Monday, April 25

My week in pictures #169

(From top left) On Tuesday Scott and I went to deliver SNP leaflets ahead of the election. I got lots of my hair chopped off - it feels so much thicker now. On Wednesday I made tea for my mum and dad following this hellofresh recipe. A quick dark, no cook chocolate cake to use up some leftover chocolate. Another hellofresh recipe I made with Scott on Sunday - delicious! To finish off the week Scott and I went to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at the AECC in Aberdeen.
This is the first week off I've had in ages so obviously I made the most of it. Mostly I just stayed at home and got stuff done before coming back to Aberdeen. I did manage to take LOADS of photos, upload to instagram every day, write two new blog posts and go out in the car a lot too. The majority of Monday was spent giving my room a really good tidy. Because I've just been running in and then rushing somewhere else again it got a little out of control. Luckily it is quite easily fixed. On Tuesday after my room was finally spotless and I had room to hoover I went to see Scott. I actually drove there which is always an experience for my mum. We did something a little different and got outside to deliver some SNP leaflets before coming back to watch modern family and make fajitas for tea. 

On Wednesday morning I walked to the high street to get the bus and it was the most glorious sunny day. I was going to the hair dresser in the afternoon and thinking about getting more than normal off. Even though I love having long princess hair it has been getting very unhealthy and straggly. It was a bit of a shock but I'm getting used to it now and hopefully my hair grows quickly. I made tea that evening and you can check out the results on my instagram. Thursday I basically did nothing... which I did feel quite guilty about. 

Friday was a good day because we went to Falkirk to visit my Grandma. We took her out for a delicious lunch after helping her with a few little job round the house. We then took her home and went to do a little shopping in stockbridge, Edinburgh before driving home. 

I finally had another driving lesson on Saturday morning and Tom was really happy with my improvement! I had loads to do though because I had to pack my suitcase and drive into town again to go to the chemist. My folks gave me a lift back to Aberdeen after lunch so I had time to unpack before Scott arrived for tea. We had plans to make something yummy and healthy... but ended up in KFC instead. Sunday was pretty lazy in the morning but once we finally got going we visited B&Q, Asda, the winter gardens at Duthie Park for a walk then The Range. Returning home with the new door mat I was pretty happy. We had tea which was a chicken and rice dish early. In the evening we had tickets to see Noel Gallagher Play at the AECC. This is the second time we've seen him this year and he doesn't disappoint. We had such a good night!

Hope everyone elses weeks have been good too! This week I've got to start studying properly and get into a routine. In the meanwhile give me a follow on Instagram and I'll follow back.   

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Thursday, April 21

A Postcard from Arran

If you caught my latest 'Week in Pictures' post then you'll know that I spent last week on the isle of Arran. I spent about 6 and a half hours traveling on Monday including two trains and a ferry ride. I'm going to keep this post quite short and let the photos speak for themselves. We spent five days doing fieldwork and visiting different parts of the island. It is a truly gorgeous part of Scotland and I was so lucky to be able to spend so many hours outside everyday. As we were doing so much work all these photos were taken on my phone rather than my DSLR - shout out to my friend Jack for helping me take better landscape photos though! Under each photo I'll let you know where we were incase you are interested.

Ferry approaching Brodick.
Glen Rosa // The Doon
Glen Rosa 
The Doon
View over Lochranza
North East Coast
North East Coast
Lochranza Castle
Lochranza Castle at night
Goodbye Arran

Tuesday, April 19

My 21st Birthday Presents

Every year I really enjoy collecting my birthday presents together and sharing them with you. Even though it has been 28 days since my birthday it takes me a while to get things together - mostly caused this year by my boyfriend who gave me his gift weeks after the day.

I've already posted lots about my birthday including my birthday 'Week in Pictures', 'Turning Twenty One' and 'A New Dress for my Birthday' so I will keep this introduction short. I had a great time on various different days and it always reinstates how much I love my family and friends.

The first gift I received on the morning of my birthday was from my flatmate Eilidh. These simple but very pretty earrings, a face mask and a cup. The teacup is so cute, instagrammable and blogworthy which I suspect is why she bought it for me.

Following on to one of the most special gifts I received - which I've had for just over a week now. This necklace was from my boyfriend Scott and he got it engraved with my initials and 21st birthday. The bottom stone is aquamarine, my birthstone, and the top one is Alexandrite which is Scott's birthstone. I'm all for something sentimental so really he couldn't have chosen much better. 

Unwrapping something from paperchase always makes me smile so my cousins definitely did a great job. Is it bad I can pick out the shop before it is even out of the wrapping? Photo albums always come in handy and I love creating scrapbooks. This necklace already featured in my 'A Simple Party Ready Navy Playsuit' outfit. Even though I would never have bought it for myself I love it. Finally I used the bath bomb yesterday and it made the whole room smell like strawberries.

Following with the birthstone trend these aquamarine earrings were from my boyfriend's parents. I've worn them pretty much solidly because the are so comfy I can sleep in them and pretty but plain for everyday wear.

