Saturday, January 31

My Collective January Haul

As someone who does quite a lot of shopping I can't believe this is my first haul post. I hope you enjoy it's style but if you have any ways to improve it please let me know. These are the things I picked up during January with the help of sale discounts, Christmas money and gift vouchers.

Coat: F&F | Cardigan: Amara Reya (TK Maxx)

This fur coat is a dream from F&F at Tesco - I spotted it when it had gone into the sale for only £20. I didn't pick it up though and regretted it at once. Luckily when I next went into Tesco (a few weeks later) it was still there *insert love heart eyes emoji*. I've worn it a few times when going out in Aberdeen because it is so cosy and makes a big statement.

I've already featured this pale cream cardigan in an OOTD post (you can see it here). I picked it up when I was down staying with my Gran for a few days. It is so cosy I would easily wear it with everything. 

Jumpsuit: Dorothy Perkins | Dress: Dorothy Perkins

This jumpsuit has to be the favourite thing I've bought and it was under £10!!! Hung up it doesn't look half as gorgeous as it does on. The colour are so bright and the shape is perfect. I cannot wait to find somewhere to wear it and share it on my blog of course.

This is the simple sort of dress I spend the majority of my time in so when I saw this one for only £5 in Dorothy Perkins I snapped it up. The butterfly print is something I don't have in my wardrobe either.

Blouse: New Look

A lovely blouse picked out by my mum in New Look - the colour is just me and the embroidery detail on the front makes me feel very boho while wearing it. I actually bought it two sizes too big because when I tried on my size it felt a little clingy and wasn't the way I imagined it. I wore it when Scott and I went out for tea with his parents last weekend and should feature in an OOTD post on the blog next week.

Clutch: Accessorize | Make up Bag: Accessorize | Hair Tie: Accessorize | Necklace: Dorothy Perkins | Box: Primark

Oooh accessorises! Something I hardly ever buy but I'm like a child in a sweet shop in the Accessorize sale. I had admired this clutch before so I knew it has to be mine in the sale (I love something fun). The make up bag is on a similar cute theme and while I don't actually need one I couldn't resist. I don't have a hair tie like this so I thought it would be something new to try. This is my first statement necklace - something my jewellery box has been missing. I felt light all the different colours meant it would match lots of things. Finally this box was only £1 in primark and I'm sure there will be something to fit inside.

Shoes: Vans

Again these have already featured in an outfit post (here). I've wanted these since last summer but wasn't ready to pay £52 for them but when I got Christmas money I checked back on the site and they were down to only £26. Bargain! Once I manage to break them in they will quickly become my most worn shoes.

Wednesday, January 28

Whats in my University Bag

I've been planning this post since I got this gorgeous Naj Oleari bag from TK Maxx in November. It even featured in my November Favourites post - unfortunately I don't think it will be in stock anymore but if you check in store they might have something similar. The new university term started last week so there couldn't be a better time to show you what is in my bag. I don't take everything with me everyday of course but days when I've got a lot on or will be in the library the big bag comes with me.

As far as lectures go I have this A5 notebook from poundland which fits all my subject notes in. I'm not a huge note taker because I feel like it is more useful to listen. I do also print out the lecture slides for a few of my subjects and make notes around them so I don't repeat what is on the slide. I also take my filofax (which every year I promise to use better) and my kindle which I keep notes that don't need printed on to read. The pencil case is an obvious one because I need to have all my different pens with me and a calculator is an essential for anyone doing a science degree.

I take my water bottle because staying hydrated is important for staying focused (and you can fill it up free in the library), a memory stick is always handy to have and my gloves and ipod for the walk to and from uni.

Finally the best thing about my bag is the middle pocket which fits my macbook pro (in its own sleeve) perfectly. That was a big deciding factor when looking for a bag. It is too heavy to carry with me everyday but it is a nightmare to get a computer so it is handy to have. I chuck a few 'handbag' items in when I'm leaving like my purse, ipod, vaseline, lipgloss, body spray and my hair brush and I'm good to go.

Today I've been starting to work on a new look for G is for Gingers. My current layout is really starting to annoy me! I'd love to change my header but have 0 ideas... I'd love to know your thoughts or anyone you think who has a particularly great blog design. 

I have an old post which shows you what is in my handbag - you can see it here.

