Thursday, February 15

Spectra - Aberdeen's Festival of Light 2018

This past weekend we went into Aberdeen city centre to check out the 2018 Spectra festival. I've been excited about this event for a while after loving last years installations. So once it was dark and the temperatures below zero we headed into town to check out the three locations at Union Terrace Gardens, St. Nicholas Kirk and Marischal College. 

Union Terrace Gardens had some really cool interactive exhibits including the Vivendimultiplex (bike race) and the Lateral Office (big light-up seesaws). I also really enjoyed all the UV art and the domed made some cool photos. 

We didn't get the most out of St. Nicholas Kirk which is a shame because their installation last year was my favourite. We missed the queue for going inside the kirk and as it was so cold we decided against going back and joining the end again. 

Finally we made it along to the centre of Marischal College to see the impressive projections on the building which were mesmerising and in the dark the lightening looked so real. Again we missed out here again because the queue to go inside was twenty five minutes, we hadn't had our tea yet and the rain was threatening so we decided it was time to warm up again. 

Hopefully they will but on an equally good event next year but sadly for me it fell a little bit short this year. We still had a good evening though and took some cool photos.

Tuesday, February 13

Fluffy Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

I've not shared a pancake recipe on my blog since my first year of blogging. The photos leave a lot to be deserved but it is still my favourite crepe recipe. This year I decided to do something a little different and make fluffy pancakes. This recipe doesn't involve any tossing instead you just pop the lid on the pan.

You will need:

1 cup of flour                                1 table spoon of baking powder
1 cup of warmed milk                40g of melted butter
1 egg

Sift the flower and baking powder into a bowl then in another bowl whisk together the butter, milk and eggs yokes. In a third bowl (I promise this is the last bowl) beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. 

Gently incorporate the dry and wet ingredients stirring until well combined then hold in the eggs whites. Do this carefully so you don't knock the air out of them. 

Put a large scoop of the mixture into a pan (around 20cm although this doesn't really matter) and put a lid on it. They will take around 3-5 minutes to cook but you'll know when a tooth pick comes out clean. 

Serve the way you like them with maple syrup, honey, fruit or like I did with Meridian Cocoa and Peanut Butter. Enjoy!

Favourite pancake recipes from other bloggers: Foodie Quine's Cadbury Creme Egg Pancakes |

Monday, February 12

My week in pictures #256

(from top left) This week we watched all eight episodes of Delicious which I really enjoyed. Finally found somewhere to get my haircut in Aberdeen so I'm much happier with the length now. On Saturday evening I dragged my boyfriend down to see the Spectra festival (a blog post will follow later this week) which was also good. The Scotland game on Sunday was tense but we redeemed ourselves after last week. 
I've managed to get lots done this week, after coming back to Aberdeen on Monday morning I had a busy day of uni followed by a gym day (or morning) on Tuesday. I went along to Body Balance for the first time which was hard and left me very sore the next day but I've booked to go back next week already. 

Wednesday was busy at uni too but I still made it along to Zumba in the afternoon before making risotto for tea with Scott in the evening. On Thursday I managed uni in the morning and the gym at lunch time so I felt like I'd made good effort for the week. 

I ended up in uni until 6pm on Friday because I didn't realised how much work an assessment we were given involved but afterwards I went food shopping, made lasagna for tea and caught up with McMafia. 

On Saturday I finally went to get my haircut and although the weather was awful I was in such a good mood. In the afternoon Scott came round, we went to see Spectra in the evening and picked up a curry on the way home. Sunday was a very lazy day and we only left the house to get food then after we watched the rugby I made a frozen bannoffe cheesecake for dessert. Another lovely weekend spent with my boyfriend to set me up for the week.