Wednesday, December 31

Introducing My November/December Advertisers

'Written in Black & White' is a lifestyle blog started in February of this year by Bethany. Her blog is a lovely mix of beauty, baking and lifestyle posts. She shares her activities, like her trip to the Harry Potter Studios. It is great to see her blogs writing and photography improve over the months and I'm sure there are great things to come. Over the festive period I've particularly over her reindeer nail art post and the super cute reindeer cakes.

Her blog header was also designed by me. She also did an interview with me back in May - you can read it here. 

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'Shuttersong' is a great app that allows you to record up to 15 seconds of music to add to your pictures. This would be perfect for remembering occasions when the sound is just as important as the pictures such as at music gigs (where I would use it most) and taking photos of your children as they grow up. Your friends don’t need the app to view your shutter songs- you can share them on facebook or your own shuttersong stream. Something great for us bloggers is you can also add them to your blog post. They have both an app for your iPhone and Windows Phone 8.

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'The Money Shed' is a brilliant site for anyone who want to earn money online from home. You can talk to like-minded people in their forums including topics like earning money online and money saving tips. This would be great for students, stay at home parents or anyone trying to save for something special. Don’t forget to head there too if you have some helpful blog posts and share them. The Money Shed was created to offer members a free and safe place to discuss their ideas and promote their referral links.

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Tuesday, December 30

2014 In Fourteen Outfits

I really enjoyed doing these 'year review' style posts last year so this year I've chosen my 14 favourite outfits out of 43 during 2014. I think it is a great way to look back at what I've been up to this year. I wanted to pick an outfit for each month but during july and august there was just a few that I felt I couldn't miss out.

My outfit posts have improved hugely during 2014 - you can see what they were like in 2013 here. All the pictures in this post were taken with my Nikon D40 SLR camera which I got in January. It has really upped the quality of my picture and now I do my best not to take any pictures indoors because they just look so much better. Another thing that strikes me is a lot of these photos were taken days I was going to spend time with Scott - maybe that is why they have such good memories. 

Winter Florals For A Winters Day | Dressed Up In Maroon, Knitwear and a Patterned Frock | Peach Knitwear For My Birthday Meal
January, February and March's outfit are all quite cosy as it was still winter. Looking back I really really like the winter florals outfit - I'm struck by how young I look just a year ago. The 2nd look was worn for my first date with Scott and the third when he came out for my family birthday meal. The pink waffle knit jumper was also the first item I received from a company for review which was one of my biggest ambitions for G is for Gingers in 2014.

Blue and Green Spring Florals | Oranges and Peach for Summer Festivals | Cream Daisy Embroidery Vest on a Sunny Day
Finally in April as the weather gets warmed my outfit pictures move outside. I tried to make full use of the sunshine and colour in the garden for my photographs. My pastey white skin is back on show which I'm not a fan of - I'm always going to be more a fan of autumn layering.

Botanic Gardens and Honey Bees | My Primark Jumpsuit and the Commonwealth Games Rugby 7s
July and August were busy months with Scott and I doing loads of activities. This Bee print dress was one of my favourite purchases of the year - as was this primark jumpsuit I wore to the commonwealth games.

Floral Tea Dress and Red Heels | My H! by Henry Holland Tea Dress and New Fedora | Mini Golf and Other Adventures in My Pinafore
In August I collaborated with diva dames who sent me this gorgeous tea dress which has quickly become my go to dress. It is Scott's favourite too so I've worn it on many date nights (he would have me wear it every time!?). The Henry Holland dress was a bargain from my local cancer research shop and the final outfit in September was taken by Scott while we played crazy golf. Don't know why I like this one so much but there is just something about it.

'That' Tartan Blanket Scarf | Bringing Out The Winter Knitwear | My Hogmanay Little Black Dress
After moving to Aberdeen in September my outfit posts became few and far between... something that still makes me sad! I finally got my hands on a tartan blanket scarf which is still a firm favourite in my wardrobe. The final outfit I've not actually worn out yet but will be what I'm wearing when 2014 officially ends and a fitting way to end this post.

I'd love to know which out of these fourteen outfits is your favourite?