Monday, January 26

My week in pictures #104

(From top left) Feeling unwell on Tuesday but I made a tasty chicken curry for tea. My flatmate/boyfriend has managed to get me into silent witness. Went for dinner at Jamie's Italian with Scott on Wednesday - it was such a treat. A wee sales haul from shopping on Friday (I really shouldn't have spent so much). A gorgeous new jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins - I'm so in love. Dinner with Scotts parents on Saturday night - we all went to chiquitos.
Last week started off very badly - I got a really nasty cold and didn't get much sleep. Scott was staying over and I was scared I would wake him up by rolling around all night. I did manage to get to all my lectures but the rest of the time I was curled up in bed. 

Thankfully on Wednesday I was feeling better because it was date night. Scott and I went to Jamie's Italian on Union Street and it was delicious. I have the fried mackerel with mussels while Scott had a dish with turkey. Going out to eat is our favourite thing to do together. Apart from going out my eating has been really good - I've not had chocolate and sweets since getting back to uni. I've also cut out cheese and chips in my diet. Snacking is another huge problem (I would eat constantly) but I have almost stopped it totally. 

On Friday afternoon I fancied a trip to the shops so I got the bus into town after uni. I got some treats in Dorothy Perkins, accessories and primark. All the items were in the sale and will feature on my blog this week. We headed into town at night and din't get home until 4pm. Staying out until the nightclub closed and then McDonalds too.

Despite my lack on sleep I got up on Saturday and hoovered and mopped the whole flat. Scott was coming round in the afternoon and I wanted everything to be nice. We were going out for tea with his parents in the evening. It was really good to see them again because we don't do it nearly enough.

Sunday was spent lazily in the morning before going out to get things for fajitas for tea. Once he had left I felt quite deflated and just lay in bed watching vampire diaries. Hence why this post didn't go up in time.

Hopefully everyone had a good week too and I'll see you later in the week for more new content.

Friday, January 23

Peach Knitwear and Double Denim

Shirt: River Island | Jumper: Britfash* | Jeans: Hollister | Shoes: Vans 
This is a simple outfit I've been meaning to style on my blog for ages. The beautiful pale, peachy pink of this jumper really compliments the pale blue of the denim shirt. My love for cute collars coming out of knitwear will never fade either. Double denim was a big trend for a while but there is less of it going around however I thought that pairing it with jeans would make a nice change to my normal skater skirts.

These jeans were bought last year in the Hollister sale. It is not normally a shop I buy in but these were as simple as I like jeans to be. They are probably a little low rise for my liking though that is probably me just being self conscious. I think it makes the perfect outfit for running about doing bits and bobs. I hoped these new vans would be perfect for keeping comfy but sadly they've been giving me blisters. I'll just have to let them heal and keep trying to break them in. They are the most gorgeous paisley red pattern and I've wanted them for months. You can see a closer picture here

Hope everyone has had a good week. Finally my cold is on the mend! I'm going out for a lecture at 12pm then when I finish uni at 2pm I'm going to head into town for a bit of cheeky solo shopping. 

Tuesday, January 20

Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cookies

I've missed baking since September when I moved to uni. I took all my things with me but just don't seem to have the time or the motivation to go and get the ingredients. While I was home I made a few things so I thought I would share this cookie recipe.

You will need:
150g of butter
230g of brown sugar
1 egg
2 tsp of vanilla extract (not pictured- I'd left mine in Aberdeen)
125g of plain flour
1 tsp of baking powder
235g of rolled oats
175g of chocolate chips

(I actually halfed the recipe when making mine because I didn't want to have 30 cookies tempting me)

Cream the butter and sugar together using electric beaters (if you have them) and then add the egg and vanilla so should be all light and smooth. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt mixing well again so they are combined. I used my silicon spatula so I wasn't too rough on them.

Into the mixture add the oats and chocolate chips. Mix again until everything is evenly through the dough. I then rolled the mixture into small balls (like a ping pong ball) and placed them on baking paper on a tray.

I baked them in the oven at 180ยบ for 20 minutes but honestly I think they could have done with just 15 minutes. I do like my biscuits quite crunchy though.

Obviously in a week all these are gone and this post is making me hungry. Fancy doing some more baking now. I've been unwell this week coming down with a really bad cold just in time for the start of term. 

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how far my blog photography has come since my first baking post?

