stonehaven with me. The train costs less than £5 and I thought it would be nice to get out of the city for a while. We took lunch and had a picnic on the beach, we had ice cream at Aunty Bettys and coffee at The Waterfront Cafe Bar. Being bloggers we took plenty of photos of our walk on the beach and wander round the harbour. I made a complete mess with my ice cream while trying to take the perfect photo for Instagram... and even though the day wasn't as warm as I would have liked we still had a great time.

Dunnottar Castle is also really close by - I'm desperate to persuade one of my driving friends to go sometime next week. I'm sure you'll hear about it if we do go!

Blouse: Warehouse* | Skirt: New Look | Coat: The Vintage Boutique Collection via TK Maxx | Shoes: Just for £5* (similar)
Annoyingly I didn't get to wear what I wanted so had to make do last minute. I ordered trousers from Fat Face but they arrived on Tuesday morning in the wrong size. Slightly annoying because they are normally such a reliable company. 

While this outfit might not scream 'day at the beach' it wasn't that warm so I was trying to be prepared. The colours in the blouse match the skirt so well I'm surprised I've never worn them together before. Coral is always a safe bet but this blouse never photographs very well - it is much prettier in person. 

Have you ever been to Stonehaven? I'd love to know any other places you would recommend for a day trip in the Aberdeenshire area.

Thank you to my flatmate, Eilidh, for taking the pictures of me. She also had a blog which you can check out here.

Tuesday, May 17

Giving Hello Fresh a Taste #1

A few weeks ago I tempted into a Hello Fresh box. It was my first week back in Aberdeen after the holiday so I didn't have any food in the flat, it would encourage me to eat a little better, cook new things and my first box was only £25.

Nick ‘The Knife’s’ Zesty Orange Beef Stir Fry

The first night I cooked this yummy beef stir fry. I don't cook with beef so it was surprisingly easy to get it just right - it wasn't chewy like I was expecting. Annoyingly I took my eye off the orange sauce and it went extremely thick and lumpy. I just about saved it though and it was a very tasty, light and fresh dish. 
This is the dish I cooked with my boyfriend - we both really enjoy fish but we've never had Tilapia before. It was really delicious and because it was quite firm it was very easy to cook without it breaking apart. I made one change to the Panzanella because I really can't face eating raw onions. I cooked the onions and tomatoes in a pan for 5 minutes to soften them. This was one of my favourite dishes in the box.
I really like the look of this one on the recipe card and it was probably one of the quicker ones to prepare. The slaw was so delicious even though I was dubious about the cabbage. However, the marinade has mustard in it. I'm not a huge fan of it anyway and this type seemed to be quite strong - really I should have tasted it before putting it all over my food! Once I scraped it off I enjoyed the meal okay just not my favourite.

Black Bean Chilli with Herbed Pork

I was excited for this one because I love chilli and thought making it with sausage meat was a good idea for something different. Basically it is just a very delicious, traditional chilli recipe. I really enjoyed the brown rice for a different flavour so I will be buying that again. Can't wait to make this again because this picture is making me hungry.

Jamie's Squash & Penne Bake with Ricotta & Golden Breadcrumbs

I was really excited for this one because I love butternut squash and Jamie Oliver recipes rarely fail for me. However it did let me down - it wasn't as saucey as I would have liked. Infact I found it kind of dry and hard to eat. I'm always trying to think of ways to improve recipes but I'm not sure with this one. 

You are able to go onto the Hello Fresh website to download all of these recipes which is great. Overall I really enjoyed for first experience and would be really keen to order again. All the meals serve two people so are perfect for sharing when Scott comes over or having for lunch the next day. 

At £49 full price it is out of my student budget every week. I think they are probably 'quite' expensive too. I feel like I could buy slightly cheaper alternatives in my local supermarket for less. That being said everything was great quality, free-range and there is no waste. It also takes a lot of hassle out of choosing and cooking meals. 

Definitely check out their website if you enjoy cooking and trying new things. If you use this code - UUKT9D - you will get £25 off your first box too.

This review hasn't been sponsored, I paid for my box and all opinions are from my own experience. If you have any questions tweet me @gisforgingers.

Sunday, May 15

My week in pictures #172

(From top left) We spent Monday afternoon lying in the sun in the park. Our new cooker was installed on Tuesday - loving have a spark that actually works for a change. Scott has wanted a TV in my room for months so on Wednesday we finally put this one up on my wall. The second last game of the season was on Thursday night so we went to watch it - it was bloody freezing. Out for drinks on Friday night to celebrate the end of exams. We enjoyed breakfast at Sweet Mamma's Kitchen in Aberdeen to cure our hangovers. 
What a difference a week makes! My last exam was on Friday morning so I was determined to make the most of my last four days studying. On Monday the weather was glorious and hot so my flatmate and I decided to go to the park. Along with my laptop and revision of course but it was the best way to spend the afternoon. Tuesday was equally as nice but unfortunately I felt like I couldn't go out again. By Wednesday I felt like I was really making progress with my studying which was lucky because Scott came around in the evening. 

