Sunday, January 29

My week in pictures #207

(From top left) I made a the sausage meat chilli from my HelloFresh box on Monday. My friends and I booked a cottage for seven weeks during the summer to do out mapping project. Scott and I have booked four days in Budapest for New Year - I'm so excited! I finished the third Harry Potter this week and think it is one of my favourites. I was in the mood for baking on Thursday so made a lemon drizzle cake. Two new purchases while out shopping in Dundee and St. Andrews with Mum and Dad.
This week started pretty much the same as last week with lectures and dragging myself out of bed and to the gym. Different to our usual schedule though Scott came and stayed with me on Tuesday night because I had the flat to myself. We made enchiladas for tea and watched the Grand Tour before bed.

After Scott had left on Wednesday I had a really productive morning doing housework then went to Zumba. I was so stiff after exercising two days in a row I could barely move... After work Scott came back to mine and we made cottage pie for dinner and watched the two episodes of Silent Witness. 

Thursday and Friday were busy with lectures and I was so sore from earlier in the week I decided to give the gym a miss. After class on Friday I went back to the flat to give it a quick tidy and pack for going home for the weekend. I told my mum the train got in earlier than it did so she was at the station to pick me up.

My aunty and uncle came for dinner so we had a lovely family night and a catch up. On Saturday the weather was pretty grim so we decided to go to St. Andrews via TK Maxx in Dundee. It was there I managed to pick up a leather jacket for a bargain in the sale. I remember trying it on last year but not taking the plunge so getting it in the sale was really lucky. Mum and I spent a while in the H&M sale section and I got this dress for a bargain price too.

The weather turned out to be really awful so we were happy to be back in the car and heading home to the fire. Sunday started out pretty chilled too reading my book in bed before showering so I could take some outfit pictures. Scott came around in the afternoon and we went back to Dundee for a wander round the big Tesco, Homebase, Next home and Dunelm Mill. On the way home we got a cheeky milkshake from McDonalds - always feels weird now spending the day with him but not the night!

Now I'm just relaxing beside the fire and that is how I plan to spend the rest of my Sunday evening.

This week on G is for Gingers: Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' (Workout Wear Edit) | Easy Winter Fat Face Knitwear and Levis

Friday, January 27

Easy Winter Fat Face Knitwear and Levis

Shirt: F&F at Tesco | Jumper: Fat Face (similar) | Jeans: Levis | Boots: JD Williams*
Everyone needs a winning combination in their wardrobe that is really easy but makes you look like you've tried. This is just that kind of outfit for me - knitwear is so versatile and the oatmeal colour of this one looks great with this checked shirt. Finish the outfit off with this pair of levis which are super comfy for everyday wear and the boots make me feel slightly like a cowgirl... something I really enjoy feeling like!

I wore this outfit to travel back up to Aberdeen after the Christmas holidays - unfortunately it was snowing so maybe not the most practical choice. As soon as this shirt is out of the wash I'm sure it is going to become a staple in my uni wardrobe too.

Unfortunately this jumper has gone kind of bobbly but I've been researching how to make it feel like new again online. Do you have any advice for this problem?

See the last time I styled this Fat Face jumper - A New Fat Face Outfit.

Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' (Workout Wear Edit)

I know this feels like a complete blogger cliche doing a workout wear wish list in January but here we go anyway. I've been going to the gym regularly since September and after returning to it following Christmas and New Year of course my mind turns to new clothes to keep me motivated. I like my workout wear to be affordable and fun in bright colours and patterns. 

My nike trainers are a neon orange/pink so while I don't want everything to match I also don't want it to clash either. My current gym leggings come from George at Asda and I love them but I also like options.

My workouts consist of cardio and light weights in the gym, zumba, swimming and occasionally yoga. I'd love to work up to being confident enough to run outside during the summer but that is a work in progress.

