Thursday, September 29

Personalised Phone Case with GoCustomized

Blouse: Fat Face | Skirt: Fat Face | Shoes: F&F | Phone Case: GoCustomized
I love all things sentimental and photo related. I've made everything from photo books to collages. The one thing I've never had is a personalised phone case because I've always had a somewhat obscure phone. So when GoCustomized got in touch I didn't get my hopes up - they'd either do cases for iphones or samsung galaxys. I couldn't have been more wrong though because they have loads including one for my beloved Moto G. 

It took me a while to choose the right photo. At first I was tempted for a shot of my boyfriend and I but after a twitter poll I decided a landscape was the way to go. I chose one from my holiday in Keswick because I really liked the photos and our camping trip has lovely memories for me. 

When my case arrived the first thing I noticed was that the quality was great! I don't think I've had such a sturdy phone case before. The website was really easy to upload my picture and design my case. I only wish my flatmate Eilidh told me that I was holding the picture the wrong way in the photos... 

The blouse is new from the Fat Face sale - I love its big, baggy style and the colour will be perfect for autumn. It seemed obvious to pair it with the Fat Face skirt I bought in the charity shop last year - they go really well together. This is the outfit I wore to afternoon tea at the Carmelite Hotel yesterday. I'm going to be blogging about that next week though.

If you're looking for a personalised phone case case, I'd definitely recommend GoCustomized.

Tuesday, September 27

My week in pictures #189

(From top left) My new phone case arrived from GoCustomised* on Monday - I'm planning how to do a full review soon. I went bowling with the geology society and I got s strike! MacDuff on Wednesday to do fieldwork was beautiful. On Friday we had a movie night with my flatmates family - we watched Pan! Dinner at 'The Light of Bengal' on Saturday night with Scott was AMAZING. Stress of geology mapping...  Every time I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. 
Last week went fast! Probably because I have so much going on. After getting back to Aberdeen on Monday then going to the only lecture I have my friends and I went to our first geology society social. We went bowling and had a fews drinks - it was nice to meet new people. I even got a strike while bowling which made me competitive. After a few drinks at the pub and a trip to McDonalds it was time for bed.

Tuesday was quiet with the normal 9am start then the gym after class. I also finally got time to go to the library and get a new book to read. On Wednesday I had a field trip to the beautiful MacDuff. We got to spend all day outside in the sun looking at rocks which is fine by me. When I got back to the flat I had enough time to relax before Scott came round for tea. We made fish tacos which are one of my favourite things then watched TV.

I woke up after a restless night on Thursday feeling horrendous. A cold crept up on me from nowhere and made me want to stay in bed all day. I did have to go to class for a few hours and try to do coursework but I was dying for bed by 8pm. I didn't feel much better on the friday but I had coursework to finish so I had to get out of bed. I didn't get much done before I started getting cabin fever so I went for a swim. That evening I went with my flatmate to her aunties for tea, we played air hockey with her cousin and watched Pan then Strictly Come Dancing. 

Scott and I had plans on Saturday we he came round about midday, we went to pick up something for his work then for a walk in tyrebagger woods. I was really excited because we were going out for tea at 'The Light of Bengal' which Scott has raved about for months. It was really really good aswell - I can't wait to go back already. Afterwards we went for a few drinks before getting a taxi home. 

Sadly Scott had to leave for the football on Sunday so I walked with him to Pittodrie, the coursework I had needed finished so I went to meet my friends in the library - not something I want to make a habit of on a Sunday. I got finished just in time to get back to the flat and change before my parents picked me up for dinner. After failing to get into any of the three Pizza Expresses in Aberdeen I had a delicious calzone at Ask Italian. I said goodbye to mum and dad because they were off to a concert and I needed to catch up on sleep. 

My weekend was so busy, lovely and I had a great time. I hope you all had a good weekend too. 

This week on G is for Gingers: A Super Soft and Cosy Cardigan for Autumn

Tuesday, September 20

A Super Soft and Cosy Cardigan for Autumn

Cardigan: StyleWe* | Shirt: Primark | Jeans: Levi's | Boots: JD Williams*
This is my first autumnal look of the year - oh no! Although some days are still warm more often than not you need a jumper aswell. There has been a big cardigan shaped hole in my wardrobe for years. Considering I have so many dresses that need some extra warmth it seems silly.