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Monday, December 29

I'm Wearing Red for Christmas

Dress: M&S (Similar) | Top: Primark | Shoes: Matalan
This years christmas day outfit is a little more subdued than last years. I can't quite emphasise how old this dress is... I think I've had it about 5 years and only worn it once. It is perfect for a more grown up family meal even though we don't leave the house. Too keep it cosier and more wintery I paired it with my black roll neck top. This dress has a lovely shape that shows off an hour glass shape and makes me feel really grown up. I'm obviously going to have to make more of an effort to wear it. 

The shoes I'm wearing (which unfortunately in the shadows a little) are now in the matalan sale for only £8. A definite bargain if you are looking for a simple black shoe.

I've got a weeks worth of blog posts all sorted for you lot to make up for not posting much during November and December. If you don't want to miss one of these posts give me a follow on bloglovin

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Sunday, December 28

My week in pictures #100

(From top left) Costa break while shopping in Edinburgh for a yummy black forest hot chocolate and incredible chocolate jaffa. Pretty Christmas light - a bargain from ikea at only £5. Ordered some new prints from snapfish to decorate my walls for the new year. Christmas dinner - everyones favourite meal of the year. A selection of my lovely Christmas gifts (a post to follow this week). It has been so so so cold but on the plus side the garden looks beautiful all covered in frost.
One of the busiest weeks of the year is now coming to a close and it feels like the festive season is over. I miss the days when you were a child when Christmas lasted for a whole week with family coming and going all the time.

We kicked off our week with a trip to Edinburgh and Ikea. We got a few bits and bobs before meeting mums friend for lunch at the botanic gardens (our favourite place). On Tuesday I had my dreaded passport interview... I really shouldn't have been so worried because the man was lovely. He asked me a bunch of questions only I would really know the answers too (my brothers birthday, how my parents met, how long in the car to various near by towns from my house). It was all so straight forward and I got a text the next day saying my passport was in the post. After the interview mum and I got some last minute Christmas shopping done.

Christmas eve was spent preparing things at home, Scott came round and we decorated the little tree I have for the sitting room. Christmas day was also spent at home - I dressed up for my family coming round for dinner (that post will be up tomorrow). Mum loves her new kindle from dad and I'm in love with the boots she bought me from office. We've still to meet up with a few members of the family to swap presents yet so I will put off my 'What I got for christmas' style post a little longer. 

Boxing day was spent with Scott - we swapped presents and had a rerun of Christmas dinner. He put my presents to shame with some really lovely gifts for me!! I'm gonna buy him a few extra things when I see the 'right' one. 

Everyday since has been spent fairly lazily around the house. My bedroom is still a bomb site since hauling all my things back from Aberdeen for the holidays. I'm looking forward to what next week has in store already. 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 23

My Hogmanay Little Black Dress

Dress: fecbek* | Coat: Chilli (via charity shop) | Shoes: M&S

Here I am back with another outfit post for you (finally). Today I thought I would show you my New Years Eve outfit with a little help from an online retailer fecbek. They very kindly sent me this little black dress and I knew it would be perfect for the night out. You wouldn't believe it but this is actually the first black dress to enter my wardrobe - I'm not a huge black wearer. 

The dress itself is 'free size' which I'm always wary of because I'm not a stick but after checking the measurements on the site I thought it would be okay. At a size 12 (with a fairly large chest) I would say I'm the top size it would fit. The dress is good quality for the price of under £20. The lace is however quite delicate... oops! Nothing a few stitches won't fix though.  Another thing I might add is a black bra is a must - the lace inserts come quite high up on me and no other colour would have worked. 

To go out on hogmanay I think I will wear my polar bear 'faux' fur coat to keep me warm (I'm anticipating freezing weather). Hopefully between now and then I'll be able to source some sparkly accessories (including a clutch) to add some colour to the outfit. 

Would love to know what you think of this LBD or if you think it goes nicely with the coat? Please let me know.

Sunday, December 21

My week in pictures #99

(From top left) Watched ELF for the first time on Tuesday with my flatmates. I received this lovely dress from fecbek just in time for hogmanay. Made myself chicken pie for dinner mid-week. The view from the 7th floor or the library - please ignore my fingers. We decorated the christmas tree on Friday. A christmas manicure with pound lands 'Teal Tinsel'.
With my flatmates gradually going home during the week and my final exam on Thursday this week has been an odd one. Taking the last chance to spend some quality time together we watched ELF while lazing around eating pizza. Everyone finds it hard to believe I've never seen it but I've always felt like it was over-hyped but actually I really enjoyed it.