1. Technical Full Length Leggings 2. Technical Mesh Vest 3. Grey Marl High Impact Sports Bra 4. Twist Front Swimming Costume 5. Geo Mesh Sports Bra 6. Palm Print Leggings 7. Sports vest top 8. Urdhva Reversible Yoga Leggings
The new Next active wear range was recently brought to my attention and I really like it all. The print on these leggings (1) are perfect so obviously I like the matching top (2) too. I probably wouldn't wear them together though but I'd happily add both to my collection. The sports bra (3) is also from Next and looks practical but cute too.

My currently swimming costume is a little too practical for my liking and it wouldn't hurt to have another one would it? Slazenger is a good brand and I really like the colours.

The leggings from primark look good and are super affordable. The same goes for the sports bra - I've seen it in store and it looks really supportive while being a cool pattern too.

I've been dreaming about this H&M sports top since seeing it in store on Sunday - I think I might have to buy it the next time I'm passing. There is much to say apart from the colour is good for match pretty much anything and it below £10. Not forgetting it to super soft it is almost a dream.

Finally these sweaty betty leggings are well out of my price range but I love so much on their website. They reversible so if the cool teal colour doesn't match the (probably only clean) top you have to hand you can wear the black ones. Super handy! I also want ALL the sweaty betty base layers which I think would be great at keeping me warm during geology fieldtrips. 

I've worked with Apricot a few times now and really love the brand so to see they are released an active wear collection - Apricot Life - is pretty cool. I like the simplicity of the range and I'm sure it has the same quality as the rest of the brand.

I love accessorize so I've been excited to see sneak peaks of their active wear on their social media. I can't wait until it is released and I can lust over the whole collection.

Monday, January 23

My week in pictures #206

(From top left) On Tuesday I watched Ant-Man and loved it (I'm a bit obsessed with Marvel). Homemade thai curry on Thursday was delicious and pretty healthy. We finished watching Luke Cage and I wanted to love it... but just didn't. On Saturday my flatmate and I went to see La La Land which was brilliant. Eggy bread for breakfast on Sunday always take me back to being home with my mum. A walk round duthie park to get some fresh air at the end of the week.
The first week of the semester is always a funny one - with lectures to go to but no actual work to be done in between. I like to be busy during the week so had to find other things to keep me occupied. I was able to get back into the gym and running on Tuesday and again on Friday. I also took books to the second hand bookshop on campus to sell which I meant to do last semester...

This week I also found out that I passed all my exams at the end of the year which was making me feel pretty sick with worry. My flatmate was away for three days so I also spent alot of time pottering around the flat sorting things out and doing my best to keep it clean and tidy. 

I've had alot of time to catch up on TV like Gilmore Girls, getting back into Shadow Hunters, finishing Luke Cage and starting Daredevil on Netflix. 

On Wednesday I walked into town to meet Scott stopping to shop along the way. I finally got this accessorize bag I've been dreaming about picking up in the sale. In the evening we watched The Grand Tour and munched on fajitas then fell asleep early.

At the weekend I decided to wanted to do something different so my flatmate and I went to the cinema to see La La Land. There has been so much hype around it but it totally lived up to it for me. The soundtrack was fantastic and even though the end was emotional I thought it fitted perfectly. Sunday was another good day because Scott came round again and we went for a walk at Duthie Park and the Winter Gardens. Then we went for another little walk around Union Square but didn't buy anything. At night we made the living room all cosy, got a chippy tea and watched last weeks Silent Witness episodes.

Now I've written out this post I do talk about TV and films a lot! I'm not sure the coming week will be much different. We'll just have to wait and see.

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This week on G is for Gingers: Book Review | Sandra Ireland's Beneath the Skin | Styling Pink Chinos for Winter

Thursday, January 19

Styling Pink Chinos for Winter

Jumper: Primark | Roll Neck: Primark | Chinos: Fatface | Boots: Office 
I don't know why it took me so long to come up with this little outfit combination. These rosebud pink chinos were a staple for me throughout summer but ended up forgotten in my drawer when the weather started to get colder. You don't get a more classic colour combination than pink and grey so when I was looking for a new way to wear this cosy knitwear these chinos jumped out at me.

