Friday, December 30

My Year In Pictures 2016

  • In a bid to start reading again I joined the local library and by the end of the year had borrowed a fair few books.
  • My parents bought a new car at the start of the year - something smaller to help me learn to drive.
  • One of my favourite photos of Bundi this year (it still makes me laugh).
  • Celebrating my 21st birthday in March.
  • Also in March I went to my first bloggers event at Union Square - so grateful for the invite.
  • Scott and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary even though it feels like he has been in my life forever.
  • Another yearly holiday in Aviemore ticked off the yearly to-do list.
  • I survived my first geology field trip to Arran in April.
  • We saw Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds in Aberdeen which was amazing.
  • A family photo from my 21st birthday printed on a canvas for my student flat. 
  • Finally caved and let Scott persuade me to have a TV in my room - I must admit it comes in handy sometimes.
  • I voted in the EU referendum - even though the outcome was a shock. 

  • I bought my first ever pair of running trainers in May - I even tried running round the beach although it probably isn't for me.
  • Scott and I went to Orlando which was incredible. I actually can't rave about it enough to everyone I talk to (you can see all my blog posts here).
  • The Kennedy Space Center shared my blog post which was such an honor and made my page views boom!
  • Supporting fellow online influencers by buying Tanya Bakes - such a beautiful book.
  • Seeing Stereophonics at Edinburgh Castle was another highlight of the year.
  • My boyfriend also bought a new car - a blue fiesta to match our red one!
  • I baked a birthday cake for my flatmates 21st - in the shape of her favourite thing! 
  • All smiles from Scott and I before a new meal out in Newcastle in August.
  • I got third prize for my honey cake in the Dundee food and flower festival.
  • I survived a second geology field trip - this time to the Isle of Skye.
  • My friend got a puppy which made the first semester of third year a little easier.
  • I finished a few stressful mapping assignments this semester in the library.

  • I gave making homemade ice-cream ago for the first time - you can see my results here
  • I got invited to a fun blogger event at Orchid, Aberdeen and had such a great night.
  • I saw Aberdeen through to the final of the league cup with a win against Morton at Hampden.
  • For Halloween I decided to dress as a mermaid which looked pretty cool.
  • 2016 was the year I passed my driving test!!! You can read more about my experience here.
  • Another cool blogger event as I was invited to the opening of Barburrito in Aberdeen.
  • December walks with my little cousin along the beach - I love this photo.
2016 has been a pretty incredible year. I've been to more places than I ever thought possible. An amazing two weeks in Orlando Florida along with camping in the Lake District, a few nights in Newcastle and two field trips to the beautiful islands of Arran and Skye in Scotland. 

This year I also conquered my fear of going to blogger events by accepting the first one in March. I've met some really cool people and done thing I wouldn't otherwise have done. Especially being a student it is really nice to go out and eat or have cocktails with friends I otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford. 

Alongside Orlando the one thing that 2016 will always be known for is the year I passed my driving test. I talked about it more in a blog post but I still feel so lucky I can drive (even though I don't at the moment).

For potentially the first time at university I've found friends on my course who are REALLY my type of people. We have a laugh, talk about things we don't mean like it is serious and generally help (and stress) each other with coursework. I feel so so so lucky. The start of third year has been hella stressful and I couldn't have survived without them.

To make a nice change I don't have any personal or blogging goal for 2016. I would like this to continue to the way they are, with my boyfriend, my friends and my family. I'm also happy with my blog - sure I would like each and every post to have more views but I get to do cool collaborations and go to event too so I couldn't ask for more.

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Wednesday, December 28

What I Got For Christmas 2016

I was very lucky this year - even if my 'main' presents weren't exactly a surprise. It also makes a really nice change receiving all my lovely gift on Christmas day and especially because that means I get to share them with you before New Year. Can you tell I like staying warm, cooking and chocolate?

I've been really good at going to the gym since September and obsessed with tracking my steps for even longer so a fitbit seemed a good next step. It will keep me motivated, record all my workouts (even swimming) and hopefully mean 2017 is even more active. 

This sweet little felted pin was bought by my dad, one for mum and I, and I think it is lovely. Not decided which jacket I will wear it with yet - maybe on of my more summery ones.

Since breaking the apple earphone that came with my ipod many many years ago I bought countless pairs of cheap ones. The last pair broke about a month ago so Scott decided I should have a new pair. I was spoilt with these ones and honestly I'm so excited to use them. The pressure is on to take care of them though.

The cookbook is good and Scottish but also has lots of 'basic' recipes my other books don't. The cosy socks are probably a dig at my feet always being ice cold in bed. We'll they can never be too warm in my book.

