Monday, November 27

My week in pictures #246

(from top left) On Tuesday I handed in my final assignment of the semester. I had an hour to kill in town on Wednesday so I did some revision in Costa with a festive latte. My first Christmas dinner of the year on Friday with the geology society. On Sunday Scott and I made delicious chicken kievs for dinner with broccoli mash. 

My final uni submission of the semester was on Wednesday so the start of the week I focused on that- thankfully I got it finished in time to hand it in at the office on Tuesday afternoon. That meant when I got up on Wednesday I could focus totally on exam revision. After zumba in the afternoon I walked into town to pick up my advent calendar from Hotel Chocolate and a new notebook from Paperchase to start a bullet journal. I then had an hour until my boyfriend finished work so I sat in Costa to do some revision.

On Friday afternoon, after working in the library all morning, I went into town to search the charity shops for a Christmas jumper because I'd not seen one in the shops I liked enough to pay full price. Luckily I found one for £5 that was perfectly trackey so I could go home to get ready for a Christmas dinner. It was nice to spend time with friends outside uni and afterwards we went to see the live music in the Irish pub in town before heading home after midnight.

Sometime away from Aberdeen was very much needed so I got the train back home to spend the weekend with Scott. He is going away for two weeks so I wanted to spend some quality time before he left. We watched the rugby before heading to the pub for a couple of drinks. Then on Sunday we went food shopping, went to see his parents before going to the Christmas shop at Farnell (so pretty!) before heading home to cook tea. I didn't turn my laptop on once and we had the most chilled weekend.

I'll miss Scott when he is away but I've got exam revision to get on with before the Christmas festivities can begin!

This week on G is for Gingers: The Secret to Wearing Dresses Everyday

Wednesday, November 22

The Secret to Wearing Dresses Everyday

A New Ski Print Tunic Dress

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I wear dressed all the time. I don't have to be getting dressed up or going somewhere nice to wear them. I wear them just as much (if not more) to lectures and the library than parties.

It all started when I left school and had an extra seven days a week to wear what I wanted. My wardrobe was full of dresses but because I only worn them to parties they never got worn but I knew that had to change. So without to much thought I started wearing my 'good' clothes way more often.

If I had a pound for every time someone said to me 'where are you going all dressed up' or 'wow your all dressed up for a 9am lecture' I'd well... well I'd have more dresses!

Cactus Print Summer Dress
Can't Resist Styling a Dress as a Pinafore
What alot of people don't understand though is it is all just a big trick. Pulling on a dress in the morning when your still half asleep requires no styling - it's a complete outfit in one. If I was to choose a pair of jeans I would need to pick out things to match which takes much more effort.

I also find dresses make you look better put together anyway because other people don't seem to think about it. Something I now just find really strange but if I want to feel good then looking good is also important to me.

An Awesome Green Fox Print Dress
A Very Fashionable Dress
Most of the dresses in my wardrobe can be dressed up or down which I love. Of course I still have several which are sparkly or with very full skirts which can't be worn to the library. However with a little bit of layering, a pair of tights or casual shoes most can.

Some girls wear black, some go for a pair of jeans and a nice top but my signature style is definitely dresses. However, now I'm worried that I've told everyone my secret they'll start doing it too and I won't stand out so much.

I talked more about why I dress the way I do in 'Outfits That Make You Feel More Confident'.

If you're interested in where any of my dresses came from check out the original posts linked below the photos.

Monday, November 20

My week in pictures #245

(From top left) We finished watching Rellik this week which I really enjoyed despite the confusing timeline. Before the theatre we went to the 'Noose & Monkey and I had macaroni with haggis. On Thursday we went to see Grease - it was amazing! I managed to get into a better gym routine this week. Christmas present inspiration in Oliver Bonas. The best games aren't always the ones - annoyingly.  
My new week started well with a morning trip to the gym then catching up with some things in the flat. I also bought my boyfriend and I tickets to the Geoscience Ball so now I'm excited for March next year. I also went along to a talk for the current third years about mapping projects which made me so glad I'm not in their shoes again.

All week I've been trying to get started on a report which is due early next week but because some parts are group work I've not really been able to get very far. Especially when you find out that one person hasn't done a crucial task... honestly group work shouldn't be allowed in your final year. 

