Tuesday, May 30

Summer Holiday Wish List

1. M&S Leather Tassel Sandals | 2. Accessorize Thandi Mini Purse Bag | 3. Primark Tropical Floral Bikini Top | Bottoms | 4. Fat Face Lily Giraffe Maxi Dress | 5. Peacocks Tan Slingback Mule Heels | 6. Primark Small Handbag | 7. Peacocks Orange Crepe Tapered Trousers
My plan for todays post was a little pre-holiday haul because as you are reading this I'll be on a flight to Tenerife with my boyfriend. Then it dawned on me that I'll be doing most of my holiday shopping in Glasgow the day before we fly. I've done a little preemptive wish list of the sort of things that have caught my eye.

My sandals are becoming a little worn now and because I like options I've been looking for new ones. This M&S pair would be comfy for walking during the day and I love the colour. The heels from peacocks would look great with dresses at night and the chunky heel would make them comfortable too. 

The only thing I really need is a small handbag - I took a bigger one away with me last time and it annoyed me constantly. I bought my flatmate this accessorize one at Christmas so I know it is a great little bag with plenty of space. This Primark one caught my eye on their Instagram - there is no guarantee it will be in store but I'll keep an eye out for it. 

I don't need anymore swimwear but this set in Primark caught my eye so I might treat myself. You can't go wrong with the price either. 

I love EVERYTHING in the Fat Face giraffe print collection and would happily wear it all. However, I think this dress would be best for my holiday. Honestly check it out because it is awesome for anyone who loves giraffes. 

Finally patterned trousers are a holiday staple. This pair might look dark but I loved the bright orange coming through. It means I could wear orange tops too which would look great. 

Honestly excited to do some holiday shopping even though I don't 'need' anything! I'm planning to do some outfit photos while I'm there so that is an excuse right!?

 Please note that I've started using affiliate links in some of my posts - this shouldn't affect you and means I'm able to earn a little extra money. Any clicks are really appreciated!

Sunday, May 28

My week in pictures #224

(From top left) Dad and I had to recover our bee swarm from the hedges around our house. On Thursday I got my hair cut the shortest it has been in years. First BBQ of the year this week. Spent a happy couple of hours walking through the Botanic Gardens in the sunshine on Friday. Two bathrobes arrived for Scott and I from the towel shop - a review will follow later this week. On Saturday I went with my boyfriend's family to watch the Scottish Cup final in Glasgow.
Sunday night and I'm knackered! It feels like I've done an awful lot today! It has been hot too and on Monday I thought I'd take a walk up the road to cool down. It was only then that I noticed a swarm of bees. My dad is a bee keeper so I helped him get them back into a hive however it took us a whole hour.

On Tuesday I went to see more of my Aunts and Uncles. I have a big family and want to see everyone before I go away for the summer. We went for lunch at Panzerotti in Forfar before my aunty and I walked up the street stopping in a few different shops. We went for tea and cake at a local cafe I've been visiting all my life then back to their house. In the evening I saw all my little cousins briefly before we went to an Indian for dinner. After I got home I was left wondering why I don't make the effort to see them more - I'd had a lovely day.

On Wednesday Scott finished work early and because the weather was so glorious we took the opportunity to walk down by the beach. Later we made macaroni for tea and watched Modern Family. Thursday was pretty quiet as I tried to prepare my blog for being away almost two weeks and I knew the weekend was going to be busy.

My parents has planned to go to Edinburgh on Friday so I decided to tag along. We went for lunch at the Botanic Gardens then in the heat mum and I wandered round the garden for a couple of hours. It was hot and by the time we got home I was knackered.

I was up early again on Saturday because I was going with my boyfriend and his parents to the Scottish Cup Final in Glasgow. It was hours in the car but the football was great until the 91st minute when Celtic got their second goal denying Aberdeen a chance of victory. The fan display at the start was alot of fun to take part in so I had a good day despite the score. We didn't get home until late so a dominos then bed was in order.

Sunday has been a chilled day preparing to go on holiday. My boyfriend finally persuaded me to cut his hair and it went pretty well. I'm actually proud of myself.  We gave his house a clean before he gave me a lift home to pack. Which I didn't do alot of... but I think I've managed to fix my sunglasses so thats a bonus. We took the dogs for a walk then I had even more pizza for dinner. Now it is late so time for bed!