I spent even more hours in the library this week but finally bid it farewell as I went to my final exam. I'm not sure how much good it did me because I didn't feel like I did very well in the exam but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

My folks were there when I got out and helped me pack everything away and tidy the kitchen before heading home. So happy to be back for Christmas and spending some lazy time. I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or something because I have 0 energy and just feel rubbish. Frustratingly I've not been able to see Scott this weekend either because he still has doesn't have a car - however hopefully it will be fixed soon and we have plans for Christmas eve and boxing day.

Apart from all the obvious festivities and last minute shopping this week I've got my passport interview? As a quiet person who doesn't feel confident in these situations I'm really nervous - have you had one?

Hope everyone is getting into the christmas spirit and spending time with family too <3

Saturday, December 20

Winter in Seaton Park

Everyday I get to walk through the beautiful Seaton park to get to university. As someone who lives in the countryside with fields surrounding her house this is a lovely space of calm in a busy city. When I arrived in Aberdeen in September there were still beautiful flowers in the flowers beds. Now we are in the middle of winter though they have all died off and crisp, white frost covers the ground. My blogging flatmate, Eilidh, and I decided to have a walk through near the start of December to take some photos. With the sky being so grey it was hard to choose the right settings for the camera but these are my favourite photos.

I'm already looking forward to April and May when the flower beds will be all planted up again and full of colour. The gardeners really do make a fabulous job of keeping it all neat and tidy. 

Apologises for this blog post being so late on a Saturday - not my normal time. I'm typing it up quickly in the break between the two strictly shows because if it doesn't go live today it never will. I've already voted for Caroline because her show dance really was show stopping. Hope everyone is having a lovely festive weekend.

Sunday, December 14

My week in pictures #98

(From top left) Flat christmas dinner on Monday evening. A 'make your own' owl door stop for my christmas from my lovely flatmate Gemma. My favourite meatballs and spaghetti for tea as a reward for completing two exams. We put up Scotts christmas tree on Thursday and looking happy in front of it (in our jammies). Today we went to pick up our huge 12 foot christmas tree ready to decorate when I'm home for the holidays on Friday. 
Eekk... Exams started this week with Chemistry on Monday and then Geology on Wednesday. Ironically I've not actually done that much studying... oops!! I felt like I'd done enough and I'm pleased with how both exams went.

Apart from that I've been feeling very festive this week - kick starting Monday evening with a flat christmas dinner. A good roast was just what we needed, the flat was decorated all festively and we just giggled our way through it. After a candy cane hunt, christmas quiz and present opening we chilled out and watched mean girls (christmasy I know).  

On Thursday I went into the centre to meet my cousin and his girlfriend (who are going to have a baby in may!!!). We went for a coffee then looked at some christmas presents for family which included a trip to the disney store. I got the train home with Scott once he had finished work so we could put up the christmas tree at his. On Friday we had an extremely long lie because he'd taken the day off work. In the afternoon we went to a local christmas shop which was so nice with the log fires on but we didn't buy anything. My mum came to pick me up later that night.

Going home this weekend might have been slightly silly knowing my parents are coming to Aberdeen to get me on Thursday but I fancied some chilling time with my mum in front of the fire. I caught up on two episodes of strictly before the show on Saturday night. Why oh why did trixie have to go... I wanted them to win!! 

The only thing we did on Sunday was driving to get our christmas tree. It is up in the big living room now waiting until next weekend when I'm home permanently to be decorated. I'm so exited to be back here for Christmas soon. I'm away to light the fire and maybe start on the Christmas cards. 

Hope all my lovely followers (old and new) are starting to get in the festive spirit. 

Wednesday, December 10

Alternative November Favourites

After the success of my Alternative February Favourites (nine months ago oops...) I've been meaning to do another one. It is a little late into this month but exams keep trying to take over. I've chosen four of my favourite things from November to share with you. A lot of these things feel like forever ago now though but I hope it is still relevant.

