Friday, August 26

A Postcard from Keswick

After our holiday in Orlando at the start of the summer I didn't really plan on going anywhere else for a while however Scott was keen to go camping. It was really great to spend so much time outdoors, without internet and doing something so different. I like being outside but always seem to get lost in other things.

We mostly choose the lake district because it was 'too far' from home and I'd never been there. The camping and caravan site at Keswick is so pretty - it's like a postcard! We managed to get the tent up in relatively dry weather on Saturday but the rest of the night was very rainy. Luckily the next night was much better so we could cook our chilli outside but it did start to rain later on so we played cards in the tent. The final night of our stay was glorious - just the way you imagine camping being. We drank wine and cooked burgers on the BBQ. Basically just soaked up as much sun as we could.

On day number one we hopped in the car and after discovering Malam was much farther than Scott realised (I don't know why he didn't find out) we drove to White Scar Caves in Ingleton. The Geology geek inside me found them fascinating but Scott loved it too. The tour takes around 80 minutes so you're in the caves for quite a while but the time passed so quickly. Our guide was able to tell us about the different features and how the caves were discovered in 1923.

There were a few small spaces and low ceilings on the mile walk but nothing too difficult. The only thing about being in a big group is not being able to take as many photo as I'd like... I also don't have any of me in the hard hat! Much needed when you frequently bump your head. 

On the way back to the campsite we stopped for a walk at lake Windermere. We were only there for about an hour but it is so pretty I couldn't resist taking some photos. If we'd had more time I would have loved to see it by boat too.

The lake the campsite is on the banks of is the Derwentwater and was definitely the highlight of my stay. On the final day we found a guide online for walking all the way round so expecting it to take us around 5 hours we set off. Somehow we managed to get lost twice, including a long stretch up a hill because Scott was sure that was where we were supposed to go, so we just short of half we round before we decided to turn back.

The views all the way round were beautiful and it was the best day so far with lovely sunny skies. I have lots and lots of snaps so it was hard to narrow them down. We arrived back at the tent just before tea time feeling happily tired and ready for some food.

I enjoyed everything about our stay in Keswick, despite the rain, wet grass, moving tent pitches because they were worried about flooding. All the staff at the campsite were so friendly and helpful - I've read a few negative reviews on tripadvisor but from my experience were so unjustified. 

The day we left was so warm I insisted we walk into Keswick one last time to get some ice cream from Casa Bella which was yummy. I could easily have staying in Keswick for longer but we had two nights booked in Newcastle so it was time to leave.

Sunday, August 21

My week in pictures #184

(From top left) Getting goosebumps watching the last night of the track cycling on Tuesday. Scott brought me home some tea from Azerbaijan. This very pretty dish was a gift from my flatmates holiday in italy. I'm so bloody proud of this pizza cake - made for Eilidh's 21st birthday. Curly hair and big smiles going out for dinner on Thursday. Packing to go camping on Friday night.   
As you're reading this I should be having a great time camping in the lake district and hopefully going on nice long walks. There is also a good chance we will be wet, cold and miserable but we shall see. I'm preparing this post on Friday night so it still goes live on time and it has been a good week.

The start of the week was slightly dedicated to planning my flatmate's birthday cake. I went into town to buy ingredients and played around with colouring the fondant icing a 'pizza dough' colour. We spent the evening having dinner in the living room so we didn't miss any of the action in the track cycling. On Tuesday we had tea in the living room again so we could catch the last night of the cycling. Watching Laura Trott and Jason Kenny win their medals made me feel very emotional. I don't know what is so special about Laura Trott but she is someone who I find very aspirational. 

Wednesday was a super busy day for me. I had to make Eilidh's cake then pack my bags for going away. In the process I slightly trashed the kitchen so I was running out of time and chucking stuff in my bag for going to Aberdeen. Scott came to get me because he was just home from Baku, once in town we walked to the pub where we had a couple of drinks before heading home to order a takeaway. 

As Scott had put such long hours in at work we had a longer lie on Thursday before he drove me to the flat. I had a birthday breakfast with Eilidh, went shopping with her family, got reading and had a lovely family meal at Jamie's Italian. The photos are some of my favourites ones ever - I'm such a sentimental person. Afterwards we had a few too many drinks including a midnight trip to McDonalds. Trust me I woke up feel very worse for wear!

Friday was easy, my flatmates family came round to say goodbye. Then we had showers and got ready for the day. In the afternoon we got the bus into town because I was meeting Scott to pick up some last minute camping things. Once I got home much later in the evening I started to pack everything although I've still not packed clothes. Tomorrow will be an early start because I've still got so much to do. 

I'm leaving my laptop behind while we are away so I will update you all when we are back. If you can't wait that long give me a follow on Instagram (@ginger_claire) where I'll post updates.

Sunday, August 14

My week in pictures #183

(From top left) I made s'mores cupcakes from Tanya Bakes on Monday - they were very yummy! Tea on Wednesday was Mexican Tomato Jumble with Spiced Citrus Chicken from HelloFresh. Helping mum is the garden and we got to burn lots of sticks on the fire too. After many nights of work I've finally finished my Orlando Holiday scrapbook. Breakfast in the greenhouse on Saturday morning. Camping essentials and a couple of treats from the Accessories sale while shopping on Saturday.
I can't believe how quickly the holiday as passing and this week was no exception. I've not done a lot this week though just planning for the rest of the holidays. 

On Monday I got together the things I needed to make s'mores cupcakes. In the end I decided not to add the marshmallow topping but they were still delicious. I couldn't recommend Tanya Bakes anymore really. I got up on Wednesday and helped mum clear more sticks in the garden. It is more fun when you get to put the smaller ones on the fire. 

Later than evening, once I'd had a shower to get rid of the smoke, I went to meet Scott. We cooked a delicious mexican dish for tea and watched Masterchef until bedtime. Thursday and Friday were pretty quiet at home. I took the dogs for a walk on Friday evening while mum and dad were out. 

On Friday, however, I got some less than great news. Scott has had to go to Azerbaijan last minute for work so it will be over a week until I next see him. I always worried for him when he flies to that part of the world. He also had to wait in the airport for hours today - I really feel bad for him.

I was excited for Saturday though because mum and I went on our first girly shopping day in ages. I had to buy my flatmate a birthday present so it seemed like the perfect excuse. I don't have much money at the moment though so I had to be good. Tiger sadly didn't have any of the things I put in Wednesdays wishlist. I did get a couple of things in the accessorize sale and a pair of sandals for camping. Please with what I bought my flatmate for her birthday too.

Without my boyfriend at the weekend I've felt pretty lost and not sure what to do on my own. Sunday had been a lazy day, I've made a checklist for camping and looked at more restaurants in Newcastle. 

Needless to say I've watched ALOT of the olympics this week. The track cycling is definitely my favourite but I also enjoy the swimming, gymnastics and diving. I'll pretty much watch whatever is on and that is what I'll just keep doing for the rest of Sunday. 

On Saturday I played around with Instagram stories - do you think I should use it more? You can follow me @ginger_claire.

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