More special jewelry to cherish. This very sparkly set came from my Aunty and Uncle - I really like the silver and rose gold hoops it is made up of. Who can resist a bit of s
parkle anyway? You might recognise this because I wore it in my 'A New Dress for my Birthday' look.

Finally my last present was one I was tinting to get for a while. I've been in dire need of a camera bag but hadn't really seen one I liked. My Dad hunted this one out and I love the colour, the stripes and the leather details. It wasn't a gift from my parents though as my aunty and uncle bought it for me. I honestly can't say how much I love it. Is is big enough to take my laptop in a padded pocket, there are so many different compartments and zips not to mention plenty of room for camera equipment. The one thing I think I love most is there is a padded box for the camera itself meaning I could essentially move it to a smaller bag if that is more convenient or put it in a suitcase etc.

The most notable gift that is missing is one from my Mum and Dad... they have never been the best at being prepared and couldn't really think of anything. If I see something I really want I'm sure they will get it for me, I'm toying with a new camera lens, or if not then the are super generous all year so it won't matter. To be honest insuring me as a learner on the car is more than enough for me.

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Sunday, April 17

My week in pictures #168

(From top left) On the ferry to Arran - can you tell I'm excited? Glen Rosa just as the rain was stopping on Tuesday. Waffles and ice cream for dessert - yum!! The deer in Lochranza just don't care about what you are doing. My favourite lasagna tea for our last night in the hostel. A cheeky Burger King on the way home today... oops!
I survived my first geology field trip and made it home again after an amazing week! I honestly can't tell you how much fun I've had but it has also been one of the most exhausting weeks of my life. Everyday we got up at 7am to get to breakfast on time, got back from fieldwork at 5pm then worked til about 9/10pm at night. A very long week but I learnt loads and really bonded with the people in my class. Getting to know the lectures better and asking them questions is so much easier when they know you. 

I was pretty excited to get the ferry on Monday, I got the train down by myself and met friends at the ferry terminal. We had such a hilarious trip from the very start. Even though we didn't have a lot of spare time we still had a lot of laughs, spent everyday outdoors. It wasn't all plain sailing though... it poured the first morning so we all got soaked, some days were VERY cold and the work was difficult. Every day was much the same so I won't describe them all but I'm planning a 'Postcard from Arran' post with lots of my photos and the locations we visited. 

The final night came round quickly but at the same time it felt like we'd been there a month... On Saturday after our final assessment was handed in we went off the pub. Honestly the best end to a brilliant week... wasn't so good when I woke up at 7am the next morning to pack and have breakfast before leaving. We left the field center at 9:45am and I got home at 5:45am so it was a long day traveling and everyone was tired. I was almost falling asleep on the train but once I've had a chance to get a proper sleep I'll be able to reflect on everything I've learnt. Mum is cooking my tea at the moment and I can't wait to tuck in!

Missed me this week? Check out some of my photos of Arran over on Instagram.

Monday, April 11

My week in pictures #167

(From top left) I'm *almost* as tall as Victoria - the highland wildlife park's female polar bear. Giving Sophie her bedtime bottle is honestly the sweetest thing. A walk round Loch an Eilein showing Scotland at it's very best. A delicious black pudding stuffed chicken breast with pepper sauce at the cairngorm hotel. Final things arrived for the field trip to Arran on Monday. Scott and I made a crab tart on Saturday night after we got home from the pub. 
I’m currently on the train on the way to my first geology field trip so I will have to make this post quick. Last week I had a fab time in Aviemore with my aunt, uncle, cousins and second cousins - I have a big family who I rarely get to see all together. We go every year to the same house at Dalfaber Golf & Country Club. For the first half of the week my baby cousins Sophie was there for the first time so we got to take her swimming and out for walks. The weather wasn’t great on Monday so we jumped in the car and headed to Inverness to do some shopping. Didn’t see anything I wanted but that never stops me from having a good time.

On Tuesday we went to the Highland Wildlife Park which I was probably most excited about. I love polar bears so it is great to see them up close, they also have tigers, red pandas and snow leopards. I took lots of pictures so I’m thinking about putting a post together. The next day one set of cousins left and others came up. Carry who is 7 and Finlay is 5 so they are always lots of fun - we took them swimming when they arrived before tea. I love being in the pool so any excuse really. We also visited the osprey centre at Boat of Garten - we do this a lot but I still find it fascinating to see such huge birds even from a distance and learn more about them. Really hope they are successful at rearing some chicks this year.

The last day always comes round to quickly and as in our tradition we walked round Loch an Eilein. It was supposed to be the best day so we had an early lunch and went for it. In typical Scottish fashion it really poured when we were halfway round. It didn’t spoil our enjoyment and I think I still got some good pictures. After going swimming again we went to the Cairngorm Hotel for tea - it is always a tradition to go on the Friday even if we had already been on the Sunday. The food as always was gorgeous!

On Saturday we just get up and head home fairly early - I was okay with this because I was excited to see Scott. When I’d got home and dumped a load of washing in the washer and he came to pick me up. We had a few more drinks in the pub than I had meant to - we walked home fairly tipsy and made a crab tart for tea which was delicious and watched the golf til I was falling asleep. Despite not really wanting to I went home on Sunday afternoon to pack. I discovered when I started that my room was too much of a tip to even think about packing so had to spend an hour or so tidying first. The day passed so quickly while I got ready to leave the next morning. We started watching the Masters on the TV before deciding after midnight that we might as well go to bed because Jordan Speith was so far ahead - how wrong we were!?