Monday, January 19

My week in pictures #103 (2nd Blogiversary)

(From top left) I made chocolate and oatmeal cookies - hopefully a recipe will be on the blog tomorrow. A bargain W7 eye shadow pallet, a perfect naked 2 dupe for only £5 (got so many compliments on my make up too). Went for a walk along the beach on Saturday and took some pictures. A sparkly pink gel manicure courtesy of my flatmate Eilidh. First flat night out of the year. Finished a collage of photos on my wall on Sunday morning. 
The past week was a long one with lots going on. It was my last week at home for Christmas so my mum booked me a doctors appointment (my for flu jag) and two dentists appointments (I was supposed to go in 2013 oops!). Apart from that I made cookies, spent Wednesday evening watching 'The Great Outdoors' with Scott and visited my little cousins to give them their Christmas presents.

My parents gave me a lift back to Aberdeen on Friday afternoon. I should of been prepared but instead left all my packing for the morning so it was very rushed. Getting back to the flat felt good although I was coming down with the cold so it was early to bed. 

I didn't want to spent all of Saturday in the flat so I went for a wander down to the beach boulevard and a look in The Range which has a pretty extensive craft section (although no washi tape) on the walk home I had an ice cream on the beach and took some pictures with my SLR camera. During the holidays the baby of our flat finally turned 18 so we all headed out at night for her first taste of Aberdeens night life. While I was still feeling awful and I'm not drinking during January the night was a success. A late night call with Scott meant he was coming to visit on Sunday too.

We went to Tesco to stock up on food for dinner that night and then came back to make lasagne for tea. We then watched 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (a personal favourite of ours) and were asleep before 10pm. Wild student life here guys!!

I almost forgot the good news!!! I passed all of my first semester exams - both shocked and delighted.

Also today my little blog turned two today - I would love to have done something special but I just didn't have any ideas. Can't believe I've kept this posting thing up for so long. I won't be stopping now. 

Wednesday, January 14

Purple Tweed Scarf and Cream Knitwear

Dress: Primark | Cardigan: Amara Reya (via TK Maxx) | Scarf: Handmade (not by me) | Headband: New Look | Boots: Office 
When choosing an outfit for going shopping and a lunch date at Nandos with Scott on Sunday I was automatically drawn to the newer items in my wardrobe. I bought this cardigan in TK Maxx when I was shopping with my Grandma - I'd actually gone into the shop looking for a cosy knitted cardigan but in a dark blue or navy colour. Even though this isn't the shade I was looking for it was a bargainous £5 in their yellow label sale! This gorgeous scarf was out of my Grandmas wardrobe - it is tweed handmade on the isle of lewis. So much better than cheaper replicas from Primark (even though I love mine). Honestly so in love with this scarf but I won't wear it out too often for fear of ruining it. 

I've got a concussion to make... I've never actually worn this headband out despite getting it last christmas. It is really cute but I'm just not confident with how it makes my head look. What do you think? Maybe when I wear this outfit again I'll be brave enough. I was very cosy and it kept my hair from flying everywhere. I also got a good shot of my new office boots! They really go with everything. 

I managed to battle the wind in between snow showers and it getting dark to get these shots done. I managed to get another outfit shot and bake some cookies. I'm going to Scott in an hour or so - feeling like I've done well today.

Sunday, January 11

My week in pictures #102

(From top left) A bargain leopard print coat from tesco - so happy I could pick it up. Finally got all my thank you letters done... its been a bit of an up hill struggle. My vans arrived and are perfect. A tweed shall from my grandma which is gorgeous and much have lost a fortune. Got to the end of series 3 of Grimm... ooh that cliff hanger!! Lunch and shopping with Scott today which was lovely. 
What a busy week it has been - I could sleep for a month now. Firstly on Monday I went into visit my uncle and aunty because they needed some IT help. They gave me lunch and tea so we just had a lovely family day. On Wednesday I went to see Scott and we made burritos for tea and watched some TV. Missed meeting him from the train every week now I'm at uni. 

On Thursday I started the two hour train journey to Falkirk to stay with my Gran. We went out to a delicious Italian for Lunch and then a browse round a local garden centre. In the afternoon we went to visit a friend of hers before going home for some tea. She goes to bed quite early so I was left to play around online in the evening. The next day we went into town and has a look in TK Maxx (where I got a really cute knitted cardigan for £5) and Next. We went out for a late lunch before I got the train back in the evening. I was falling asleep on the train as the rain poured outside. It was the first time I'd stayed there since I was little and it was very nice. 

