Thursday, June 22

Falling in Love with a Paisley Print Maxi Dress

Dress: Boohoo | Shoes: Caprice | Necklace: Happiness Boutique* |  Bracelets: Accessorize

I really wanted a maxi dress for going on holiday so after consulting Twitter I ordered two from boohoo in the hope I'd like one. This one surprised me and actually when I sent the other one back (it was too big for me) this one crew on me even more.

I wore it on our final night in Tenerife but I don't feel like the time I had it on justified how gorgeous it is. I want to wear it again so badly. The colour and pattern are so me and I love the fit too. The sleeves aren't too tight and the shoulders sit nicely in a bardot style.

It has been a while since I bought something from boohoo but I must remember them again in the future. I'm currently away on a geology field trip where the Internet it almost non existent. I'm missing social media but I'm keeping my Instagram updated with pictures of rocks.

Tuesday, June 20

Places To Eat in Costa Adeje Tenerife

There are hundreds of places to eat in Costa Adeje, from cheap english style cafes along the beach to sophisticated cocktail bars. Scott and I like to eat out but it can feel overwhelming when you first arrive. Some of the places on this list we've been to before but others were chosen mainly with the help of tripadvisor as we were relaxing in the late afternoon. All are aimed towards tourists but we had some great meals (and cocktails) while we were on holiday.


The Hard Rock Cafe is a massive tourist hotspot but my holiday wouldn't be complete without a visit. It was jumping when we arrived so we had cocktails on their rooftop bar before our meal. The food was delicious as normal and we both loved the burgers we choose.

I had the banana berry colada to start our evening. Followed by the Tennessee BBQ burger and a port of mischief cocktail.

Mostly I love the building which is seriously impressive and from the toilets you get a view of the new Hard Rock Hotel which also looks seriously cool. 


A similar American style restaurant - Scott and I both loved Harley's. Much closer to our hotel it had a delicious menu full of burgers, tex-mex and an extensive list of cocktails.

I opted for the chilli cheese dog with potato wedges. It looks massive but missing out some of the bread I almost finished it. I washed it down with a cocktail - I can't remember which one but I really enjoyed it.

Plus the vintage cars outside are pretty awesome.


A second chain restaurant a trip to Tenerife wouldn't be complete without is Tony Roma's. I visited for two years ago and we also went to the branch in Orlando last year.

I was burgered out by this point so I opted for their classic baby back ribs with fried prawns. Both were mouth wateringly delicious and I enjoyed having something more than just ribs on my plate. Scott has the same but with fried chicken.

You can see a theme here with cocktails - this time I think it was a bahama mama which was tasty. We left feeling full and very sleepy.


We visited Azar the last time we were on holiday and I still remembered how delicious their paellas were. Plus it is right on the beach so the views of the sunset are amazing.

So this time we both had one - mine was just fish while Scott's was fish and meat. In hindsight I wish I'd chosen that one because there was starting to get alot of fish in mine.

Washed down with a bottle of red wine it was another great meal of our holiday. It's just a shame we didn't have time to visit again. 


When Scott said he fancied an indian on our first night I was sceptical but went a lot with his suggestion. 

Right away their host was friendly and made us laugh. The two curries, rice and naan bread were all delicious. I couldn't fault it and I've had alot of curries. 

We enjoyed it so much we came back a second time near the end of our holiday. The host remembered us which was a nice touch and the food was equally good. We choose an even better bottle of wine (one we enjoyed so much we bought a couple of bottles home).


This was one of the stand out meals of the holiday for me. Sat right on the beach promenade watching the sun setting over the sea.

I had a hurricane cocktail which was a well needed refreshment. Craving pasta I chose the seafood tagliatelle. It was delightfully rich and filling.

The staff in limoncello were attentive but not overpowering. The waiter didn't judge when I was trying to take the arty photo at the start of this post either.


A pizza take-away on holiday seems to be a bit of a tradition now. After reading some tripadvisor reviews we choose Roy's Pizza who delivered straight to our hotel.

I picked the pizza on recommendation from tripadvisor too and loved it. Pollo Barbacoa was fresh tasting.

Is there anywhere better to eat pizza than in your jammies, outside on your own balcony. Who didn't say we were classy people?

This post is a slightly different format to my normal posts - hopefully you enjoyed it. Please leave me a comment below!

Sunday, June 18

My week in pictures #226

(From top left) Sunsets have been great this week - a view from my bedroom window. Spending some quality time with my best pal. A little field trip haul from Mountain Warehouse on Friday. My first homemade cocktail - it was pretty good so I'll be making it again soon. I finished the third season of the flash with tears in my eyes. A walk up the glens on Friday with my boyfriend.
This week has been great even if they weather didn't start off amazing it certainly ended well. We've had the sunniest weekend so I've been outside a lot. On Monday morning my mum insured my to drive the car for the first time since January. Instead of being nervous I was excited to get back behind the wheel. Our first trip was a little one into town and the supermarket - followed by a longer one the next day. 

I've also been trying to catch up on blog work this week - write two posts for this week then two for next week when I'm away on my field trip. This has gone surprisingly well even though I've felt so rushed. On Wednesday I drove to Scotts by myself (it felt so good!) and we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. 

Thursday was an early start because Scott was getting new windows so the joiner arrived at 9am. After driving back I did very little for the rest of the day - I don't normally get bored but on Thursday I was definitely getting cabin fever. 

There was a little last minute field trip shopping I had to do so I drove to Dundee for the first time on Friday. Driving in a city was easier than I anticipated and I don't think my mum or dad could fault my driving. 

I managed to get everything I needed in mountain warehouse which left mum and I free to browse. We both managed to pick up the books we were looking for in the oxfam shop, I also got American Gods in The Works to read before the TV series. After we had lunch in the DCA before finishing our shopping and driving home.

Saturday I was up early because I was keen to see Scott. As the weather was glorious I pulled out my holiday clothes and we went to our favourite Glen Dye for a walk. Simply the best way to spend a Saturday. In the evening we made a curry and flicked through the rubbish Saturday night TV. I can see why we go to the pub so often... 

It was a slow start on Sunday but once we got outside we walked to Tesco for the food we needed then after a rest in the house we went for a long walk around the beach. We then drove to get ice cream which we couldn't eat fast enough. 

It has been a glorious weekend but now I need to pack, write another blog post and schedule tweets. My bedroom is currently 25° so it isn't making it very easy.

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