My 2020 Highlights

Thursday, December 31

In a year where fun activities have been few and far between it would be really easy to think there wouldn't be enough highlights for an end of year blog post. However, a quick flick through the photos on my phone tells me otherwise. I'm thankful we managed to fit a lot into the first 3 months for 2020 and made the most of the remaining year. 

Of course I'm writing this from a place of huge privilege. Apart from the endless anxiety and uncertainty for the future the people I love have been untouched by coronavirus and I've finished 2020 still working at a job I really enough.
In January I won tickets to Strictly Come Dancing in Aberdeen through my work. Obviously I took my Mum and it was such an exciting night. We had dinner in Aberdeen and the show was everything I hoped it would be plus it was great to be able to treat my Mum.

A couple of fun thing happened it March among all the anxiety - firstly we went to the Bowhouse Market with my Mum and Dad followed by lunch at the Dory Bistro. Then for my birthday we went for a walk on the beach because it felt like the safest thing to do to celebrate. I'd have rather been spending it in Warsaw but given everything that happened that weekend I'm glad we weren't there. 

One of the great thing to come out of lockdown and all the time spent at home was getting into baking bread. I now make a pretty good sourdough and yeasted loaf - something I don't think I'd have time to do if I was in the office 5 days a week. I've not bought a regular loaf of bread since March which is pretty cool.

Throughout the summer I found comfort in the garden - I'd have spent time gardening anyway but with nothing else to do I put my heart and soul into it. I documented my progress month by month on this blog and was rewarded for my efforts later in the summer. 

When lock down restrictions started to ease I decided there was no time like the present to try something I'd wanted to do for a while - paddle boarding! A local company were offering classes on the basin at sunset and it was perfect. I wrote a blog post about it at the time (check it out here) and I've been itching to get back on a SUP ever since!

The highlight of 2020 and of my life so far was moving into our first house. I wrote about it a lot over the past few months but we outgrew my boyfriends flat and it has been on the market for over a year. We were resigned to spending another year though so selling and making an offer on our ideal place was the icing on a rubbish year. You can read more about the experience in this blog post.

Since we moved in in September we've been renovating our new house one room at a time but it was a goal to get the living room finished for Christmas and I'm so happy with house the walls, newly stained floor and wood burner look with the tree. So festive! You can catch up with our renovation journey so far in these blog posts and it's something I'll continue to document in 2021.

Happy new year when it arrives and check out my instagram if you want to see more photos from my day to day life.

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