Monday, January 22

My week in pictures #253

(from top left) Burgers at The Bobbin to celebrate handing in my dissertation on Monday. Adulting on Tuesday when I finally got round to clearing out my cupboards. New books to read during the rest of January from the library. We watched 'Big Little Lies' this week and I really enjoyed it despite not realising it was based on the Liane Moriarty book I've already read. Another recipe for Jamie Oliver's Five Things book - flaky pesto pesto chicken. A cheeky Papa John's to finish off the week.  
My week started with a McDonald's breakfast while I did a final read over of my dissertation. I finally handed it in after getting in bound in the afternoon and it was such a relief to have it finished. I was so tired in the evening we decided to go and get tea at our local pub before coming home to crash into bed early.

The rest of the week was spent catching up on all the little jobs I meant to do before the Christmas holidays but didn't feel well enough for/did have time to do. I also made it to the gym on Thursday and fate rewarded me with the whole Aberdeen FC team to watch while I was running. 

Classes haven't started back fully but I know it is going to be a busy semester so I will happily take the time to be lazy. On Wednesday I treated myself to an afternoon of shopping and on Saturday I went with my flatmate to see 'The Greatest Showman' in the cinema. It was such a good feel good film and I'd 100% recommend it. 

On Saturday evening and Sunday morning I got hooked working on a little blog refresh for it's fifth birthday. What do you think? There are some small changes I would like to make but I'm really happy with how the banner turned out in the end. The rest of Sunday was spent with my boyfriend - we had a wander round the shops then ordered a Papa Johns for tea and catch up on Silent Witness. 

This is going to be a busy week ahead but I'm really looking forward to it.  

This week on G is for Gingers: A Postcard from Budapest

Thursday, January 18

A Postcard from Budapest

At the end of December, after Christmas and before dissertation stress, my boyfriend and I jetted off to Budapest for new year. We flew from Aberdeen to London then onto Budapest. Despite long delays in London we arrived late Friday night ready to get up and explore on Saturday morning. 

I had downloaded Lonely Planet Budapest for my ipad before we left so had a pretty clear idea of everything I would like to see. On the first day alone we visited the 'Great Market Hall' and had a walk across the river to Budapest castle and Fishermans Bastillon for the views over the city. 

In the evening we almost failed at finding somewhere for tea because it didn't occur to us we might have to book, a lot of steps later and some tense words we found an italian on the main street that was delicious. 

On our second day, New Years Eve, we headed north from our hotel walking through the Jewish Quarter to the 'Szechenyi Thermal Bath' and even though we didn't go in the entrance was impressive enough. We then stumbled upon Heroes Square as the sun was setting. By that point we'd we'll passed our steps target and got a taxi back to the hotel for a power nap.

In the evening we pre-booked Jamie's Pizzeria in this really cool part of town with lots of restaurants. It was one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten out so I'd definitely recommend that. Afterwards we found a pub for a few drinks before heading to a square to bring in the new year surround my people are fireworks. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel via the river which was beautiful - the best new year I've ever had. 

On our final day I was determined to see the parliament building but apart from that it was pretty chilled. We had breakfast at 'Astor Food Room' and just did some general exploring trying to take as much of this awesome city in as possible. 

In the evening we booked 'Trófea Grill Restaurant' which was an all you can eat (and drink) buffet style restaurant with lots of Hungarian food. Perfect if you want to try things without commiting and the deserts were amazing... it didn't stop me from having a Hungarian chimney cake on the way back to the hotel though. 

Honestly Budapest is probably the best city I've ever been too. I can't quite put my finger on it but there was so much to see and the atmosphere on the freezing cold days was lovely. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Now where would you recommend for next new year?

Tuesday, January 16

My week in pictures #252

(from top left) Early last week I finished the fair copy map for my dissertation which was one weight off my mind. On Wednesday my boyfriend and I made a delicious chicken and veggie dish from his hellofresh box. Mum and I took advantage of the late night shopping in Dundee on Thursday to spend some quality time together. Our little new year tradition of some inexpensive treats in the Accessorize sale (plus a diary from Tiger). 
Last week would have been work work work if I hadn't also been insured to drive the car. With just one week left I really felt the pressure working on my dissertation. Thank goodness for my dad who is always around to help with formatting and layout of posters and my mum who is an ace proofreader - definitely couldn't have done it without them. 

On Wednesday evening I drove to Scott's and we made tea together. It was nice to spend the evening getting away from uni work and starting the new series of Silent Witness. I was back home early Thursday though to keep working. By Friday evening though I had my poster printed and I made chicken tagine with dates and orzo from nadiya hussain’s cookbook.

Then by Saturday evening I was more or less done with the report too so after tea mum and I settled down to watch the second part of the miniaturist. I must admit to being a little disappointed by the ending... I felt like it was lacking a little bit when the first half was so good.

Sunday morning was spent proof reading and adding some final figures into my report. Then I packed my bag and went to spend the right at my boyfriends because he was giving my a lift to Aberdeen early monday morning. In plenty time for my first lecture of the semester and handing in my dissertation.

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