I felt slightly like an overgrown toddler going to the library dressed like this but my boyfriend thought I looked very european which I can only take as a complement. I've had this primark jumper for years and the wool in it makes it both incredibly warm and very itchy hence the roll neck underneath.

Overall I'm really pleased with this simple outfit - what do you think?

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Tuesday, January 17

Book Review | Sandra Ireland's Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin*

"Taking a job in the studio of an Edinburgh taxidermist probably isn’t Walt’s wisest decision. Suffering from combat stress and struggling to outrun the demons from his past, he now finds himself confronted by the undead on a daily basis.

His enigmatic boss, Alys, and her sister, Mouse, have their own uneasy relationship with the past. Someone doesn’t want to let them go. Can Walt save Mouse’s eight-year-old son, William, from becoming the next victim? And can he save himself?

Deliciously disturbing, this psychological thriller peels back the skin of one modern family to reveal the wounds no one wants to see. It deals with the effects of trauma and how facing up to vulnerability is sometimes the only way to let go of the past."

I do love reading a good thriller and normally the ones I enjoy are quite dark so when I was asked to review Sandra Ireland's debut novel I jumped at the chance to read something new. Living in the same area of Scotland as I do I was excited to read what a local author had to say for a change.

At first the location of the taxidermy shop slightly disturbed me, I find them creepy in real life too, but this just helped me empathise with the main character, Walt, even more. You can tell something bad has happened to him right from the start and only discover slowly just what happened to him that lead him to Edinburgh. 

In fact all the characters appear to be going through a traumatic time but you start to care about them very quickly and keep turning the pages. The character development is my favourite thing about the book and something I think Sandra Ireland had done exceptionally well. 

I wouldn't believe anyone that said they saw the twist coming at the end. I certainly didn't and had to stay up into the night to find out what happened to Walt, Alys and Mouse. If thrillers are your cup of tea I'd recommend Beneath the Skin anytime. I can't wait to see what the future Sandra Ireland books look like.

You can buy the book on Amazon here.

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Monday, January 16

My week in pictures #205

(From top left) New shoes arrived from TwinkleDeals - sadly too late for the party season. I finally got to put my electric blanket on my bed after getting it for Christmas (best thing ever!). I've been looking out for Jamie's 15 Minute Meals in the sale but in the meantime I've borrowed a copy from my boyfriends Mum. A few start of term purchases, a new notebook, frames for my wall and bargain £4 slippers from TK Maxx.
This week started slowly because I was still recovering from having the flu. Infact I didn't leave the house much at all until Wednesday. Mum and I did go to get a chippy tea on Monday though because Dad was out. We then watched TV in front of the fire which was very chilled. 

On Wednesday though I finally got to go and spent time with Scott, with being unwell the week before and not wanting to give him the flu at the weekend it felt like I'd barely seen him. We made an easy tea and chilled watching The Grand Tour before bed. Once I got home on Wednesday I looked healthier so I bulk shot some outfit pictures including my Hogmanay outfit which you'll have already seen. 

On Friday I planned to go back to Aberdeen so that meant an early start and a morning on packing. I take far too much home with me for the holidays. I blame blogging and not wanting to be away from my wardrobe... We left the house at 2:30pm and drove back in the snow to Aberdeen only stopping at the supermarket so my parents could restock my cupboards. 

My weekend was pretty chilled, watching TV on Friday night, I took my fitbit for its first swim on Saturday morning then organised last semesters uni work that I couldn't face after the exams. Scott came round not long after and we spent the whole day relaxing (probably not necessary) before heading to Cosmo in Union Square for tea. Sunday was basically spent between the bed and the sofa. I did manage to have a relaxing bath before we went out briefly to browse round TK Maxx. I smashed the screen of my phone in the carpark though - it is only small but i am absolutely gutted!

