Monday, July 31

My week in pictures #231

(From top left) A sleepy dog after a whole day of mapping. Pretty purple flowers on the hillside. Looking over at an area that is way too steep to map. Balnakeil beach in the rain. A rainy view of my map under my paperdry. A strange family in the field I was mapping in this week.
Another six days ticked off my mapping project - I excelled myself this week! No one from home will understand how physically and mentally demanding geological mapping is but luckily I'm staying with four great people who know just what I'm going through.

Some days this week went better than other - it took me ages to get into a flow so I could work quickly but by Saturday afternoon I'd got what I wanted to do done. Sunday off was well earned!

I didn't do anything on Sunday and it was great. I stayed in my jammies most of the day until it was time to go and pick up our tesco order. In the evening we cooked a roast dinner and it was amazing. All we did for the rest of the day was do face masks and watch True Blood.

To summarise my week a conversation with my mum went like this:
Me: Anna got sent a care package from home yesterday.
Mum: Care package?
Me: You know a box full of things. Some treats some practical things.
Mum: Is that a hint?

Yes mum - yes it was!

This week on G is for Gingers: Summer Styling with Fat Face

Thursday, July 27

Summer Styling with Fat Face

Top: Fat Face | Jeans: Topshop | Sandals: New Look 
Every year mum and I treat ourselves to something from the Fat Face summer sale. I love them all year round but it is something they do with their summer pieces that really inspires me. Sometimes I find summer clothes to 'bare' or 'skimpy' but Fat Face never do that.

This year I choose this awesome cami top with the orange embroidered detail. I love the fit, how easy it is to style, the colour, the fabric... so basically everything. It's easy to wear too - this time I paired it with cropped denim but it also look great with denim shorts and legging too. 

They don't have this one anymore but I've linked some similar ones in the widget below if you want to check them out.

Today I finished my 13th day of mapping - I'm sick fed up of rocks now but at least the time is passing quickly! Only 22 days to go... 

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Monday, July 24

My week in pictures #230

(from top left) Sunday roast on a Monday night - the best thing! Mapping in the Sunshine on Tuesday. The sheep watching me work. Getting all the attention from Bernie even if I'm trying to use my laptop. My friend introduced me to "What We Do in the Shadows" and it was hilarious. Fish and chips at a local pub on Saturday night as a treat.
This week I managed to tick another five days off my mapping project but it has been hard work. I feel like I have to work all the time plus I'm knackered already. It hasn't been all bad this week though. My boyfriend booked flights to Gdansk for when I get back so we can spend some quality time together. If anyone has any blog posts I'd love for you to link them below.

The sun was shining on Tuesday so we finished early and went to the beach, paddling in the sea and playing with the dog - it was the perfect summer evening. On Thursday we decided to take the day off - we were tired after three days in the field and the rain was pouring so we had the perfect lazy day catching up on Game of Thrones.

My week finished off with fish and chips at the Rhiconich hotel before coming back to watch a movie at the cottage. Sunday was chilled too - I got plenty of research done for my mapping area, went for a walk in the sunshine and made a delicious curry for tea. We then sat up too late playing Cards Against Humanity and laughing so much!

I can't believe I'm two weeks into my mapping project already! Only five more to go then it is time to go home.

This week on G is for Gingers: Spelt and Sunflower Dog Biscuits

Thursday, July 20

Spelt and Sunflower Dog Biscuits

As part of my sponsor a dog pack from The Dogs Trust they sent me a recipe card months ago and I've been meaning to make them since. I don't dog biscuits as often as I'd link anymore but my boys appreciate it when I do. These ones don't have any nasty ingredients in them so thats a bonus too.

You will need:

50g of sunflower seeds
200g of spelt flour
1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed (linseed)
5 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of fresh parsley
1/2 teaspoon of fresh rosemary
150ml of milk

Chop the sunflower seeds so they are in smaller pieces, chop the rosemary and parsley finely and set aside. Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well - transfere onto a floured surface and kneed together until well combined. 

Roll into ping pong ball sized balls and place on a baking tray. Push your finger into the center and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

They smelled good enough for humans to eat too - I think they would go perfectly with cheese. My dogs really enjoyed them anyway.

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Sunday, July 16

My week in pictures #229

(From Top Left) I think Tuesday beat my all time step record - I was so tired at the end of the day. Sitting at the edge of Scotland. Looking at the rocks on at Sango Bay this week. I finished watching Sneaky Pete this weekend and love it. 
I'm slightly worried that these updates are going to get very samey for the next seven weeks so I'm going to try and keep them short and sweet. We went to meet our mapping advisor on Monday afternoon in Durness. He showed us some of the local rocks and we talked more about what we are going to do for the next seven weeks. 

After that we managed to do four full days of mapping - the weather at the start of the week was beautiful and the thought of spending everyday at the beach was a joy. It almost made the hard work worth it and we are now determined to swimming in the beautiful, clear blue sea.