Today Scott decided we were going to go out for Lunch. We speed along to Dundee and looked round a few of the shops first. I really didn't see anything worth parting with my money for though which is sad but good for my bank I guess. We went into Nandos because we'd never been and were keen to try it. Sadly we had to wait over 30 minutes before they told us that you had to order at the till... The lady we told though was very apologetic and gave us vouchers for a free meal the next time we were in. Result! The food we eventually got was delicious too.

Back home now feeling very sleepy and almost ready for my bed. At the end of this week I'll be heading back to Aberdeen to start uni again. Hope everyone had a good weekend too!

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Thursday, January 8

My New Floral Skater Dress

Dress: Red Herring (Debenhams) | Boots: Office | Scarf: New Look
This morning I was up at 7:30am so I could get ready quickly to take outfit pictures before I left for the train at 9:10am. I think I did not bad - feeling pleased with myself. It is very rare that I show off new things on my blog but everything in this outfit is brand new (tags cut this morning) . This beautiful dress was a Christmas present from my boyfriend, Scott, and he couldn't have chosen better. I can already tell how much wear I'm going to get out of it. 

The boots I'm wearing are new too but I see now you can't see the dark brown very well in the photos. I actually ended up changing my boots to the maroon ones because they are comfier for walking. I got the train to my Grandmas today and we went out for lunch and to visit one of her friends in the afternoon. 

I'm typing this up while she puts the macaroni in the oven for tea (not that I need it you know what grans are like). I'm going to spend the night here and go back home tomorrow - I've not stayed since I was a very young child so it is nice to spend quality time. 

Sunday, January 4

My week in pictures #101

(From top left) My favourite diva dames tea dress and a faux fur scarf for visiting my grandma. My passport arrived - I can officially fly abroad. Scott and I before heading out on hogmanay (you can see what I wore here). A indian banquet for the first day of the year. Been making a start on some thank you cards. A cheeky KFC with Scott today (I feel so fat).
Well thats the festive season well and truly done and dusted for this year... always makes me slightly sad while still excited for a fresh start. It has been a crazy week of doing not very much - after feeling slightly stuck in the house after Christmas we headed down to see my Grandma on Tuesday. We had a nice family meal out with her and my uncle and aunty who also live down there.

On new years eve I went to Scotts in the later afternoon and we cooked tea together before getting ready to go out. We spent the evening with some of Scotts school friends before heading out to the pubs for the bells. I'm not going to dwell on that night any longer because thinking about it really annoys me. I got a bit to drunk and not only ruined my night but I ruined Scotts too. The next day was awful as well...

We've not done much else this week to be honest. Lazied around watching films and eating to much chocolate. Scott gave me the cold so I'm not feeling to hot at the moment... Hopefully it clears up soon because I'm feeling mighty fed up of it. Today he came out in the afternoon and we did some shopping and had lunch at KFC. Sadly he had to get back to watch the football so it was only a quick visit. 

I've got lots planned for the coming week too so I'm excited. Wish time wasn't running out for going back to uni though.

This week I blogged everyday to fit in all the christmas/new year themed posts I wanted to get out of the way. You can catch up here:

Monday- I'm Wearing Red for Christmas. Tuesday- 2014 In Fourteen Outfits. Wednesday- Introducing My November/December Advertisers. Thursday- My Year In Pictures 2014. Friday- What I Got For Christmas

Friday, January 2

What I Got For Christmas

This years Christmas presents have been as lovely as ever. I was lucky enough to spend Christmas day with my mums side of the family and I saw dads family on Tuesday for a meal out. On boxing day Scott came round so we could swap presents - I still want to get him a few extra things though because I was well spoilt.

These boots from office were from my mum and dad. I actually choose them when we were shopping a few days before Christmas because I fell in love. They still need a bit of breaking in but I'm sure they will feature in a outfit post soon. The earrings were another little gift that featured in my christmas day outfit.