All we did for the rest of the day was watch TV, eat ribs for tea and then watch Silent Witness in bed. The perfect way to prepare for the start of a new semester.

This week on G is for Gingers: 2016 in Sixteen Outfits | Hogmanay Celebrations

Thursday, January 12

Hogmanay Celebrations

Dress: Ronni Nicole via QVC | Coat: F&F at Tesco | Bag: Accessorize | Shoes: Faith | Bow: Crown and Glory
This dress was an early Christmas present and I straight away reserved it for the Ceilidh I was planning to go to at New Year. I was so pleased to find when it arrived it fits me perfectly - the built-in spandex under-layer within the dress took a little getting used to but I think it is so flattering. The length looks really grown up too which will be perfect for formal occasions. 

A dress like this is very easy to style up for Hogmanay with big curls in my hair, a pair of low heels and a clutch. I also threw this statement leopard print coat on top to keep me warm. It is something I definitely don't wear enough because I always feel like it is a night time piece. This is the first time I've worn this beautiful Crown and Glory bow. It is in my favourite colour and if you can't at Hogmanay then when can you?

Scott and I had a great time at the Ceilidh and bringing in the New Year at the local pub with friends. I only wish there was more opportunity to dress up during the year.

Tuesday, January 10

2016 in Sixteen Outfits

This post has been in my drafts since before NYE and it's only now I'm finding the motivation to write it. I think I write these posts every year in the hope that I'll see some sort of style evolutions but so far I think I'm missing it. The only thing that seems to change is the length of my hair.

Any outfit details can be found by clicking the link below the images to the original post.

A Love Affair with Mustard Blouses | A Simple Blouse and a Brown Floral Skirt | Can't Resist Styling a Dress as a Pinafore | A New Dress for my Birthday
At the start of the year I wore bright coloured shirts a lot. I had to stop myself from buying more I didn't need or wearing the mustard coloured one in every single blog post. I guess that does show a change in the way I dress if I want to wear blouses rather than tshirts.

In March I bought this beautifully coloured teal dress from MissGuided for my birthday. I love the style, the frilly bits and off shoulder style. A dress I've been able to wear since my birthday too.

A Pretty Blue Embroidery Dress for the Park | Summer Style in Fat Face Rosebud Pink Chinos | Boohoo Prom Queen | Bringing Out the Sequins | Styling Ankle Boots for Spring & Summer
You can see a sudden change in colour pallet when spring hits. I bought this gorgeous yumi dress is TK Maxx and it quickly became a staple for parties or meals out during the summer.

I got this outfit after attending the 'Your 5' event at Union Square because I feel in love with the colour of the chinos. Granted they aren't the most flattering shape but I wore them regardless. 

A prom look just in time for summer thanks for a collaboration with I love this dress but there is very limited places I can get away with wearing it too really so I've still not worn it.

This is a more simple look featuring a bargain skirt I'd been dying to wear and the fringed boots which are perfect for spring/summer. Also fell for these sunglasses this year.

Coral Bardot Top and Denim Button Up | Yellow Florals and Levi's Skinny Jeans | Tile Print Comfy Trousers | Styling Cold Shoulders with Zaful
The first three outfits here perfectly summarise the outfit I wore all through the summer, comfy, easy, bright and relaxed. When I took up the hem of this denim button up skirt I make it so much more wearable for me.

Finally you can see slightly more autumn colour creeping into a summer outfit with my first collaboration with Zaful. I didn't get to wear this shirt alot because the weather was starting to turn.

Styling A Pineapple Print Dress with Zaful | A Red Checked Shirt Dress | The Essential Blanket Cape for Autumn/Winter | An Oversized Maroon Cardigan from Zaful
I'm dying to get to a tropical beach so I can run through the sand in this beautiful pineapple print dress but in the meantime I styled it for a more formal occasion. 

