Thirty Six Month Renovation Update

Friday, September 22

A Kitchen Renovation Mood Board
Unbelievably this week marked three years since we moved into this house and our renovation journey began. If you'd told me then it would be as long as three years until we felt like we were finished then I wouldn't have taken it as good news but now we're here I'm so happy. 

Today I thought I'd do a post similar to my twenty four month update and share lots of before and after photos. There are some areas that haven't changed so I've left them out because this post was getting long enough already. 

If you've been following along for a while you'll know the biggest thing we've achieved in the last year is getting a new kitchen. From taking down a wall last summer to ripping out the old kitchen in September we were busy plastering, painting, tiling then eventually getting the flooring fitted in March this year. Isn't she stunning!

The dining room is taking shape too - I loved the light coming in through the patio doors when we viewed the house so I'm really happy we opened up the space into a welcoming kitchen dining room. I'd say we're still short of furniture but we've got a dining table and shelves for the cook books so I'm happy for now. 

When we finished our kitchen I knew we’d need a big piece of art for this chimney breast that we didn’t have the money for. So, influenced by Instagram, I decided to have a go at texture art. So I upcycled a canvas I found on Facebook marketplace using plaster and paint we already had it cost just £10.

A Pantry Cupboard Renovation Mood Board
The pantry cupboard is my most recently completed project - we knew it would be essential for our new kitchen to have plenty of storage through here where the boiler used to be. Painting the shelves to match the colour of the kitchen was a genius idea (if I do say so myself) and we can fit so many jars through here. There is a few little tweaks I'll continue to make over the next few months but overall I'm happy. 

You might not be able to tell from the photos because I edited the brightness but the fully glass door has made such a difference to the light in both the cupboard area and this end of the kitchen. I've known I've wanted these foodie prints for the kitchen for months but felt guilty they'd be hidden round the corner slightly but they really add something to an otherwise blank space and you can see them from outside. 

A Bedroom Renovation Mood Board
There haven't been any dramatic changes in the bedroom but when we were in the middle of the kitchen renovation the PAX wardrobe we'd been waiting on coming into stock in Ikea for a year was finally back and we ordered it straight away. What a difference having proper furniture and storage that fits the room has made. After two years I finally have a spot to get ready in the morning and use my straighteners which was a big help. 

The spare bedroom was the first room in the house we stripped back, repainting and putting a new carpet in so it could be our bedroom for about a year. Since then we've been using it as a home office with mismatched furniture but after three years of working from home it was time to set up something more permanent. We bought these standing desks from Amazon and they give the room more identity and we've been able to put things on the walls with more purpose. Next we just need to invest in some cable management... 
On the other side of the room we have a small sofa (that Brodie quickly claimed as his own when he became part of our lives) but I'm looking for a secondhand sofa bed so we can quickly convert this room into a guest room. We'll probably need at least one more piece of furniture in there to make it feel complete but we've got to leave room for my boyfriends dartboard. 

The biggest difference to this room with getting the new desks is being able to put things on the walls so we're not working in a white box. My cork board has a permanent home finally, my boyfriends signed Aberdeen poster fits nicely beside the dartboard and above where the sofa bed will be I picked up some prints from Fy! recently to remind us of our travels. 

Just writing this post has made me so happy and proud to look back on everything we've achieved. To make my renovation posts even easier to find I've added a tab for them along the top of my blog in the lifestyle section.  

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