Friday, July 31

Styling George at Asda: Beautiful Embellished Neckline

Top: George at Asda* | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Matalan | Bag: George at Asda*
If you follow my week in pictures posts then you'll have been at the weekend I received a bag of goodies from George at Asda. This beautiful white top was among the things and it instantly reminded me of lovely family meals and birthdays. Occasions when you need to wear something nice but not to formal. I can't find it online yet but I will keep checking back and edit to post later.

George has always been a brand I've rated quite highly and I never go into asda without a browse round their aisle. The top is beautiful quality and the gems round the neckline are very pretty meaning to accessorised itself. I'm loving the bag too because it fits in so well with the current 70s trend due to the down suede panel down the side. It is going to be perfect for taking things to university come September. I am going to have to reinvest in a pair of black jeans when my first loan payment comes through because this pair are very tight... oops!

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear something similar to a family meal?

Wednesday, July 29

Giraffe Print Shorts

Top: Primark | Shorts: ASOS | Shoes: Faith | Bag: Primark
This is the outfit I wore out on Saturday night when I went for a few drinks with friends. These shorts have a lovely giraffe print (I'm obsessed) with a subtle pink stripe running through it. I actually wanted the co-ord set I ordered them a side up but I still think they look quite cool baggy.

I didn't dress them up too much because in my hometown this is 'out there' enough. I'm still loving a bardot style top though and it kept with the black in the shorts. This little bag goes out with me on every night out because it is just big enough for my phone, my inhaler (asthma is the bane of my life at the moment), my lipstick, money and ID. I think it was only £4 too so I don't care if people spill drink all over it (that someone could well be me).

I'm gonna leave it there because this post is so late already... I left my laptop charger at my boyfriends and only just got it back. Tomorrow I'm off to Aberdeen with Mum to paint my uni bedroom which will be fun.

Sunday, July 26

My week in pictures #130

(from top left) I made these yummy coconut and lime cakes from a recipe on 'A Dash of Gingers' blog - you can see the recipe here. The pretty necklace arrived in the post from Happiness Boutique* so I styled it in Thursday OOTD post. Material arrived for a new craft project I've been wanting to do for ages. A walk on the beach in the sunshine was perfect on Friday afternoon. Scott and I made stake pies on Saturday and oh my goodness they were yummy. These goodies arrived from George at ASDA* this weekend and I love them - can't wait to style them on the blog.

This week started off slowly but on Tuesday I finally decided be proactive and called a driving instructor. My first lesson is booked for Monday... most people won't understand what a big deal it is for me to call a stranger but I couldn't have been more nervous.

As standard Wednesday night was spent at Scott's - a new series of Hells Kitchen has started which we were both excited for. We made a delicious tea with szechuan chicken and noodles. The rest of the week wasn't particularly exciting however on Friday lunch time I went back to my boyfriends. My folks were going away so I thought it would be a good excuse to spend more time with him. However I had about 4 hours to kill before he got home from work so after some lunch I decided to take myself down to the beach for a walk. It was so lovely too and I snapped away photos on my phone shame I didn't have anyone to share it with.

Saturday morning Scott annoyingly had to work so we spent a few hours in his office trying to fix networking problems. The rain was so bad we wouldn't actually have been outside anyway. Then in the afternoon we made stake pie and relaxed on the sofa. They were so delicious and the perfect start to our night. Our friends came over and we headed out for a few drinks. Not going to lie there are a few blank spaces in my memory but mostly it was just a good laugh.

Today when I was back at home my cousins came round again with baby Sophie. She has grown lots and now stares at you with her big eyes. Cuddles from a baby are just so good.

I'm now going to go and have meatballs for tea then go to bed and catch up with Humans. My Asthma hasn't been good this weekend and it has left me feeling quite tired and sore.

Wish me luck for my driving lessons for tomorrow - I'm a little nervous.

Thursday, July 23

Patterned Joggers and a Denim Shirt

Top: New Look | Trousers: Peacocks | Shirt: River Island | Shoes: New Look | Necklace: Happiness Boutique
These trousers are back... because summer in Scotland isn't very warm at the moment they are perfect. I can't get enough of their bright pattern and lovely colours. To keep things simple I paired them with this plain embroidery vest which has a subtle daisy print. Again because we need to layer up at the moment I put on my denim shirt. A denim jacket is currently a huge hole in my wardrobe but luckily for me I can make this shirt work by rolling up the sleeves.