After the very cold spell in November, and my bed always being freezing despite the heating being on, I requested an electric blanket. Very excited to get back to Aberdeen to test it out - I've never used one before.

I've had this dress for a few weeks because my aunty got it sent straight to my house to make sure it would fit. It is the perfect sparkly dress, the right length for formal events too. I knew straight away it would be my hogmanay dress but I also decided to wear it one Christmas day too.

I've barely been to the cinema this year but hopefully my cousins will help change that. I wonder what I'll go and see.

When I unwrapped the pasta I expected the book to be an italian cookbook but instead it is a delightful Ginger & White book. It is full of lovely 'cafe' lunch style meals and cakes which I can't wait to try out - even if I've never heard of their cafes in London.

I unwrapped my flatmates Christmas present the night before leaving Aberdeen. It was stuffed full of lovely things including an amazing giraffe bag charm (I'm obsessed), cute squirrel frame and beautifully patterned cosmetics. 

Finally Scott's parents gave me some gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. I think maybe I piled on the hints about no one giving me chocolate anymore a little too strong! Regardless I'm very happy and can't wait to tuck into all that hot chocolate. They also gave Scott and I a voucher to go to Nick Nairn's cookery school in Aberdeen for a three hour class - I'm very excited about that one!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else got for Christmas this year too. I've already seen a few posts on bloglovin' and everyone was really lucky. 

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Tuesday, December 27

My week in pictures #202

(From top left) Churros at the Christmas market on Monday. Trying to fit as much gym time in before going home for the holidays. Healthy food from mum and dad when I got home for Christmas. Finally we saw Fantastic Beasts - it was well worth the wait. Potsticker dumplings are a Christmas eve tradition on our house. A festive looking Orange, chocolate and mascarpone tart for Christmas day. 
This last week I've basically been trying to be as festive as possible in the run up to the big day. After getting back to Aberdeen on Monday my flatmate and I went to the Christmas market and I was able to get a few things for her Christmas. On Tuesday I went into town again to help my friend Jack with his Christmas shopping. In the evening my flatmate and I watched 'A Royal Christmas' on netflix and swapped Christmas presents.

I was so looking forward to Wednesday, and even though my parents didn't come up to Aberdeen, I was still excited to go home. I managed to fit in a swim in the morning and a stack of other little jobs as well as packing. Then I hauled my big case into town on the bus to meet Scott. Going home for Christmas is the best feeling. 

On Thursday mum and I planned a little shopping trip (we didn't buy anything) before meeting my dad and going to see Fantastic Beasts in the cinema. It was so worth the wait (to find time to see it together) and I can't wait to see it again. Friday was spent getting my hair cut - it feels so short now - picking up a few bits in town before going to meet Scott. We (stupidly) went out for one drink which ended in a late night and few memories. It was fun though!

On Christmas eve we had a very long lie and a lazy morning watching Bruce Almighty. I then had to go home to help with Christmas day prep and wrap my presents. My bedtime I was knackered and crashed straight away. 

Christmas day was lovely, we had my aunt and uncle, my cousin and his girlfriend and baby sophie too. Seeing her open presents, love my dad's homemade bread, laugh when we were laughing really made Christmas day. I was spoilt too but I can save that for a new post later in the week. For today (Tuesday) I'm going to catch up on blogging jobs, stay in my jammies as long as I can and sit beside the fire. 

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This week on G is for Gingers: How to Live a More Hygge Lifestyle with Bed Guru

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Friday, December 23

How to Live a More Hygge Lifestyle with Bed Guru

Hygge (‘hue-gah’) is essentially the danish word for finding happiness in the little things in life however, it is more of a feeling than an activity. Hygge means different things to different people. 

This is a concept I heard about a few years ago - before it hit the mainstream and it couldn't explain the way I've always felt about winter better. In Aberdeen we get around 6 hours and 50 minutes of daylight at the moment which means it is dark for 70% of the day. Sometimes it feel like it never gets properly light on cloudy days. There really isn't a better time to embrace Danish living.

The sleep specialists and bed retailer Bed Guru sent me my very own Hygge Kit this week - just in time for Christmas. They've written a post all about how Hygge can help you get a better nights sleep which you should check out here.

When the nights get dark I come home to turn on the little lamps around the house, light candles, snuggle on the sofa in my Christmas jammies, a blanket and indulge in comfort food. Organising movie nights and little gatherings with friends keeps you going through the long nights. 

I love the run up to Christmas (even though stressed students don't get to enjoy it properly) but once January hits the winter really starts to drag. Thats when it is even more important to focus on Hygge.