I'm 100% aware that this co-ord from ASOS is a summer item but it appeared in the sale for only £17 and I couldn't say no. It featured in my wishes and wants post back in June (see it here) but as I didn't have the money for it then I've kept my eye on it. Excitingly it will look perfect for our summer holiday and keep my shoulders covered from the harsh sun.

The print is much nicer than it looks on the website and I was so pleased with it. I think they have a few sizes left and you can check them out here

The fireworks!! Don't they look incredible? I knew I couldn't let the opportunity living in the city go to waste - so we down to the beach to see them. Scott came along too on what was one of the first bitterly cold nights of the year. It was a lovely simple night and I'm so glad I went along. You can also see what I wore here.

I am so so so in love with this bag from TK Maxx. I'd been on the hunt for the perfect university bag since September but I was holding out for the perfect one. Luckily I came across this one. It is a lovely colour and a perfect size. I'm still thinking about doing a 'Whats in my University Bag' post - would you like that?

In the mean time I wonder if you have any tip for stopping the straps from wearing  I'm quite hard on it taking it out everyday but I want to keep it good as long as possible. 

After deciding to get a passport in the past few months Scott really upped the pressure about going away next summer. After a lot of thought we decided that Tenerife would be the right place for our first holiday and my first time on a plane since I was 7. I am ridiculously excited now... and slightly nervous. The second picture is Scotts from when he was there in May this year. He has been about 7 times (maybe more) so he knows what he is doing. If anyone has any posts about their holiday there feel free to leave the links.

Tuesday, December 9

My week in pictures #97

(From top left) Purchased my T in the Park ticket for next July - let the excitement begin! Went for a walk and took some photos with my blogging flatmate Eilidh. On Saturday afternoon I saw Aberdeen play Hamilton (and win!!). The local deer was just wandering around outside my window on Sunday morning. 
Last week exam panic really started to sink in so many late night were spent in the library studying for my Chemistry exam on Monday. I actually got quite a lot done but still didn't feel prepared for the exam. Sadly the majority of my week was as boring as that as well as getting home and watching too many episodes on Grimm on netflix.

On Friday though I enjoyed a few glasses on wine with dinner and got the bus into town to meet Scott and his work colleagues for a few drinks. I had a few to many... to quote my boyfriends tweet: "You know you have the right girlfriend when she is skipping along Union Street at 1am happy we are going to McDonald's." I had such a good night though and everyone was lovely. Saturday was spent having a huge lie in before heading to pittodrie for the football. We then cooked cottage pie for tea and crawled back into bed because we were shattered. 

Scott was going home on Sunday but before he left we took a walk to B&Ms to get some more christmas lights. I was sad to see him go but I had more studying to do. 

Two exams this week but I feel okay about them - then on Friday I'm going to be at Scotts to decorate his christmas tree. I am extremely excited for the coming weekend. Hope everyone else is having a good week. 

Wednesday, December 3

My week in pictures #96

(From top left) A uni outfit for my last group presentation of the semester. I've been addicted to Grimm and watched the first series in 9 days. Also watched grown ups on Friday which was pretty good. A gift from Scott- an Aberdeen tennents glass.
I guess I didn't anticipate how busy being at university would make me... Last week feels like forever ago now. After I arrived back on Monday from my weekend at home I've been on the go with work non-stop. It was my last week of lectures too before revision week and exams which is crazy - how can my first term at uni almost be over!?

The thought of seeing Scott on Wednesday was keeping me going all week - I was speeding through my chemistry lab so I could go and meet him when I got a text saying his car wouldn't make it to Aberdeen. I didn't think much of it at the time apart from being annoying. It was only later when I realised that wooden pallets had fallen off the back of a lorry and into his car. He is incredibly lucky to still be alive - I did the most obvious thing and got on the next train home to him. He was very shaken and didn't look well but I knew that my surprise had helped him a lot. It is the little things in life that keep us going. 

I didn't do much else apart from uni work before I saw him again on Saturday night. We stayed in and watched a movie then went shopping on Sunday. The plan was to get christmas decorations for his flat but he was being very fussy and we only came away with the tree. 

I'm sorry this post is so late but this afternoon I'm prioritising blog photos before going back to the library at about 4pm for an evening study session. Hope everyone is doing well and as excited for Christmas as I am.