These are the lovely things that Scott bought me. As I grow up my family buy me less and less clothes which makes me sad but Scott more than made up for it. He has picked items that are 100% my style. The floral skater dress and penguin t-shirt are both from Debanhams while the boots are from Dash (not a brand I know). I think he finally wants me to throw out my beloved river island pair because they now have holes in the sides.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without some gift vouchers and as newlook is my favourite shop I can't wait to get spending this one. Union square is my local shopping centre in Aberdeen with every shop you can imagine so I'm sure I will find something to spend this one on too. Between these cards and the money I was given you can exspect a haul post at the end of January.

This little present was the most unexpected - Scotts mum (and dad) bought me some lovely candles and goodies from Hotel Chocolate. They really didn't need to give me anything but it was such a lovely gesture - and I love burning candles.

Finally on Christmas morning I unwrapped my presents from my Access All Asos Secret santa. Aren't these bits and bobs pretty - the jewellery items are both from new look while the purse is an Asos one. Reading someones blog and picking out a few things you'd think they would like is great fun although I couldn't send out my presents (a problem I hope to resolve in the new year). A huge thank you to Lucia from 'U Can't Wear That' for my gifts.

A late present from my cousins. This snood is from new look and so snuggly!! It is the perfect colour to go with everything and I actually wore it within a few days of getting it. Christmas wouldn't be complete without soap and glory and I'm sure these bits will disappear quickly. I've got quite a collection of their things now and my go to for basics.

As ever I am hugely grateful for everything I've received and hope none of you take this post as boasting. I've been enjoying reading everyone elses too. Today I've started to develop a cold - I guess you can't expect your other half to be ill when your okay. Poor Scott and I!!

I hope you've enjoyed 5 days worth of new content from me - normal posting will resume next week. In the mean time catch up on all my recent posts on bloglovin.

Thursday, January 1

My Year In Pictures 2014

(From top left) First selfie of the year going off to a new year party. I got my Papas old nikon SLR camera which has improved my photography. I became a member of Access All Asos with some lovely gifts. You Me At Six released their fourth album and is one of my favourites. My little blog reached 200 followers in February. Made profiter rolls for the first time. Also made these delicious kiwi tarts. I started exchanging letters with Aveen from 'The Random Life of Aveen'. I went on my first march protesting against canned lion hunting. My birthday selfie before Scott arrived for my birthday dinner. The impossible was one of my favourite films of the year. Easter holidays on Aviemore with the family. Big curly hair for spring time. I attended my first geology lab in May which was great fun and I learned lots. The first selfie with my beloved Scott. We went to see Jimmy Carr live and laughed until our faces hurt. Made my bee keeping dad a well themed honey card. My application to Aberdeen was finally accepted meaning I started in September. My boyfriend celebrated his 21st birthday. I went to see my first Aberdeen football game at pittodrie. 

(From top left) I went back to T in the Park again  with Scott. Also got the worst sunburn! A trip to Glasgow for the commonwealth games. Only a few months after my last milestone my blog reached 300 followers. Homemade pizza with Scott one Wednesday night. My photo for my new student ID. Packed away my room and moved to Aberdeen. Freshers week madness. Unfortunately Scotland voted no to independence. Scott visiting  my new home in Aberdeen for the first time. A trip to the Ythan to see the seals. I've met the most amazing group of people I'm happy to call friends. Going out for Halloween dressed as little red riding hood. The fireworks in Aberdeen. We booked out first holiday together to tenerife. Submitted my first piece of university work in November. Got hooked on a new TV series - Grimm. Our flats little christmas party. Putting up the Christmas tree - my favourite time of year. This week I officially became a UK passport holder.
I'm really not one for long cheesy new year posts but 2014 has been life changing for me. I met someone amazing who is every bit the perfect match to me. I moved out and started university in Aberdeen. I was finally able to move on from old 'friends' and I've made some amazing new ones.

I'm so pleased looking back at last years post that I actually achieved all my aims for the year! So I've been looking ahead to 2015.

- Make it on holiday with Scott in June. We are going to Tenerife and I'm nervous about the flight while being extremely excited at the same time.
- Make friends with other people on my university courses. 

As far as my blog goes:
- I would like to give G is for Gingers a bit of a revamp early in the year. It's been a whole year since I last changed anything. 
- I want to be more confident to start going to blogger meet ups.
- I need to figure out how to keep blogging consistently and be a full time student. Taking outfit pictures is near impossible. 

More than anything I just want to keep being the happy person I am at the moment. 2014 was really good to me.

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