2020 in Outfits

Tuesday, January 5

Thanks to the year that 2020 was I almost decided not to write this post but I noticed that it was my first post in 2019 and I hate to break tradition. Plus having a look through all my outfit posts again there was some I really liked despite not leaving the house much. 

A Romantic Red Dress for Date NightOne Week of Office Outfit Inspiration #2
Before covid was even a word in my language I styled this red skater dress for a valentines date night look as part of a brand collab. Despite not actually getting to wear it anywhere it was my most viewed outfit post in 2020.

My second 'one week of office outfit inspiration' was very badly timed. I had all the photos ready to go and then we were sent to work from home and the country went into lockdown. I posted it anyway because I didn't have any other content. I've not been dressed to go into the office since which is kind of funny...

F&F Denim Pinafore and ConverseA Great All Round Jumpsuit
In the summer, during essential shopping, I noticed F&F had a sale and I decided to treat myself to this pinafore and got a surprising amount of wear out of it when we were allowed to sit in gardens over the summer. Thankfully it also looks good with knitwear underneath so I'm still wearing it in winter.

This jumpsuit was a gift from my Aunty and it was love at 'first try-on' - it really is a great all round jumpsuit and I wore it at every opportunity over the summer. It was the piece I dug out of my suitcase when we just moved because I wanted to get dressed up for the pub.

My Lost Stock Box Five WaysThe Lost Stock Dorothy Top
Lost Stock will always remind me of the pandemic and when my box arrived in August I styled five different outfits from my three items. Included was this awesome lilac dress which I can't wait to wear when it's warm enough next summer or on a holiday soon.

Dungarees were the outfit of choice during lockdown - perfect for working from home, our daily walk and spending time in the garden. This is the outfit I wore when we went to view the house we are now living in which is even more exciting. 

Seasalt Cornwall Cord Autumn Winter Dress | My Autumn Winter Lost Stock Box Five Ways
Finally, we reached autumn and because the charity shops were open again I picked up this seasalt cornwall dress. It's a lovely chord material and the colours are perfect for this time of year. I wore it to one of our rare days out in Aberdeen for my Dad's birthday in November.

Finally to round of 2020 my autumn winter lock stock box arrived and again I styled the three items in five different ways. This floaty dress was again a stand out item for me because it's so comfy and looks great with items I already had in my wardrobe. 

And there it is - eight outfits to sum up 2020. A year we hardly left the house or our local town!

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