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Really tempted to write something political in the lead up to the elections… but would anyone be interested?

Tuesday, May 23

Making the Most of Florals for Spring

Top: Fat Face (similar) | Skirt: New Look | Jacket: Tu Clothing | Shoes: Converse
I think this is my most spring look so far - I've really gone for the floral patterns because they are my favourite. It's difficult not to fill my wardrobe with floral dresses throughout the year but especially in spring. 

The denim jacket was an easter gift from my mum and I've got lots of wear out of it in just a month. The Fat Face top was a purchase from around this time last year and it probably one of the top 5 most worn tops in my wardrobe. I think I like it so much because it is summery but also warm - they don't stock it anymore sadly but I've linked a similar one above.

This is actually the outfit I wore to my final third year exam - I like to dress up a little because it makes me more confident. Plus the sun was shining and we had plans to find a beer garden to enjoy in the afternoon. We had cocktails at Revolucion De Cuba in Aberdeen before moving onto the gorgeous outdoor balcony at Vodka Revolution.

See the last time I styled this denim jacket - Blossom Embroidered Denim Jacket

In my recent outfit posts I've been trying really hard to link similar items in this new widget I'm trying out - what do you think?

Monday, May 22

My week in pictures #223

(From top left) On Tuesday evening we went to a talk about moths at Dundee Uni. Dundee looking very tropical in the sunshine. Delicious nachos at Cafe Kisa in Auchterarder while visiting my aunty. Some little treats from TK Maxx including these cute pins. A selfie before we left for the ceilidh on Saturday night. Homemade king prawn curry for tea on Sunday was just the fresh taste we were craving. 
I started Monday morning at my boyfriends - it was pouring outside but that didn't stop me from browsing the charity shops to see if I could find two books I've been searching for before going home. I got lots of blog related things done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so it felt good to be under control again. 

On Tuesday mum persuaded us to go to a talk about moths at Dundee Uni in the evening. It was interesting... but the people there were very nerdy! On Wednesday I got the bus to my boyfriends again and we made a delicious Katsu Curry for dinner.

My plan on Thursday was to get the train straight to Perth around lunch time to meet my Aunt and Uncle. We had some lunch and hoped to go shopping in the afternoon but unfortunately my Aunt didn't feel well so headed home earlier than planned. I did managed to get my eyebrows done before leaving town - but getting them threaded for the first time in ages was painful!

To make up for the previous day we headed back into the shops on Friday, had a browse round the charity shops and lunch at Cafe Kisa in Auchterarder before going to TK Maxx in Perth. I didn't see any clothes I liked for my holiday but my aunty bought me some pretty nail polishes and pins. We left just in time for me to get the train back home.

I've been excited for Saturday for months because my boyfriend and I were going to a ceilidh (and I got to wear my favourite Girls on Film jumpsuit). You might have caught a little on my Instagram Stories but ceilidh dancing is one of my favourite things - especially when people compliment me on my steps. We both had such a good night and I can remember getting home too!

Sunday was so lazy, while we woke up at a sensible 9am we stayed in bed and chatted then some how fell asleep again and didn't wake up until 12pm!? We had a delicious cooked breakfast then headed to tesco to get the ingredients for the king prawn curry we were making for tea. All we did for the rest of the day was sit on the sofa watching James Bond before it was time for Scott to give me a lift home.

It is only one week now until we are off to Tenerife and this weekend we are also going to the Scottish Cup final in Glasgow - COYR!

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Thursday, May 18

Cactus Print Summer Dress

Dress: Monteau Los Angeles via TK Maxx | Boots: JD Williams* | Bag: Zaful* | Necklace: Accessorize 
I spotted this dress just last week in my local TK Maxx - just two days later I was in a different TK Maxx when I spotted it again. After trying it on and showing my mum (that was tactical) she treated me to it. If me sharing my flowering cactus on Instagram last week was anything to go by then you lot love them just as much as me. I say cactus print but maybe this dress is more house plant themed - doesn't sound as good thing! 