Finally Thursday was the day I'd been looking forward to for ages - we were off to see Grease. First we met up with my flat mates family and got some food at the 'Noose & Monkey' before heading to His Majesties Theatre. The show was just as fantastic as I remembered it and I must admit to feeling a bit emotional as the overture started. 

The rest of my week was pretty chilled with a few trips to the library and the gym. On Saturday I even managed to get to the library an hour before it opened... oops! Then in the afternoon I treated myself with a trip to the shops and got back just in time to watch the rugby. 

On Sunday I managed to get the flat cleaner than it has been in the longest time. Then my boyfriend came round and we walked to lidl to get some shopping - including the ingredients for nachos. We watched telly while eating it then we were asleep by the time 'I'm a Celeb' started so I have that to look toward to.

This week on G is for Gingers: Bowling at Lane 7 Aberdeen | My First Pair of Girlfriend Jeans

Thursday, November 16

My First Pair of Girlfriend Jeans

Last month my much loved levis got a hole in them so they needed replaced quickly. Buying the right pair of jeans (at the right price) is notoriously difficult but I spotted this pair in Sainsburys and snapped them up.

I've never bought into the Mom jean or Girlfriend jean trend but I knew I wanted a more relaxed pair for comfort so I decided to give them ago. I think this pair are a little looser than I would have liked but they are comfy enough to wear all day which is always a bonus.

Is it just me or do they keep changing the names for different styles of jeans? I used to be able to buy slim fit and they were perfect but I don't seem to be able to get them anymore...

Top: Zara | Jeans: Tu Clothing | Boots: Helly Hansen (similar)
I always try to balance my outfits a little so if I'm wearing something loose on the bottom then something fitted on the top is more flattering. I've had this Zara top for years but it has found a new lease of life with these jeans. The boots I borrowed from my mum and they match perfectly. All my shoes are wearing out at the same time and I'm feel totally unprepared for winter. Hopefully my student loan will allow me to invest in some new pairs this month.

Do you have a recommendation for a pair of jeans that aren't skinny or tight fitting?

See the last time I styled this top - Edinburgh's Festival Fringe

Tuesday, November 14

Bowling at Lane 7 Aberdeen

Last week I was invited down to 'bowling heaven' otherwise known as Lane7. They have just opened a new place right in the city center of Aberdeen (next to the vue cinema just off Union Street). I heard about it a while ago so I was excited to have somewhere more grown up to have a drink and bowl as well as play table tennis (unlikely) and american pool.

Straight away we went to the bar to get a drink. They have a large selection including different varieties of gin and cocktails too. The bartender recommended this Plum & Sloe and it was delicious - I'll definitely have it again!

The whole place is very Instagrammable which for a blogger is perfect - I was happily snapping away at the decor. 

Then it was time to bowl. The venue is small with only six lanes (they missed out the first lane so they could have a 7th lane - cheeky) but that only adds to it's atmosphere. I was really dreadful at the bowling but we still had fun.

The pool tables were busy on the night so we didn't get a chance to play and it was a school night so we missed out on the cocktails too. As if I didn't need another reason to go back they are opening a pizza place soon. Friends, pizza, cocktails and bowling - what more could you ask for?

Lane7, 1 Shiprow, Aberdeen, AB11 5BY

For coming along to the preview
night I was given a complimentary
game of bowling and a drink for 
each of my friends by Lane7.

Monday, November 13

My week in pictures #244

(From top left) Monday morning started with a lush bath - making use of the sparkly pumpkin I bought a few weeks ago. I finally finished the 35mm film I took to Poland so got to get the photos developed. On Thursday I got to go down and check out the new Lane7 in Aberdeen. After our date night on Saturday my boyfriend and I went out for cocktails at Revolución de Cuba.
I've been so busy recently that I decided to start Monday slowly at home. I had a bath with my Lush sparkly pumpkin and also did a face mask then in the afternoon I got the train back to Aberdeen. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the library doing uni work and made it to zumba. 

Thursday was a day I especially excited for because I had been invited to a preview night for the new Lane7 in Aberdeen. I've got a full post coming this week but we had a great time and it's going to be a really good addition to the city center. 