This pretty leaf necklace came in the post from Happiness Boutique yesterday and I love it. I'm hoping it is going to be really versatile but here I let it do the talking on a plain background. It is really delicate and lightweight but also feels good quality - the rose gold colour it has is really fashionable at the moment too. It also arrived beautifully packaged in its own bag and box so if you see anything on their website you like I would definitely recommend them. I'm sure you'll see this necklace in more outfit pictures.

This whole outfit is going to be packed in my weekend bag because I will be staying at my boyfriends on Friday and Saturday night. We don't have any definite plans but it will be nice to relax and do some cooking together.

Tuesday, July 21

T in the Park 2015 - The Bands

I managed to survive my third year at T in the Park a couple of weekends ago with only a little cold to show for it. I just went with my boyfriend Scott but we were always bumping into people we knew. The new site at Strathallan Castle is not my favourite because it both seemed too big and too small at the same time. I don't think it was laid out quite right however these were only teething problems and I'm sure they will be able to improve it all for next year. After all the negative comments in the press you'd be forgiven for thinking everyone had a terrible time and I for one didn't! 

A highlight of Friday was seeing Fatboy slim in King Tuts Tent. It was just as crazy as I expected it to be with everyone dancing to classics like 'Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat' and 'Right Here, Right Now'.

The majority of Friday though we just floated between stages getting a feel for the place because there was no one we really wanted to see. Kasabian were good but we wandered off to get pizza in the middle of their set and came back to enjoy the end.

We watched Lawson sitting on the grass in front of the main stage on Saturday afternoon. I was surprised by how many songs I knew of theirs and really enjoyed the cover they did of Jess Glynne's 'Hold My Hand'. I'll definitely be listening to some more of them.

Seasick Steve was someone I wanted to see maining because of his originality (he makes his own instruments). I've seen him on TV a few times and wanted to see what he was like live. Steve didn't disappoint in fact he was one of both Scott and Is highlights of the weekend. Although we didn't know any of his songs he still engaged the crowd.

Since missing out on seeing George Ezra last year I've become quite a fan! Even though it was raining we soon forgot as we were singing along to 'Casio' and 'Listen to the Man'. He had a little more audience participation than I expected from someone so young and told us the odd anecdote. 

The Script is another band I missed out on in 2013 so I was happy they were back. Again I really enjoyed their set - that has a lot to do with knowing the majority of their music. Danny was great with chatting to the crowd too.

Maybe if you're not from Scotland you won't hear a massive amount about The Proclaimers but the twins from Leith are a pretty big thing here. Another highlight of the weekend when they sung 'Sunshine on Leith' and 'Life with You'. Just another huge sing along set!

I enjoyed James Bay a little more than I thought I would - his voice is stunning! 'Let it Go' was a highlight but it also made me realise I need to listen to more of his music because it is pretty good. An awesome start to Sundays music schedule.

Paloma Faith is such a show girl with a voice big enough to fill the whole of Strathallan. She was so active and made you want to get up and dance too. I loved the whole staging of the show and listening to 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This'.

If anyone asks Stereophonics were the best band we saw all weekend. We got the closest to the stage we could and sang along with our hands in the air. I love their newest single 'C'est La Vie' but also classics like 'Dakota' and 'The Bartender and the Thief'. Is it wrong I'm now a little bit in love with Kelly Jones??

Noel Gallagher's set was one of the most anticipated of the whole weekend. He had already said in the program "there's f*ck-all too see. But if you're coming to listen, and to have a good night singing, yeah, great, I'm your man". That pretty much sums up the closing of T in the Park for me. 

He played a lot of Oasis which the crowd were wanting but also some stuff of his own. Thinking about him finishing with 'Don't Look Back in Anger' gives me goosebumps! I now just want to go and watch all these sets over and over again.

Until next time T!