We've come full circle again to the autumn/winter outfits. The first two looks were done in collaboration with Apricot - I love the checked shirt dress for it's simplicity and the blanket cape because it stands out! 

My last look of the year this the simple maroon cardigan that added a lot of warmth to my wardrobe in November. Disappointingly my outfits fell away after that point due to university stress and being so busy. 

I've not taken an outfit picture since the end of November so despite being out of practice I'm going to make sure I take plenty before I got back to university at the weekend. 

Do you have a favourite outfit of 2016? I'd love to know in the comments below.

Monday, January 9

My week in pictures #204

(From top left) I went out in the car by myself for the first time on Monday morning - also reverse parked into a space at the train station. A rather dramatic looking beach scene on Arbroath beach. Bundi love watching the fire intently - he can get quite close though. We have played a few games of trivial pursuit the Harry Potter edition this week. My flatmate Eilidh came to visit which was really nice. Finally persuaded someone to watch The Man From U.N.C.L.E with me this weekend and I loved it.
My week started really well. My mum insured me to drive the car for the first time since passing my test in November. I drove to the train station, did a pretty good spot of reverse parking into the only space there, and picked up my flatmate. Over the next three days we did all sort of nice things like walks on the beach, having chips at Arbroath harbour, relaxing in front of the fire, playing HP trivial pursuit and watching The Half-Blood Prince.

Before Eilidh got the train back to Aberdeen we went for lunch at the Pavilion Cafe in Montrose. A newish place I've been meaning to visit for ages. Afterwards I did some driving around town on my own until Scott was home from work. We took down the Christmas tree in his house and started making lasagne for tea. That is when I started to get really really cold...

After a very restless nights sleep and being unable to drag myself out of bed until 12pm I drove home, put my jammies back on and barely moved the three days I was that unwell with the flu. I basically slept through it the first day but the second day I was able to stay awake a bit better so I was Jurassic Park and the Incredibles. I've also watched The Man From U.N.C.L.E and Spectre this week.

Thank goodness on Sunday I was feeling a little better again so drove into town with Dad. We also had to take the dogs for a quick walk because they had been neglected but after that I was done in. Obviously not too tired to stay up and watch Sherlock though! 

Not the way I had planned to spend the first day of the year... I have blog posts in my drafts I was unable to even open this week but I promise they will all be coming your way soon.

Monday, January 2

My week in pictures #203

(From top left) Homemade curry from the book I bought Scott for Christmas. An afternoon walk in the hills on Thursday was just what we needed. St. Andrews harbour on Friday for a little walk followed by shopping and lunch. Going to a ceilidh to see in the New Year.
The week between Christmas and hogmanay is so chilled - that doesn't mean I didn't get stuff done though. On boxing day my boyfriend came around, the house was also full of my brothers friends and we had a rerun of Christmas dinner. Once they had gone out Scott and I attempted to play scrabble... badly!

The next few days were relaxed at home, we watched movies, I prepared blog posts, there was plenty to eat and plenty to drink too. On Wednesday I stayed at Scotts and even though I was super tired we had curry for tea and got an earlyish night. On Thursday we went for a lovely walk up the glen which took a new hours and made us feel like we'd accomplished something. 

I went out again on Friday this time to St. Andrews with my parents. We took a walk by the harbour and castle before some sale shopping and a late lunch at Zizzi's. 

Finally the day I was most excited for was Hogmanay because Scott and I were going to a ceilidh. It isn't often I get to dress up in a nice dress and do my hair and make up. Scott looked very handsome in his kilt (I know I'm bias) and we danced the night away sneaking off just before 12am to celebrate New Year at the local pub.

As with pretty much everyone the first day of the year was very lazy. I was pretty hungover (think crying at the secret life of puppies because they were so cute) but luckily it passed quite quickly. I dragged the duvet to the sofa so Scott and I could snuggle and watch TV. In the evening he gave me a lift home where I had dinner with my parents then watched Sherlock before getting to bed because I was dying. 

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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