The rest of my week was spend doing uni work and things around the flat. I got to go swimming on Saturday morning then spend the rest of my time tidying (and watching the rugby) in preparation for the date night we had booked on Saturday. My boyfriend and I booked the 'Light of Bengal' our favourite Indian restaurant. The food was delicious and afterward we were so full so decided to stop in at Revolución de Cuba for a cocktail before heading back to the flat. 

On Sunday I started to experiment with my slow cooker (which failed) and we also went into town to go to TK Maxx and Homesense. In the evening we enjoyed our steak pie and mashed potatoes while catching up on The Apprentice. It was the perfect weekend!

This week on G is for Gingers: Learning to Style Dungarees | A Postcard from Gdansk and Sopot

Thursday, November 9

A Postcard from Gdansk and Sopot

As a little treat for surviving seven weeks in Durness for my mapping project my boyfriend booked us a little mid-week trip to Gdansk in Poland. Flights were super cheap from Aberdeen and it was just the relaxing trip I was in need of.

We spent two nights in the ibis Gdansk Stare Miasto, which is in a great location, then moved on to Hotel Molo in Sopot for another two night. These two places, the city and then seaside, made for the perfect mix for our trip.

Everyday was spent exploring, having a drink in a few pubs then going out for dinner in the evening. I'll leave the links below but I'm not going to go into too much detail - I'm just going to let you enjoy my beautiful pictures of Poland. I'm been recommending it to people ever since I got back!

Some photos were taken on my iPhone6 and the rest were taken on an old school 35mm film camera I have. Space in my hand luggage was at a premium so I decided against my DSLR and look my red KonicaPop instead.

Where we stayed: ibis Gdansk Stare Miasto | Molo Hotel

Breakfast spots: Swojski Smak | Kava | Cały Gaweł

Eating out: Restauracja Pueblo | Browar Miejski | Billy's American | Hard Rock Cafe Gdansk

Tuesday, November 7

Learning to Style Dungarees

A pair of Dungarees have been on my wish list for over a year now but I hadn't found the right pair at the right price. The ones in Fat Face were nice but I wasn't 100% sure about the fit and the price was too much for a gamble. However, I spotted this pair in Tu at Sainsburys and snapped them up when they had a 25% off event.

Dungarees: Tu at Sainsburys | Top: Fat Face (similar) | Boots: Office (similar

There is no denying that they are a tricky thing to style without looking like a farmer. I'm not sure that I've got it right yet but my goal is to pair them with more feminine tops underneath. I'm sure they will look great with my mustard blouse but today I wore this pretty Fat Face top because it has big sleeves. 

My only issue is that I wish they were a little more fitted (and maybe my mum was right and they do need an iron) but overall I'm really happy with them especially for £18. As soon as I find my style with them I'm sure they will be the perfect item for layering that will see me through the rest of autumn, winter and spring.
My last outfit post - Outfits That Make You Feel More Confident

Sunday, November 5

My week in pictures #243

(From top left) I'm so happy to finally have the new emoji update to play with - especially the giraffe! Bake Off was the only thing keeping me going in the library on Tuesday. This assessment has been long but on Friday I finally submitted it. I'm now the proud owner of a slow cooker thanks to my aunty so I'm excited to see what I can make.
My week was pretty tedious in the library... I did a couple of other things to break up the days but it was still pretty boring so I'm going to jump straight to 10:30am on Friday when the portfolio was finally submitted. 

I had plans to go home for the weekend so after ranting for my friends for a little while I got back to the flat to tidy up and pack before going to meet my boyfriend for a lift home. In the evening I was happy to do nothing and let me parents cook for me.

Saturday was an early start because we were going to see my aunty in Perth. I've not seen her since May so it was great to catch up plus she donated her slow cooker to me because she doesn't use it anymore. I'm excited to see what new recipes I can make so if you have any favourites please leave them in the comments. 

For the first time in ages I let myself sleep until I was ready to wake up on Sunday. After a slow start mum and I headed into town to get a few things, we had a tasty lunch and took the dogs out for a walk as it was getting dark. A pretty great lazy Sunday before the start of another productive week.

I've got a few exciting things coming up in November that I'm excited to share with you but in the mean time: 

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