This grey cardi arrived from StyleWe last week and it is gorgeous. It is partially wool so it is really cosy but it's also really soft. It is lovely, slouchy and I'm sure it will go with a lot in my wardrobe - I only wish they had it in navy too.

My favourite thing about the StyleWe website is all the different designers they have. Once you find something you like you can click to see the rest of the designers items. That way you can browse things that are more your taste. One of my favourites is Toyouth because it is so fun and colourful. Their red coat would be perfect for autumn.

Have you heard of StyleWe before? What do you think of the cardigan? They also have pinterest full of inspiration and a blog too.

Sunday, September 18

My week in pictures #188

(From top left) On Monday night we watched 'Before I Go To Sleep' which I loved. This week I went to sort out my gym membership and have been twice already. After a break over the summer we've finally watched the end of season 4 of 'Prision Break'. Cuddles with Bernie the puppy on Thursday. This very cosy cardi arrived in the post on Friday from WeStyle*. A casual toilet selfie while at the pub on Friday night.
Week one of third year is over already! It has been a good week too - getting to start new things but not being buried in coursework. I can see things are going to get more difficult soon though. On Monday my lecture isn't until practically the evening so I had a chilled morning before going to collect my new student ID and going to pay for my gym membership. The one thing I hate more than exercise is wasting money so hopefully that will keep me fit this year. Later on in the evening I made myself dinner and watched a movie with my flatmate and her boyfriend.

Tuesday is an early start day but after my class was over I went to the gym with a friend. It was good fun working out with someone else. Wednesday is another day with quite an early start but after my classes were finished I had time to properly unpack and tidy my room before Scott arrived. I walk into town to meet him and we went to morrisons to get food. Lots of fajitas and two episodes of Hell's Kitchen later we were ready for bed. 

It looks like my busy day this term will be Thursday. I'm in for three hours in the morning followed by another two in the afternoon. In the hour break we have I was able to go and see my friends puppy who I'm just a little bit in love with... any excuse really. I don't have classes on a Friday this year so I was able to get up early to go to the gym then have time to pack before meeting Scott later on. We drove home then decided we fancied a drink so went to the pub. Several hours later and even more drinks we stopped off for Pizza on our way home. 

Surprisingly Scott felt worse on Saturday morning than me. So while he was sleeping off his hangover I was able to catch up on some blog admin. It was a very lazy day, we went to the supermarket before Scott dropped me off at home. Mum and Dad have a friend visiting this weekend so it was nice to have a catch up and a good meal.

Sunday I really wanted to practise my driving so after a lie in and breakfast we headed out. Luckily I've not totally forgotten what I'm doing but I can't parallel park to save my life! The rest of the afternoon was spent pretty chilled at home, we took the dogs for a walk and I'm about to finish making a tart tatin. 

I've not been on Instagram at all this week but you should definitely give me a follow on bloglovin' so you don't miss any of my posts!

This week on G is for Gingers: A Postcard From The Isle of Skye | Styling A Pineapple Print Dress with Zaful

Thursday, September 15

Styling A Pineapple Print Dress with Zaful

Dress: Zaful* | Shoes: (I honestly can't remember...) | Necklace: Accessories
You might remember a few weeks ago I collaborated with Zaful styling their 'cold-shoulder top' and now I'm back with the second half of the collaboration. One of the first items that jumped out at me while browsing Zaful's Instagram was this pineapple print dress and I knew I had to have it in my wardrobe. 

The dress itself is really good quality, lined and not at all see through like you might expect from a white dress. I think it would be perfect for a trip to the beach on a hot summers day because of the floaty style and open back. This time I decided to style it for a more formal occasion. It dresses up really well with your hair done, pretty jewellery and a pair of heels.

I'm always struggling with underwear choices so you'll have to let me know what you think. The dress actually has padding in the cups so I probably could have worn it without a bra but I never feel comfortable. I think I need to put a couple of stitches in the bust to make it fit a little better.

It is so sad that the weather has started to get cooler and I'm not going to get a chance to wear this dress much this year. I am looking forward to browsing Zaful for some autumnal clothes now! 

Have you seen anything on Zaful's website you like? Let me know in the comments. 

Tuesday, September 13

A Postcard From The Isle of Skye

Last week I spent 6 days on the Isle of Skye as part of my Geology course. You might remember in April I went to Arran so this time I kind of knew what to expect. There are long hours, early starts, plenty of work and exercise. However, my friends are all there so we can have a laugh and there is amazing opportunities to take some pictures.

