Monday, May 22

My week in pictures #223

(From top left) On Tuesday evening we went to a talk about moths at Dundee Uni. Dundee looking very tropical in the sunshine. Delicious nachos at Cafe Kisa in Auchterarder while visiting my aunty. Some little treats from TK Maxx including these cute pins. A selfie before we left for the ceilidh on Saturday night. Homemade king prawn curry for tea on Sunday was just the fresh taste we were craving. 
I started Monday morning at my boyfriends - it was pouring outside but that didn't stop me from browsing the charity shops to see if I could find two books I've been searching for before going home. I got lots of blog related things done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so it felt good to be under control again. 

On Tuesday mum persuaded us to go to a talk about moths at Dundee Uni in the evening. It was interesting... but the people there were very nerdy! On Wednesday I got the bus to my boyfriends again and we made a delicious Katsu Curry for dinner.

My plan on Thursday was to get the train straight to Perth around lunch time to meet my Aunt and Uncle. We had some lunch and hoped to go shopping in the afternoon but unfortunately my Aunt didn't feel well so headed home earlier than planned. I did managed to get my eyebrows done before leaving town - but getting them threaded for the first time in ages was painful!

To make up for the previous day we headed back into the shops on Friday, had a browse round the charity shops and lunch at Cafe Kisa in Auchterarder before going to TK Maxx in Perth. I didn't see any clothes I liked for my holiday but my aunty bought me some pretty nail polishes and pins. We left just in time for me to get the train back home.

I've been excited for Saturday for months because my boyfriend and I were going to a ceilidh (and I got to wear my favourite Girls on Film jumpsuit). You might have caught a little on my Instagram Stories but ceilidh dancing is one of my favourite things - especially when people compliment me on my steps. We both had such a good night and I can remember getting home too!

Sunday was so lazy, while we woke up at a sensible 9am we stayed in bed and chatted then some how fell asleep again and didn't wake up until 12pm!? We had a delicious cooked breakfast then headed to tesco to get the ingredients for the king prawn curry we were making for tea. All we did for the rest of the day was sit on the sofa watching James Bond before it was time for Scott to give me a lift home.

It is only one week now until we are off to Tenerife and this weekend we are also going to the Scottish Cup final in Glasgow - COYR!

This week on G is for Gingers: Giving Hello Fresh a Taste #2Cactus Print Summer Dress

Thursday, May 18

Cactus Print Summer Dress

Dress: Monteau Los Angeles via TK Maxx | Boots: JD Williams* | Bag: Zaful* | Necklace: Accessorize 
I spotted this dress just last week in my local TK Maxx - just two days later I was in a different TK Maxx when I spotted it again. After trying it on and showing my mum (that was tactical) she treated me to it. If me sharing my flowering cactus on Instagram last week was anything to go by then you lot love them just as much as me. I say cactus print but maybe this dress is more house plant themed - doesn't sound as good thing! 

I did next to no styling here... upon opening my wardrobe I noticed that my favourite brown boots went really well with the plant pots in this dress. My daisy earring and beads round my neck finished this look off. I've worn this look today to go visit my Aunty and do some shopping. I'm pretty sure it is going to make it into my suitcase for going to Tenerife too. 

I think TK Maxx will still have this dress in stock in the Modbox section but I also found a very similar one from La Redoute.

See the last time I styled these awesome boots - Easy Winter Fat Face Knitwear and Levis

On a side note please excuse the bruises on my legs... I bruise REALLY easily and it is quite embarrassing really. This dress wouldn't look as good with dark tights. Now excuse me while I go and wrap myself in bubble wrap until I go on holiday.

Tuesday, May 16

Giving Hello Fresh a Taste #2

My second Hello Fresh box arrived almost a year after I got my first one. Not intentionally just life has been passing so quickly. However, my first week in back in Aberdeen after the Easter break seemed like the perfect time. It arrived on Sunday lunchtime packed with five delicious meals for the following week - I had high hopes for this box.

Sri Lankan Spiced Cod with Fruity Freekeh
We choose this as our first meal because my other half and I are both fish lovers. Even though it was weeks ago we cooked it I can still remember how delicious it tasted. I'd never had Freekeh before but it is a grain somewhere in between cous cous and rice. The addition of cranberries really lifted the flavour. Definitely one I'll make again!

Korean Chicken Drumsticks with Black Rice and Cucumber Pickle
This dish was just as delicious as the first. Everything went together so well and complimented each other. It was fairly easy to achieve on my own and I chucked the other two chicken drumsticks in the freezer to have the following week. All flavours I loved so I'll be recreating this again soon.

Creamy Risotto with Bacon, Chilli and Butternut Squash
I did a sort of 'cook along' with this recipe on my Instagram Stories but it did take the longest to complete (maybe risotto always does). I had the peel the butternut squash even though the recipe says not to because the skin spoils the dish for me. The flavours were so worth the time though - it was amazing. I put the second portion in the fridge ready for lunch the next day.

Mexican Broth with Spicy Beef and Beans
I must confess I didn't really make this recipe - I'm was cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes while my other half make it. The flavours were really similar to chili but I liked the broth aspect, the potatoes made it nice and filling and the crunchy tortillas were tasty too. Not my favourite of the box but I still really enjoyed it.

Rosemary Glazed Chicken with Mash and Buttered Leeks
I was sort of saving the best til last with this one because I really love mashed tatties and leeks. This dish didn't disappoint either. The rosemary glaze not only flavored the chicken but also created a lovely, sweet gravy for the potatoes and leeks. As soon as I figure out where to buy rosemary jelly I'll be making this one again.

I got my box at 50% off because I spotted a voucher code on Facebook which made it come to £24.50. At this price it is great value but being a student I couldn't afford the full £50 (although I would consider halving it if I knew we both liked everything). I know Hello Fresh have worked with a few bloggers recently but I wanted to share my experience as someone who has now paid for two boxes.

My favourite thing about the boxes is they take away the need to plan five meals for the week and instead of making the same things over and over you get to try (and keep) five new recipe cards.

All these recipes (and many more) can be found on the Hello Fresh website so there really is no excuse not to try something new. 

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