I did next to no styling here... upon opening my wardrobe I noticed that my favourite brown boots went really well with the plant pots in this dress. My daisy earring and beads round my neck finished this look off. I've worn this look today to go visit my Aunty and do some shopping. I'm pretty sure it is going to make it into my suitcase for going to Tenerife too. 

I think TK Maxx will still have this dress in stock in the Modbox section but I also found a very similar one from La Redoute.

See the last time I styled these awesome boots - Easy Winter Fat Face Knitwear and Levis

On a side note please excuse the bruises on my legs... I bruise REALLY easily and it is quite embarrassing really. This dress wouldn't look as good with dark tights. Now excuse me while I go and wrap myself in bubble wrap until I go on holiday.

Tuesday, May 16

Giving Hello Fresh a Taste #2

My second Hello Fresh box arrived almost a year after I got my first one. Not intentionally just life has been passing so quickly. However, my first week in back in Aberdeen after the Easter break seemed like the perfect time. It arrived on Sunday lunchtime packed with five delicious meals for the following week - I had high hopes for this box.

Sri Lankan Spiced Cod with Fruity Freekeh
We choose this as our first meal because my other half and I are both fish lovers. Even though it was weeks ago we cooked it I can still remember how delicious it tasted. I'd never had Freekeh before but it is a grain somewhere in between cous cous and rice. The addition of cranberries really lifted the flavour. Definitely one I'll make again!

Korean Chicken Drumsticks with Black Rice and Cucumber Pickle
This dish was just as delicious as the first. Everything went together so well and complimented each other. It was fairly easy to achieve on my own and I chucked the other two chicken drumsticks in the freezer to have the following week. All flavours I loved so I'll be recreating this again soon.

Creamy Risotto with Bacon, Chilli and Butternut Squash
I did a sort of 'cook along' with this recipe on my Instagram Stories but it did take the longest to complete (maybe risotto always does). I had the peel the butternut squash even though the recipe says not to because the skin spoils the dish for me. The flavours were so worth the time though - it was amazing. I put the second portion in the fridge ready for lunch the next day.

Mexican Broth with Spicy Beef and Beans
I must confess I didn't really make this recipe - I'm was cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes while my other half make it. The flavours were really similar to chili but I liked the broth aspect, the potatoes made it nice and filling and the crunchy tortillas were tasty too. Not my favourite of the box but I still really enjoyed it.

Rosemary Glazed Chicken with Mash and Buttered Leeks
I was sort of saving the best til last with this one because I really love mashed tatties and leeks. This dish didn't disappoint either. The rosemary glaze not only flavored the chicken but also created a lovely, sweet gravy for the potatoes and leeks. As soon as I figure out where to buy rosemary jelly I'll be making this one again.

I got my box at 50% off because I spotted a voucher code on Facebook which made it come to £24.50. At this price it is great value but being a student I couldn't afford the full £50 (although I would consider halving it if I knew we both liked everything). I know Hello Fresh have worked with a few bloggers recently but I wanted to share my experience as someone who has now paid for two boxes.

My favourite thing about the boxes is they take away the need to plan five meals for the week and instead of making the same things over and over you get to try (and keep) five new recipe cards.

All these recipes (and many more) can be found on the Hello Fresh website so there really is no excuse not to try something new. 

See my first Hellofresh box review - Giving Hello Fresh a Taste #1

Monday, May 15

My week in pictures #222

(From top left) On Tuesday my flatmate and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinema. My mum bought me the dress I liked in TK Maxx so expect an outfit post later this week. We went out for a curry in St. Andrews for my mums birthday. Some delicious cheese as another birthday treat for my mum. I made chocolate pots on Instagram stories on Saturday - did you see it? I watched a film with mum on Saturday night - her choice!
No one was more excited for a fresh start to the week than me. I got back to the flat early on Monday morning and gave the place a really good post-exam tidy and clean. It meant I was able to enjoy relaxing in the afternoon.