I can't wait to spend time curled up reading this lovely book by Marie Tourell Søderberg. It is gorgeous, dotted with recipes and lovely stories to inspire you to live more like the Danish. 

p.s. Bundi our border collie behaved like such a sweetheart for these pictures without me even having to persuade him. If that doesn't make you happy I don't know what will!

This will be my last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a magical day.

This post was written

in collaboration with 

Bed Guru but love of 
blankets, candles and 
chocolate is all mine.

Monday, December 19

My week in pictures #201

(From top left) A burger to celebrate the end of exams at The Bobbin. A festive outfit because exams are finally over. The view of the harbour from the hotel I stayed in on Wednesday night. One of many Christmas films I've watched this weekend - The Holiday. A festive brunch on Friday with the girls at Patisserie Valerie - the french toast was delicious. I also took part in Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children on Friday and made the important donation too.
Exam week also comes round so quickly but I've been excited to get them over with for months. Monday exam went pretty badly and left me feeling really deflated. Wednesday was much better (it couldn't have gone worse) though so there is always a bonus. After that we headed to the pub, my friends only have one drink though because they wanted to go home... I was up for a night out though so my flatmate came down to the pub, we had some food then drank and played pool against some random guys.

Once the pub closed I got a taxi into town to meet my boyfriend who was finishing his works Christmas party. It took me ages to find him so when I did I was so happy (and pretty drunk). I stayed with him in town and had the BEST lie in on Thursday morning. After having a shower I tired to start my Christmas shopping but didn't manage to buy anything. 

On Friday we went into town to meet one of our old flatmates for brunch which was delicious. Afterwards we did some shopping and Scott came to get me. We decided to spend the night at his house so after a stop at mine to pack we drove home.

This weekend has been super chilled. We've watched a few Christmas films... and Toy Story. Made nice food, went to the pub, got a tasty takeaway and had a few long lies too. I feel like I've been at max stress and busyness since September so all this relaxing time is so well deserved. I can't wait to go home home for Christmas on Wednesday now!

This week on G is for Gingers: Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' (Christmas Pyjamas Edit)

Wednesday, December 14

Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' (Christmas Pyjamas Edit)

1. Oatmeal Printed Animal Cosy Pyjamas | 2. White Pyjama Party Bear T-Shirt & Joggers | 3. Festive Animals Print Flannel Lounge Pants | 4. Animals with Antlers Cuffed Lounge Pants | 5. Christmas Clutter Classic Lounge Pants | 6. Express Your Elf Slogan Jersey Pyjamas
One of my favourite things about Christmas is the new pyjamas that arrive in the shops. I like to buy a new pair to wear on Christmas eve and Christmas morning too. As a result 80% of the jammies I wear all year round are Christmas ones... Not that I care! This post was inspired by Zoe Sugg's vlogmas videos because she has a stack of beautiful Christmas PJs - a girl after my own heart!

When the Christmas ranges starting coming into the shops Next caught my eye for their gorgeous selection of cosy winter jammies. They were all so soft with lots of animals - I narrowed it down to this animal pair which aren't technically Christmas ones but they are perfect for winter anyway. 

A shop that always nails their Christmas jammies is Fat Face. I could have easily chosen all of them for this wishlist but I love the cute Christmas decorations one. I think, however, the animals with antlers are my favourite. They are all made for lovely brushed cotton so are very soft and warm. Unfortunately they come with a larger price tag, not okay for a student budget, but lovely nonetheless. 

An honourable mention should go to New Look for this cute polar bear pair, around Christmas time I get a little obsessed with polar bears. Also F&F at tesco do great jammies, my polar bear pair from last year were picked up here, and this year they have some lovely sets. 

As always Primark is my go-to for jammies, so cheap and generally great quality and fit for me. I've left them off this wishlist though purely because I'm sure I'd love them all. 

Do you have your eyes on a new pair of pyjamas this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, December 12

My week in pictures #200

(From top left) My view for most of the week - exam revision. A walk on the beach with my little cousin. I burnt my hand so had to keep ice on it on Thursday night. Scott and I watched the Grinch on Sunday afternoon. 
This week has been boring so this post is going to be short. On Monday I woke up at my boyfriends and did some studying with the Christmas tree lights on. I find it really easy to study at his without getting distracted. I think it is because I'm so relaxed there. In the evening Scott went to play darts so I was able to relax on the sofa then prepare homemade pizza for when he got home. 

Tuesday morning was pretty much the same then after lunch we headed back to Aberdeen. We wrapped up warm and braved the cold and rain to watch the football. We won 5-1 then on the way home we went to burger king so it was worth it. 