By the time the weekend came around we were knackered so took Saturday and Sunday off. While my friends went to meet their mum (and collect their dog) I stayed in the cottage and did nothing all day! The weather was awful so I felt like it was justified. 

The weather on Sunday wasn't much better but at least it wasn't raining so we took the dog to the beach. The sea was dark grey and very stormy which made for some atmospheric pictures. Sunday was supposed to be a roast dinner but someone forgot to add the chicken to the online order so I'm not sure what the plan is - apart from I need an early night. 

I've been keeping Instagram updated about our geoliday (geology holiday!?) so give me a follow there to see all my photos - @ginger_claire

This week on G is for Gingers: Be Careful: Prickly Object

Friday, July 14

Be Careful: Prickly Object

T-Shirt: Pull&Bear | Jeans: Levis | Shoes: Converse (similar)
Shopping wasn't really on our agenda when we went to Tenerife at the end of May but one spanish store I do love is Pull&Bear. We don't have any in Scotland (in fact I think they are only in London) so I do like to visit when one is close. There are several in Costa Adeje but we went to the one at Siam Mall when we visited one day. 

Only my bank account was restraining me once I was inside - there were so many gorgeous things, at great prices that would have fit right inside my wardrobe. I picked up this really cute purse first because I've been looking for one for ages and I liked the way the cards fit inside. Then this T-Shirt caught my eye - I'm going through a cactus phase a the moment (have you seen this dress) and it was a very reasonable $5.99. Definitely a fun basic that my wardrobe needed - I'm only sad I didn't have money for more.

I styled it pretty simply but this will be a go to look for me - for the rest of the summer and into autumn too. I'm half way through the first week of my seven week mapping project and the tiredness is already killing me but if you want to see awesome photos of rocks then give me a follow on Instagram

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Monday, July 10

My week in pictures #228

(from top left) Scott bought me a little present from Duty Free. I made my dogs biscuits this week which Dan was very interested in. The Scottish highlands have some pretty butterflies. Enjoying a BBQ in the garden on Sunday night.
I managed to fit a lot into last week - mostly because it was my last one at home for the next seven weeks. I had a lot of blogging preparation to do before going away and I wanted to spend as much time with my boyfriend as possible. 

This started off well because I was invited out for lunch on Monday with my boyfriend and his parents. It was really nice to spend time together and as I hadn't seen my boyfriend over the weekend we got our lazy Sunday together. 

I had to go to Aberdeen on Wednesday for a meeting with my dissertation advisor so I made it an excuse to go shopping. It was a lovely sunny day for a walk in the city too - afterwards Scott picked me up and I we cooked chilli at his for dinner. 

Thursday involved more blogging work then on Friday I had to pack before Scott came over for dinner. I requested a BBQ but it was pouring with rain so we had my favourite meatballs for dinner. It was so nice to spend with my favourite people before I left.

Saturday morning started early with a lift to Aberdeen from my parents to meet my friends then the very long drive to Kinlochbervie in the Scottish Highlands. My friend has a sporty car which made the journey more enjoyable though we arrived in horizontal rain and everyone was so tired.

Thankfully Sunday morning was lazy and we only made it out for a walk in the afternoon. We then picked up our tesco order from the local hotel (that's how it's done here) and started the BBQs in the garden. 

I'm in this house with my friends for the next seven weeks (a daunting prospect) while we complete our geological mapping project for our dissertations. Something I've been worrying about for quite along time but also something I'm sure I will updated you with as we progress.

No new posts this week because I've been so busy planning content but enjoy two posts from this time last year: A Postcard from Orlando 2016 | Visiting Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure

Sunday, July 2

My week in pictures #227

(From top left) Smiley selfie while doing field work in the hills. This was my view for 10 days - my map and compass. The house my parents designed was on the front of BuildIt magazine this month. My grandma bought me a holiday present from America. I was having a lazy day on Thursday so watched Monsters Inc. I've not made my favourite gnocchi dish in Forever. 
Writing a week in pictures to cover two weeks is a little strange for me. If you saw Thursday post you'll know that I spent ten of them in Torridon in the North West Highlands for a geology field trip. It was pretty exhausting but I came away with a mark I'm happy with and the blog/Instagram content was worth it.

After five hours on the bus I was so happy to get back to Aberdeen on Wednesday and allow my boyfriend to take care of me. He had to work late so I basically sat at his desk and played on my ipad until it was time to go home.

My dad came to get me from Scott's on Thursday morning because I had a massive bag - they were going out for the day and I was still tired so while the rain poured outside I light a fire and watched some films. 

My lazy weekend has basically been continuing because I feel like I've earnt it. I've ordered photos from my scrapbook so hopefully they'll arrive early next week and I can get started. I've also been trying to work on blog content for the rest of the summer.

Go and show my recent posts some love - as I've been away so much I've not had as much time as I would like to promote them and as a result the readers and comments have slumped a little!

I can't promise next week will be more exciting but hopefully I'll get some energy and motivation back soon.

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