We spent the week in a hostel in Kyleakin, which is just over the bridge. It has gorgeous views and I took some of the best photos there. We also spent three days working on the coast near Torrin, measuring dykes near Elgol and sketching 'Kilt Rock' much to the annoyance of tourists who wanted to take a photo.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because I want to let the pictures do the walking for themselves. I am really pleased with them - I also Instagramed a few of them while I was away so you should definitely check them out here

Monday, September 12

My week in pictures #187

(From top left) Arriving on Skye on Sunday and the lovely view back to Kyle of Lochalsh. Very happy with a rock - #GeologySelfie. Food has been very hit or miss this week but this pasta dish was pretty good. Pretty proud of this sketch in my note book. My geology friends when we had finally finished our fieldwork. Meeting Georgies puppy - I've never wanted anything so badly.
This week has been intense - I've been away on Skye for my second geology field trip. You might remember back in April I went to the Isle of Arran. This field trip didn't involve as much walking but was still pretty busy. I want to write a 'Postcard from Skye' post so I'm not going to go into it in much detail. We had a great week though and it wouldn't be the same without my friends.

Our final night was on Friday so of course as soon as the coursework was handed in we headed to the pub. We had a long bus journey the next day so I didn't plan on drinking much but that didn't last long. It was a really funny night even if my memories are slightly hazy. The next morning I wasn't hungover but the 6 hour bus journey was pretty horrific. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of seeing Georgies puppy when we got back to Aberdeen. He is so tiny and cute - I just wanted to take him home.

We had plans to go out for my friends birthday on the Saturday night but after I'd done my make up the plans changed so Scott and I went for a wander round codona's then home via McDonald's for McFlurrys. Sunday was a lazy morning because I was knackered from my week away. In the afternoon Scott and I went to do some shopping. I finally got the Papa John's Pizza I've been dreaming about all summer too! The weekend ended really well and set me up for starting a new university term on Monday.

If you want to see more photos from my trip to Skye please give me a follow on Instagram I update it almost everyday and follow back. I'm ginger_claire over there. 

Sunday, September 4

My week in pictures #186

(From top left) Bundi doesn't like getting his ear drops! I finished the second Harry Potter book this week - how did I manage to forget the ending? Mum was unwell so I made Spinach and Feta tarts for tea on Tuesday. I entered my honey cake into the Dundee Flower and Food festival - haven't found out how I did yet though... Spotted this lovely chunky knit cardi in the charity shop that will keep me warm in Autumn. My (huge) bag all packed to go to Skye on a Geology field trip on Sunday. 
My final week at home has been busy busy busy - not helped by mum being very unwell on Tuesday and Wednesday so not getting out of bed much. I've had plenty to do including a few bits and bobs for uni, blog admin things and I've also been practising to enter a cake in the flower and food festival in Dundee.

Mum didn't leave her bed for the whole of Tuesday so it was up to me to make dinner. I chose my trustly spinach and feta tarts which I've shared the recipe on here before. On Wednesday I went to Scott's and because the night was so lovely we went for a walk down the beach. I fancied Mashed Potatoes so we had cottage pie for tea and watched Masterchef USA. 

While walking home on Thursday I bumped into an old friend so it was lovely to catch up for 10 minutes. I had to get home though because of the dentist. I get myself in such a state but luckily my teeth and perfectly fine. In the afternoon I had to quickly finish my cake because dad are I were going to put our entries in at the Flower and Food festival. He is a Bee Keeper so he always enters his honey. No one from the house has been to the show yet so we don't know how we did - fingers cross though.

Friday I rushed around most of the day because I wanted to get packed so I could go and see Scott. Mum and I went into town to buy snacks for my fieldtrip. We also spotted this gorgeous thick knitted cardi in the charity shop. 

I managed to get some outfit photos taken for next week before dashing off to get the bus to Scott's. He made a gorgeous Sri Lankan curry for dinner and we watched the final of Masterchef USA season 3. After which Scott fell asleep on the sofa.

Saturday has been pretty chilled with a late start in the morning. We went to the bakery for lunch and came home to eat it outside - delicious. After we took the dogs for a walk then spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games. Scott stayed for tea with my family - for my last night at home it was perfect.

When this goes live I'll be part through the 6 hour bus journey to Skye. I never look forward to things like this but I bet by next week I'll be saying I had a great time - wish me luck! 

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