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Sunday, July 19

My week in pictures #129

(From top left) Scott and I have been watching Taggart in the evenings - a classic Scottish murder program. Dan begging for some pizza crusts on Thursday night. Went to Aberdeen today in my yellow rain coat from Fat Face. Vegetarian nachos for tea tonight whicj were yummy.
After getting back from T in the Park on Monday lunch time feeling shattered and spending most of Tuesday in bed feeling awful with the cold it hasn't been the most productive week. On Wednesday I did drag myself out of bed to put up our tent in the garden, it needed a good clean and time to dry out. I also managed to get out the sewing machine to fix a few ripped bits.

On top of all that I went to Scott's on Wednesday and we made my ultimate comfort food - lasagna! We watched TV and generally felt sorry for ourselves. The rest of my week was super boring and unproductive until the weekend when I was back at Scotts to help with DIY. We managed to get all the paper off his bedroom walls so it now just needs plastered. After all that hard work we got a cheeky KFC for dinner (WAY too much food)

Today my folks finally agreed to take some of my stuff back to Aberdeen and help me make plans to get the flat feeling like home. Alot of pinning and a trip to Ikea will happen soon.

Now I'm ready for my bed but there will be more posts ready for next week. Hope you guys had a great week - let me know about it in the comments below. 

This week on G is for Gingers: Katie Kirby's 'Could It Be You?'

Thursday, July 16

Book Review | Katie Kirby's 'Could It Be You?'

Buy the ebook on Amazon*

Could It Be You centres around Rachel Kane, a woman in her late twenties and an entrepreneur who owns her own beauty range business. She is desperately trying to navigate her way through life since the very sudden and heart wrenching split from her husband.

The story begins the day before her first holiday to the South of France as a singleton where she is the maid of honour at her best friend's wedding and from there takes Rachel on a journey where she has to face who and what is most important to her.

I don't often review book on here but when Katie got in touch to ask if I would read her first novel I said yes. I finished it back in mid-June after reading it for less than a week. It is the perfect summer holiday book and I actually do wish I'd saved it for my holiday because the book I did take I found difficult to get into to.

Although there is nothing complex about this story I enjoyed it all the same. The plot wasn't as 100% predictable as I first imagined and it kept me reading all the way to the end. I felt like maybe some of the character could have been more developed other than just Rachel herself but this is the only criticism I would have.

If you are looking for a book to read on the beach this summer (or even just in your garden) I would recommend downloading Katie Kirby's first novel. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with.

If you want to keep to the date with what I'm reading why not follow me on Goodreads - I love it as a platform to help keep track of everything I've read. Also if you are interested in another Book related post read last years "Reading Recently" post.

Tuesday, July 14

My week in pictures #128

(From top left) My snapfish order arrived and it is great to see hard copies of my holiday photos. Gave my bedroom floor a good clean and hoover - bundi seems to be enjoying it anyway. Maybe the sign of being an adult? Sorted the gas and electric for the flat. Classic unwashed hair at T in the Park this weekend. George Ezra was a highlight of the weekend for me. My wrist bands off without being cut to add to my growing collection.
I am currently writing this post from my bed because after getting home from T in the Park yesterday lunch time I've come down with the cold. This morning I felt so unwell I wasn't able to get out of bed or even stay awake for that long. I am starting to feel better now though and was finally able to get something to eat.

Last week wasn't full of very much activity. I'm finally trying to sort of a driving instructor (more difficult than I first thought) and getting ready for going to T in the Park. I went to Scott's on Wednesday and we made the most delicious sweet and sour pork meatballs

Just before 9am on Friday morning we left for the first T at strathallan castle in Perthshire. Scotts dad gave us a lift but as we queued for an hour in the rain we weren't really in the mood. Once the tent was pitched and a few ciders drunk we were more in the right mood - I saw a really good friend I've not seen in ages.

I saw some really great sets including George Ezra, Stereophonics and Noel Gallagher. I have a separate post planned for all that though. The weekend was very tiring with alot of walking and dancing. Never seen anyone torch their tent before at a festival (I actually thought it was more of a myth) but it is kinda scary… I don't think Strathallan castle is the best location for the music festival though and they were bound to have some teething problems. Since coming home I've read some really negative things on the media but I had a fantastic time.

