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Saturday, January 13

My annual outfit round up is one of my favourite posts of the year and looking back at 2023 I shared more pre-loved fashion that I have done before. Earlier in the year I started sewing again so this post features a few me made items. 

2023 was also the year I started Tracking My Wardrobe With Whering - I want to do a full round up of my stats in another blog post but I do think using the app has pushed me to make the most of my wardrobe. 

A New Me Made Dress and 2023 Make NineA Winter Coral Midi Skirt Outfit
I was excited to share my first me made dress in years on my blog. I got plenty of wear out of it too in winter and early spring when my dresses needed to be a bit warmer. Annoyingly it's got a hole in the collar where the stitching could have been better so I've got to do some repairs before I can wear it again. 

My coral pink skirt has been in my wardrobe for a few years and I've found it's a great workwear staple as well. Especially when I can wrap up warm in this perfectly matching jumper. 

Dark Green Boho Style DressMy Me Made Floral Paper Bag Skirt Three Ways
There have been a few new green items in my wardrobe last year (and um... my kitchen as well!) but I love the relaxed fit of this dress and it's baggy sleeves. It even got an outing as my Christmas Day dress with some sparkly jewellery. 

In the spring I made myself a floral skirt without a pattern but I wanted to show I was adding a versatile piece to my wardrobe by styling it three ways. Which reminds me I didn't get round to making a matching blouse for a co-ord set. 

The Trouser Suit I Didn't Know I Needed | Comfy Dusty Pink Dungarees
Back to work wear again and a blog post I titled 'the trouser suit I didn't know I needed' because honestly it wasn't something I thought about until I saw it in a charity shop and now I love wearing it. Not always with the jacket but it's a great option when I need to look smart. 

I'm not sure I'll ever stop wearing these comfy cotton dungarees as my summer uniform. I have a couple of pairs now and they are just so easy to wear pottering around on warm days or relaxing in the garden with a cider. 

A Dusky Pink Suede Jacket for AutumnThe Last Minute Christmas Party Outfit
An impulse buy on Vinted last year was this dusky pink jacket - I absolutely love it but since I bought it we've had the rainiest weather so it's hung in my wardrobe. Fingers crossed for a dry spring so it can be shown the love it deserves. 

Finally my last minute Christmas party outfit - while technically shared on the first of January it was technically supposed to be my final outfit of the year. Something I bought with the intention of reselling but I think I've fallen in love. 

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