On Tuesday I went to the gym early so my flatmate and I could go to the cinema in the afternoon. First we did a little shopping - I bought my mum a birthday present and browsed holiday clothes in Primark. Guardians of the Galaxy was SO GOOD and if you enjoy marvel I'd definitely make time to go and see it. Baby Groot made the film for me but what was Kirk from Gilmore Girls doing there… because Sean Gunn will never be anyone but Kirk to me!

I had planned to go to Zumba on Wednesday so had a chilled morning before that. Scott finished work early so when he got to mine we went to TK Maxx for a wander and a browse. In the evening we made a makey up curry with mince for tea. Thursday was spent at the gym in the morning then packing for the rest of the day so I was ready to be picked up with Scott finished work. Finally going home for the first few weeks of the summer. 

I spent a good couple of our replacing the screen in my phone thanks to last weeks drunken celebrations. It isn't easy to get the glue to come off these things and it was pretty frustrating but I managed it. 

Friday was my mum's birthday so I sat in bed with her in the morning opening cards and helping her set up the activity tracker I bought her. In the afternoon we went to St. Andrews - we had lunch in an Indian then did a little shopping. My dad took some lovely photos at the Cathedral but it was a shame we had to be so wrapped up against the cold.

On Saturday mum and I went into town and did a little charity shop shopping. Didn't find any bargains but I did get chocolate to make little chocolate pots. Which I did in the afternoon on my Instagram Stories - did you catch it? Later that day mum and I watched one of her crazy film choices 'The Fearless Vampire Killers' which was actually pretty good.

I got plenty unpacking and laundry done on Sunday morning so Scott came to get me in the afternoon. The weather was so nice to went for a walk down by the beach which was lovely. We spent some time in the garden when we got home then made giant meatballs for tea. 

The countdown is on until we go to Tenerife - just over two weeks! I'm trying to fill my time seeing family before then.

I've Instagrammed every day this week so you should check that out for more pictures - I'm ginger_claire.

Wednesday, May 10

Kitchen Gadgets I Would Love

Automatic Bread Maker SD-2511K | MK-F800SXE Food Processor
Everytime I think about having my own home my mind jumps straight to the huge kitchen we'll definitely aim for. My boyfriend and I both love to cook and long to have more space to have gadgets in our kitchen. Of course there are things all bakers dream of (kitchenaid mixer I'm looking at you) but something I've never thought of before was a Bread Maker before Panosonic got in touch.

My dad bakes fresh bread regularly at home but it is a skill I've never learned  - I have to much of a sweet tooth. There are so many different programs in this Bread Maker it is difficult not to be impressed. I could easily see myself whipping up a batch every few weeks if I had one of these in my kitchen. You can even make jam in it so what's not to love?

Another appliance I'm dying to get my hands on is a food processor. My mum uses her all the time and since I've inherited hers love of cooking I'm sure I will to. She makes delicious pizza dough in it but it also comes in handy for time saving.

1. Glass Dome with Base | 2. Chopping Board | 3. Slogan Serving Bowl | 4. Polka Wine Glass | 5. Serving bowl | 6. Pot with lid | 7. Ambleside Cake Tins
Lastly I'd like to finish this post with a little wishlist - because what would a kitchen be without accessories. Most of these are from Ikea because it is a mecca for kitchen supplies. I can see things being beautifully displayed in this glass dome, a big chopping board that will stay stable on the worktop is a must, this super cute green pot will match a few items in my wardrobe... and I love this bamboo bowl for fruit or serving at a dinner party.

Another place I seriously rate for homeware is George at Asda. I love the Mexican food maes on this bowl and since my boyfriend and I eat a lot of Mexican this would definitely fit in. These cake tins are in lovely spring/summer colours... any excuse to bake cakes to fill them.

Last but not least are these gorgeous LSA wine glasses. My flatmate has pink ombre ones already but I'd love to get my own when I move out. They don't do ombre ones anymore but I love these colourful pastel ones.

Do you have a Bread Maker in your kitchen? What kitchen gadgets are on your wish list?

This post was written in collaboration
 with Panasonic but love of gadgets
 and cooking is all my own.