Together we wall mounted the TV for my bedroom then made tea. When we went to bed we were finally able to watch something without having to hold onto the laptop. Luckily for me Scott was staying two nights so went he was at work I managed to do more revision and then in the evening we went to see Aberdeen Vs Hearts. Pittodrie was bloody freezing and Aberdeen didn't play well at all but we still had a good night.

I felt like my Chemistry exam went well on Friday morning so to celebrate I met my flatmate in town where we went for burgers for lunch. Afterwards it was back to the flat for a rest (exams make you so tired) before getting ready to go into town for some drinks. Getting back at 4am after we've been to McDonalds is pretty standard for us but getting up at 8am the next morning isn't. We had plans to meet Eilidh's aunty in town for breakfast. It is always a pleasure to spend time with them and Sweet Mamma's Kitchen is somewhere I'll definitely be back to. The rest of Saturday was spent lazily on the sofa watching TV but it was much needed. 

Sunday has been much more productive though. I woke up feeling fully rested for the first time in ages. I found the time to hoover the living room and my bedroom, clean the kitchen, go to the shops and bake cupcakes (you can see the results on my Instagram).  Once I've published this post I'm going to do my dishes and make tea.

I can't believe the summer holidays have come round so quick but I'm excited for all the exciting thing to come. Including going to Orlando in just 26 days. 

Thursday, May 12

A Pretty Blue Embroidery Dress for the Park

Dress: Yumi via TK Maxx (similar) | Cardigan: River Island | Shoes: F&F
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the weather we've been having? It was to warm even for this cardigan on Sunday. In January, february and March I become so demotivated for outfit pictures so spring always bring in a boost for me! My flatmate and I headed to the park to get some fresh air and take photos for our blogs. It would have been a shame to waste it after all.

I've always admired dresses from Yumi so when I spotted this one in TK Maxx I practically ran to the checkout. It is gorgeous and only cost me £5. When I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised at how well made it feels, more structured and substantial than a lot of my summer dresses. It definitely wouldn't be out of place at a wedding... it is just a shame my ironing isn't up to scratch! 

Because I do live in Scotland I had to find something to wear that would keep me cosy too. I have a depressing lack of basic cardigans in my wardrobe so I found this one in my flatmates. It is a style I would never have bought but I love the way it looks and feels on. I searched online for something similar but so far I've not found anything. Let me know if you see something?

My last exam is tomorrow so today will be filled with final revision and trying not to panic. I want more days like this spent at the park in the sunshine please!

Thank you to my flatmate, Eilidh, for taking these pictures for me. She also had a blog which you can check out here

Tuesday, May 10

The 'Your 5' Event at Union Square

On Saturday I went down to Union Square to check out their 'Your 5' event. The basic concept was simple - The event features five key fashion and beauty looks showcasing this season's trends, without having to overhaul an entire wardrobe or make‐up bag in the process. I had a consultation with the fashion stylist who helped me pick out the 5 items that would suit me for spring summer. We then added them to their 'Your 5' app (they have ipads and do this all for you) so it could be email to you for future reference. 

I met Lauren from laurenrhiannon.com there so we went round together - it was so nice to be with another blogger. The whole experience was really fun and relaxed. I loved the way they had set everything up and the displays were lovely to look at.

All the items could be bought in stores in Union Square so it was good to find things from stores you wouldn't normally shop in. Below I've added the five items the stylist picked out for me and substituted when I was unable to find a picture on the website.  Key fashion trends for the season include the latest styles for; the shirt, the cropped jacket, the cropped trouser, sneakers and silk.

One thing I always worry about is being pressured to buy things. I don't like making impulse purchases and I'm a student so money is (very) tight at the moment. However, with this event they weren't actually selling anything there so you could go away and browse the shops at your own pace afterwards, try things on etc. It was really easy to find the items too because they were part of the promotion they were normally near the front of the store with 'Your 5' labels. 

I already have a very clear idea of what I like to wear and a wardrobe stuffed with clothes to prove it. However, this event would be ideal if you weren't sure what would suit you or are stuck in a rut with the clothes you wear. I enjoyed being talked through all the things than are on trend this season. 

After the event I was lucky enough to be gifted a Union Square voucher as a thank you for coming along to the event. I loved the cropped trousers but need something more 'day-to-day' in my wardrobe. Obviously I went along to Fat Face and decided on these coral coloured cropped trousers. I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these and who can say no to coral.

You should definitely look out for an event near you! I know they are going to Silverburn shopping center in Glasgow in a couple of weeks. Why not download the Union Square PLUS app too - it has exclusive offers, discounts and VIP tickets to events at the centre!

Please note that I was conpensated
 in return for attending and writing
 about the event but all opinions and
 the love of shopping is all my own