This week I’m on a residential field trip on Arran which I’m both excited and nervous for. Most of all I’m looking forward to being outside all week, taking in the Scottish scenery and doing lots of walking. It will mean I’ll be quiet on social media but I’m going to try to keep my Instagram updated. 

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Friday, April 8

A Simple Party Ready Navy Playsuit

Playsuit: Apricot* | Necklace: Topshop | Bracelet: Apricot* | Shoes: F&F
I'm always on the hunt for versatile outfits for a night out that I can wear over and over again and I think I've found it in this playsuit from Apricot. The colour and style is quite plain which means I will have loads of accessories to wear with it but the lace detail on the back and side adds some interest. The playsuit is shorter than I would normally wear but as it is made from a lightweight crepe I'm sure it won't be uncomfortable or ride up. 

I'm sure are all aware of my love affair with New Look and as Apricot is a brand they stock I've come across it before. I love that there is somewhere to see these pieces in store before ordering. A quick mention should go to this simple bracelet with adorable bees on it which was only £5 and I've been wearing on and off all week. It is a perfect lightweight that won't annoy me and the style is great for adding something to summer dresses. You can see a better picture on my Instagram if you're interested. 

This necklace is a little more than I would normally wear but it was a birthday present from my cousins. When the playsuit arrived I knew they would go together perfectly. I like my jewelry pretty and delicate but sometime I'm hunting for something more that I never own. So this necklace will fill another gap in my wardrobe. 

I'm sure you will see this playsuit in party snaps on Instagram soon!

Wednesday, April 6

A New Dress for my Birthday

Dress: MissGuided | Shoes: New Look | Necklace: Links of London
Every year when my birthday comes around, as well as getting ridiculously excited, I also start thinking about getting a new dress for going out (or having a party) because it is my birthday after all so I deserve a treat. I browsed lots of websites never really seeing one I liked before I came across this one on MissGuided. I'd not ordered anything from them before and wasn't sure the style would suit me after seeing it on the model. However, I was won over by the gorgeous teal colour so I bought it on Saturday night and it arrived late Monday afternoon. Great service so far and I just paid standard delivery. 

When it arrived I put it straight on and loved it. The photos don't do the gorgeous teal colour justice and it is so floaty. Definitely something I will be able to re-wear if I get invited to another party or wedding. I'm not one for big jewelry so I put on this pretty but sparkly necklace I got for my 21st. I didn't wear heels this high into town but I do like the way they look with the dress. In the end I just went into town with my flatmate and boyfriend so we had a great time drinking rum then jager and McDonalds at 4am... oops! No wonder I got the dress a little bit stained!

Sunday, April 3

My week in pictures #166

(From top left) On Tuesday Scott and I celebrated two years as a couple. My foundation brush arrived from 'Girl Meets Brush' this week and it is so soft. I manage to fix the problem that no one gave me easter eggs - by buying plenty in the sale for myself. I finished the third Logan McRae book this week - I'm addicted to this series. A little haul from Apricot Clothing* which will feature on the blog soon. Sunday night treat at the Cairngorm Hotel in Aviemore. 
Finally the last week of term meant I could slow down a bit. I rushed back to Aberdeen on Monday morning and managed to get my final assignment submitted with 6 minutes to spare. That meant I could take the rest of the week at my own speed for a change. On Wednesday I went into town to get some things for my first residential geology field trip. I wandered round all the outdoor shops in town then persuaded Scott to stop at Sports Direct on the way home. It is only 10 minutes walk from my flat and of course I managed to get everything there. We had the flat to ourselves so we made lasagna and lay on the sofa watching 'Modern Family' and the end of 'Lucky Man'.

The rest of the week I spent prepping for leaving the flat for the holidays. I hate leaving it in a state so there was plenty of work to be done and two suitcases to be packed. After an early morning on Friday I was totally ready for Scott to pick me up about 4:30pm and drive home. 

If you follow this blog you will know that every year my family takes a holiday to Aviemore. Lots of cousins and aunties and uncles so it is a lot of fun. This year is baby Sophie's first which is lovely. We left about 2pm on Saturday afternoon to drive up - a journey I really dislike but I get bored in the car. Once we arrived it was just a matter of unpacking and having tea. Of course I got cuddles with my baby cousin too. 

The first day of the holiday zoomed past. We went to the pub to watch the football in the afternoon - thank goodness Aberdeen won! Today I also had to visit the chemist because I left my Asthma medicine at home!? Usually I am so careful and bring plenty of spares but this time I didn't have any... Luckily an emergency prescription was so easy to pick up and free too! Panic over because now I totally rely on having them as a safety blanket. After a walk back from town and a chill at the apartment we went out for tea to the cairngorm hotel. Normally I look forward to it all week so it was different to go on the first night. Feeling stuffed now though and very sleepy...

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