Tuesday, October 18

A Happy Kind of Casual with Twinkle Deals

Top: Twinkle Deals* | Leggings: Golddigga via SportsDirect | Boots: F&F at Tesco | Hat: Primark
Leggings used to be a staple in my wardrobe - then the pair I had got a whole in them and I didn't replace them. A few months ago I was in sports direct looking at gym clothes (because I do that now) and felt these super soft black leggings. Golddigga isn't a brand I would normally consider but they are so soft, feel really thick and were only £5 so I could hardly turn them down.

This top was the second thing to arrive in my parcel from Twinkle Deals. During the colder months 3/4 sleeve tops like this are a staple in my wardrobe. They can be worn with jeans and skirts, are thin enough to wear comfortably under jumpers. My boyfriend says I smile alot so when I saw this top it kind of reminded me of him. Who doesn't like to be happy?

Again this raglan sleeve tee is a bargain from Twinkle Deals at only £8.29 and you can't fault the quality. I dressed it up slightly with my fedora that I definitely don't get to wear enough and black high heeled boots. I was actually hope this weekend so didn't have a lot of choice with footwear but maybe a longer pair of boots would look better?

Once again, from my experience, I couldn't recommend Twinkle Deals more for quick, affordable, on trend pieces. Have you seen anything from their site you like?

Monday, October 17

My week in pictures #192

(From top left) A missed delivery card... the bain of a bloggers life! Mum bought me new gym leggings from George at Asda. I love all the things in the Country Rose range at the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. Scott's homemade curry for tea on Saturday night.
Once again my week started off with Yoga at the sports center. I'm really starting to enjoy my early starts to Monday. Afterwards I spent most of the afternoon doing revision for a class test we had on Thursday. After class and the gym on Tuesday I got back to studying the remainder of the afternoon. Annoying apart from a trip to university on Wednesday all I did was study for this geology mid-term. 

Scott arrived just as I was at breaking point, I'd already made chilli so we went to the supermarket to get nachos. Really I just needed out of the flat... We then eat tea, watched Hells Kitchen USA then got an early night. 

The mid-term test went pretty well on Thursday morning and I was happy with my mark. I ran back to the flat afterwards hoping to catch the postie but I missed my Apricot clothing parcel by a whole hour... I had to get everything ready to leave the flat for the weekend though. After class I headed straight into town to meet Scott. At home mum made pizza for dinner and we chilled in front of the fire. 

Relatively free of uni work on Friday I was able to take some outfit posts for my blog and help mum with some cleaning (I swear everytime I come home for the weekend my mum treats me like I’ve not cleaned in weeks). In the afternoon I had my flu jag at the doctors which was sore but nothing too bad then mum and I practised driving for a few hours.

My first driving lesson in months was on Saturday morning. I was so so so pleased my instructor thought it went well. I was worrying I'd forgotten all the little things you need to do. In the afternoon I went to Scott's, mum and dad were off on holiday, so I planned to stay Saturday and Sunday night. The weather was awful on Saturday so we didn't leave the house really and I ended up in bed early again because I wasn't feeling great. 

On Sunday the weather was a little better so we headed to Dundee for the day. Despite looking for somethings there was nothing I fancied but Scott did pick up some things for the kitchen. At home we made pizza for tea and started watching the apprentice. We went to bed before I was properly tired because we had to get up at 5am... it sucks when your boyfriend starts work early!

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Friday, October 14

Mustard for Autumn with Twinkle Deals

Blouse: Twinkle Deals* | Skirt: New Look | Boots: Marco Tozzi | Scarf: Primark
Every year autumn comes around and every year I want everything in my wardrobe to be burnt orange and mustard. So naturally when I spotted this blouse on Twinkle Deals website I added it straight to my basket. When it arrived I knew at once what I wanted to wear with it - this tapestry skirt has been a staple in my wardrobe now for so long. I

The cute ruffled sleeves make this blouse for me - I like my clothes to be girly and pretty. It's a shame I didn't notice that the black ribbon on the back wasn't done up properly until it was too late. I also wish it has slightly longer sleeves which would be better for the cold days we've been having recently. In an attempt to warm this outfit up I wore my huge blanket scarf because it is also lovely and autumnal. I also threw on my winter coat for a day at uni on Thursday. 

The only thing I would note about the blouse is it is quite small made. I ordered a large when really I'm a medium and it just fits. At £6.10 it is a bargain and well worth the money. 

Have you ever bought anything from Twinkle Deals before? What do you think of this blouse for Autumn?