After a long lie on Wednesday Scott left about mid-day and I spent the rest of the day studying in my PJs. I didn't leave the house again until Thursday when I went to meet my cousins, we had a walk along the beach then an early tea at Pizza Hut. Friday was spent in the flat too but we watched a Christmas movie in the evening. On Saturday I spent the majority of the day in the flat too. I took a walk to TK Maxx in the afternoon to get out but didn't see any Christmas presents so came back and continued to study until bedtime. 

You continue with the theme I spent all Sunday morning revising too. Then Scott came around (I begged him because revision was getting so boring) and we went to Subway for lunch, TK Maxx (again didn't buy anything), watched the Grinch then ordered a Papa Johns for tea. I was asleep pretty early but I think Scott was awake for ages after me - poor thing!

I did have content penciled in for this week but note to self - don't plan a book review for exam time. I've not had the motivation to finish the book yet because I can't bare to look at more text after I've been studying all day. Is this just me?

Exam will be over on Wednesday at 5pm and I'm counting down the seconds!

Monday, December 5

My week in pictures #199

(From top left) In the library before sunrise this week. The Christmas tree is all light up on campus this week. Some Christmas goodies to brighten up our flat from Primark and Poundland. Out for dinner with the girls on Friday with a few bottles of wine first. Mulled Wine from the Christmas market before heading home for an earlyish night. A festive lunch at Malmaison with my boyfriend on Saturday. 
If you read last weeks 'Week in Pictures' post you'll know I let life and university get me down. This week was better though. Even though the stress hadn't let up I think I had a better attitude to it generally. I'm knackered by the long days though...

After waking up at home on Monday, doing some uni work, traveling back to Aberdeen then doing some more uni work I was more than ready to chill watching I'm a Celeb. Tuesday was an early start getting to the library for 8am, the gym then back home to revise for the afternoon. Wednesday was an even earlier start and I found it very confusing starting work in the dark but Scott was coming round in the evening so I had to find the time somehow. In the afternoon I took a walk into town to buy some Christmas goodies, pick up a tree and meet my boyfriend. We had enchiladas for tea but I was so tired I was falling asleep on my feet.

Thursday morning was spent in the library, in the afternoon I revised in the flat, my flatmate made my dinner (which was tasty) then it was time to put up the Christmas decorations while watching I'm a Celeb. You might have seen them all on my Instagram stories.

Thankfully on Friday I got most of my essay finished so I was able to treat myself. We went to Pizza Express for tea then the Christmas Market for mulled wine. I had to head home early because I had an early start at the library on Saturday to get my report finished (finally!) and then Scott was coming round. We had lunch plans at Malmaison to use the last of our voucher. It was lovely and festive - I had a turkey dinner. Then we spent the afternoon doing some shopping, looking at more Christmas decorations and buying nibbles for tea which we eat while watching I'm a Celeb. 

On Sunday, once I had printed my essay and taken it to my friend to handin for me, we headed back to Scott's house. I helped him with housework then we watched School of Rock while we put up his Christmas tree (more sentimental each year) which you also might have seen on my Instagram stories. The perfect end to a perfect Sunday was eating homemade lasagna in front of the TV with the lights on the tree twinkling. 

I've got a full week left before my exams so I'll really have to kick it up a gear and get all my work done. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself though or I'll make myself unwell.

This week on G is for Gingers: The Body Shop Blogger Christmas Event | An Oversized Maroon Cardigan from Zaful

Thursday, December 1

An Oversized Maroon Cardigan from Zaful

Top: Primark | Skirt: New Look | Cardigan: Zaful* | Bag: Zaful* | Boots: Office (similar)
Happy first of December! Who else is getting in the festive spirit? After I've written this post and got to the halfway point in my essay I'm going to put Christmas bedding on my bed and put up the decoration too. I'm excited!

I was surprised how huge this cardigan was when it arrived from Zaful at the start of December but it also looked really cosy so I knew I could put up with it. Maroon is the perfect colour for autumn/winter so I hoped it would be versatile too. 

I've needed a little handbag for along time and I knew this satchel would be a timeless shape I'd never get fed up with. I was really pleased with the quality when it arrived too because it feels so sturdy. I've used it alot since it arrived taking it out with me most days. 

For todays look I decided to style both my new zaful items together plus this staple autumn skirt and roll neck combination. I'm pretty sure I wear this at least once every two weeks but I don't even care - it is so easy to throw on to go to lectures. The cosy cardigan brings something new to the outfit and stops me from freezing in the sub zero temperatures we've had in Aberdeen this Autumn. 

Zaful always have different promotions active on their site so you should definitely check them out for some cheap fashion inspiration.