Monday, May 8

My week in pictures #221

(From top left) I put my postal vote in the post on Monday evening - any excuse to get out of the flat for half an hour. I finally treated myself to the ipad mini I've been going on about for about a month - it was a bargain on gumtree! I went to vote in a polling station for the first time on Thursday for the Scottish council elections. Cocktails at Revolucion De Cuba after my last exam on Friday. Wine in Siberia with my flatmate... this is where our night fell apart. Finished watching Riverdale on Saturday night and I LOVED it. 
Exam week always passes in a blur of last minute revision and stressing. I stress even though I did feel quite well prepared for my two exams on Thursday and Friday. I don't know if there is another way to cope with those dreaded weeks.

I have been looking out for a second hand iPad mini on gumtree or Facebook market for about a month now but on Tuesday evening I finally spotted a good deal. I emailed the guy and was able to go and pick it up on Wednesday night (after all the worrying about everything that could go wrong). I'm so pleased with my new purchase - it is going to be great for traveling and lectures when they start again in September.

Anyway I'm happy with how Thursday exams went because the right essay questions came up. Afterwards my flatmate and I walked to the polling station in the sunshine to vote in the Scottish council elections. I then spent the evening relaxing ahead of my final exam. At 2pm on Friday I was finished with exams and we went to the pub near the uni... and another one in town... and another one... and another one... it all gets a little hazy!!!

I paid for it on Saturday - being too hungover to move (unless it was back to the bathroom!?) and I didn't have my phone anymore! Needless to say that I didn't move from the sofa but I did track my phone down to lost property.

Sunday was an extremely early start because I promised to go to my boyfriends and had already booked a train. I managed to pick up my phone and discovered that the screen was so badly smashed it had holes in the glass! I wish I knew how that happened...

The trains were also a bit of a nightmare and with me being a little early to the station, trains being cancelled then delayed I was in the station for about an hour then an hour on the train. A journey that should take about 40 minutes and being still slight hungover this wasn't easy. So Sunday was another chilled day at my boyfriends. We watched a lot of TV, made my favourite lasagne for tea and booked a last minute holiday. At the end of May we will be spending 10 glorious nights in Tenerife and I cannot wait. 

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Thursday, May 4

Photos From Old Aberdeen University Campus

Even though I've done a few different posts about Aberdeen I don't think I celebrate where I live enough. This post was inspired by my fellow Aberdeen blogger Anastasia's Instagram who is always sharing beautiful photos of old Aberdeen. This is where I go to university and just a stones throw from where I live during term time. 

I have an exam today so I wanted this post to be super simple so these are all snaps I've taken on my phone over the past three years. You might have already spotted some of them on my Instagram because I just want help myself. Old Aberdeen really is the most photogenic place throughout the year.

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Tuesday, May 2

5 Simple Student Meal Ideas (The Lunchtime Edit)

I've now done four simple meal ideas post so I thought it was about time to switch it up. I struggle most with food at lunch time because I get bored so easily. It is great when I have leftovers to eat but sadly they don't last very long. I live close enough to the university that I'm able to come home most days to grab something for lunch but it has to be quick and easy.

A quick and easy take on Salad Nicoise is one of my favourites. All I do is add some mayonnaise to a tin of tuna and boil an egg. Another portion will keep in the fridge for later in the week too so thats a bonus.

My flatmate has a toastie maker that I take full advantage of at lunch time. Normally I have cheese or ham and cheese because I almost always have them in the fridge. I've found that tuna mayo also works well but if you have any suggestions I'd love to know.

I love pasta too - especially the filled tortellini you can buy in the fresh pasta section in the supermarket. It cooks in around 3 minutes and once a tomato sauce and some cheese is added it makes for a delicious, filling and warming lunch.

My boyfriend laughs at me for having fish finger sandwiches but I really enjoy them. All you have to do is pop them into an oven then toast some bread. Plus fish is brain food and all I need all the brains I can get at the moment.

During the colder months (which can be most of them) I could live on soup. During busy periods I just heat soup from a tin but whenever I get the chance I like to make a batch of my own for the freezer. This one is Beetroot Soup that I actually shared a recipe for a few years ago. I also REALLY enjoyed fellow blogger Kirsty's Spicy Chorizo Bean Soup.

What do you normally enjoy for a quick and easy lunch? I'd love some new recommendations.