Thursday, July 9

G is for Gingers | What's in my Festival Bag

Tomorrow I will be traveling to my third T in the Park at its new home in the grounds of Strathallan Castle. After two years you feel like you know what you are doing with the whole music festival thing. This year however we are forecast lots of rain so it might be very different.

Firstly I think it is essential you have a bag that has a zip closing - therefore things will stay safely inside when you are jumping. A phone is crucial for me although I won't be taking my beloved Moto G so this little samsung will do nicely for the odd text or call.

Being a blogger (and just photography obsessed in general) my camera will not be left behind. This little olympus can take great photos and now I know how to play around with the settings I should be able to snap my favourite bands and friends. It will not however be going into my bag - I've found if I wrap the strap twice around my wrist it won't fall even if I'm not holding onto it. That way no one with light fingers can take it off me either.

A water bottle is something I included in last years 'Festival Camping Do's and Don'ts' post. I start to feel really unwell if I don't drink enough. I have found having one you can clip to your lanyard or handbag is even better so I got this one from Home Bargains for under a pound. The wipes are also from Home Bargains and will be handy for trips to 'those' festival portaloos. Nice soft lips is something I always aim for and being outside all day (whether in the sun or cold) can be tough on them. This nivea lip salve was a bargain from poundland and had a lovely light pink colour.

I've never found I needed to carry my ticket around with me but it will be in my bag for getting through the gates. I also will carry all my money on me - it would be the easiest thing something would steal from your tent and it should be safer in a zip compartment in my bag. Last but not least I will carry my ID with me because no matter how old you look everyone gets ID'd to buy drink at a festival and it wouldn't be the same without a cider. I choose to take my young scot card rather than my driving licence because if I lost that my learning to drive with stop... before it has properly started.

I couldn't be more excited right now - I just have to pick the clothes I'm taking then stuff everything into my huge backpack. We are leaving about 8am tomorrow morning but I won't sleep a wink tonight.

What do you think of my festival bag? I'd love to know what you would do differently.

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T in the Park - Packing

Tuesday, July 7

Tenerife 2015 | Holiday Outfit Diary

Top: Primark | Shorts: Peacocks | Flip Flops: Birkenstock
My holiday photos from Tenerife are some of my favourites ever. I've already got loads printed for my new album so I'll have fun filling that in the coming weeks and looking back at the memories. I actually bought very little for this trip because I didn't have alot of money so bar these shorts and my swimwear nothing is new.

These shorts from Peacocks were the best buy ever - I bought them a couple of days before we left and I had them on A LOT. Lucky they paired perfectly with this coral top which was lovely and lightweight for walking on hot days.

Left - Bikini: Monki via ASOS | Right - Dress: Ditsy Knits via TK Maxx
I knew I had to have this bikini as soon as I saw it. It was the perfect colour and a bargain price from ASOS too. I loved the high waisted style on me and it was perfect for the beach. I wish I could wear it again sooner.

I've had this cute knitted dress from TK Maxx for year but have never had the opportunity to wear it properly. Even though this picture doesn't show it off best it is perfect for throwing over swimwear or just a quick trip to the shop.

Dress: H&M | Necklace: Accessories
You've seen this H&M dress before but this was our final meal in Tenerife on the Saturday night with a delicious cocktail. The pretty daisy necklace I'm wearing is now in the sale for £3!

Left - Dress: H&M | Sandals: New Look | Right - Co-ord: ASOS | Sandals: New Look
The same H&M dress but I think this was on another evening - being able to go out without tights on was a rare luxury for me.

I bought this co-ord last October/November and waited ages for the weather to be warm enough to wear it. You can't see it so well in this photos but it has lovely coral bands through it. Sadly you can't get it anymore on the ASOS website but I love it so much it will feature in another OOTD post soon. It went great with my New Look sandals too which became very comfy for all the walking we did. This is what I wore out 'Clubbing' and got told by a man who was hitting on me (while my boyfriend sat beside me) I was overdressed for Las Americas! I didn't really care...

Top: New Look | Shorts: Peacocks | Handbag: New Look
My final look with my favourite shorts and also this embroidered top from New Look which is the perfect summer item.

I am so really to go back already and I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I wore. If you want to see more of my photos from the holiday have a look at my 'A Postcard from Tenerife' post. 

I'm off to T in the Park on Friday and was wondering what type of 'Festival Themed' you would like to see.

Monday, July 6

My week in pictures #127

(From top left) A photo I took of the beautiful sunset on Monday night on my phone. My mum bought me this stunning rain coat from the Fat Face sale as a late birthday present. We got the keys for our new flat on Wednesday - I'm still looking for the perfect keyring. Dinner at Ask Italian also on Wednesday was delicious (I had the chicken and mushroom risotto). I ordered these magnets from Sticky 9 as a late birthday present for Scott - you can use the code FRIEND11MGO to get 15% off your first order. I spent most of Saturday afternoon scrapbooking and looking at photos.
Since getting back last week my motivation for blogging (and most other things to be honest) has been zero hence why this post is 24 hours late and Saturdays was up barely before midnight. Today I failed at finding a driving instructor too - I'm making it so difficult.

The start of the week feels so long ago now - it was mostly spent unpacking my holiday clothes and putting them in the washing. Then I started packing to go to Aberdeen on Wednesday. We were going to move into our new flat and spend the first night there together. However when we got there we discovered the flat hasn't been cleaned... and it was bad! We couldn't settle or unpacked so we decided not to spend the night.

To make up for our crappy day I went out for tea at Ask Italian with Eilidh and her mum. I'd never been before but after the three course meal I will definitely be back. We then went shopping and back to Eilidh's aunties for a sleepover. After letting the cleaners into our flat we went to the beach on Thursday afternoon for a picnic. It was a fantastic day and when we went back to the flat again it was perfectly clean.

After an exhausting day in Aberdeen I got the train home with Scott. The first thing I did when I got in was jump in a hot shower then we made nachos for tea. Perfect!

I spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening scrapbooking. I bought a new album so I have loads of room for new photos. I have also ordered new prints from Snapfish to fill my holiday album. I saw Scott again on Sunday - we went to Dundee and did some shopping in TK Maxx, dunelm mill and Tesco (the perfect old people day out).

I am more on top of blog posts this week so there should be two new ones on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm off to T in the Park on Friday and was wondering what type of 'Festival Themed' you would like to see. Please leave me a comment and in the mean time give me a follow on Instagram.

Saturday, July 4

A Postcard from Tenerife 2015

Coming into land over Tenerife was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. You could see the whole island tiny beneath you and I was dying to land and spend the week in paradise. It really was paradise - I slept so well every night and woke up not believing we had another day to spend exploring.

Most days we went out walking in the morning around costa adeje then back to our balcony for a lunch of salad, fresh bread, cheese and salami. In the afternoon we would lie beside the pool going for a dip when it got too hot then back to our room to get ready for dinner. We eat in some really good places - both Spanish style (I had the most amazing paella) and more American style restaurants. Cocktails on the roof of the pretty impressive hardrock cafe building was a highlight for me.

Towards the end of the week we took the bus to an area along the coast called Los Cristianos and walked back in the 30°+ heat. Obviously stopping for drinks along the way - Scott also taught me how to play pool and now all I have to do is get good enough to beat him. We also went out one night 'clubbing' in Las Americas for Scott's birthday. That was an experience and very different from nights out in Aberdeen. I couldn't spend a whole week drinking cheap vodka though.

The highlight for me though was probably Siam Park. We went on the Wednesday right in the middle of our holiday and spent from 11am to almost 6pm on the slides. Scott had to bully me onto the first ride... I was really scared and almost walked back down in a tearful huff telling him not to be so mean to me. After that though I loved it and went on all the 'amber' rides and 'The Giant' was a particular favourite. Both Scott and I loved the wave pool too which was scary and exciting. It boasts the largest artificial waves in the world at 3m which is pretty intense when you in the middle of it in deep water!

I could go on and on about Tenerife all day as my first adult holiday it will always have a special place in my heart. I'm already excited to go back even if it won't be for a few years yet.

Come back next week for an outfit diary too - they are some of my favourite photos!