Saturday, November 30

November Sponsors

Here they are again my lovely sponsors! Blogs and business I can personal recommend and follow myself. As they haven't changed from last month I thought I would ask them a few questions so you could get to know them a little better before checking out their pages. I currently only have one sponsor for December but would love it if more of you could get involved- or help spread the word around? I know December is always a tricky month money wise but they start from just £1.50. However without any further pleading please get to know my sponsors, Cara, from polly pocket beauty and Ari, from the happy cactus shop.

1. Why did you start your blog? I moved to London with my Boyfriend summer 2011 and he worked in a bar so I was alone most evening, Obviously that gets pretty lonely. I had always loved reading blogs so I thought why not start my own. I originally started it to keep a 'diary' of my new life in London, but after London didn't work out when we moved back to Cambridge It quickly became a beauty blog and it is what it is now! :) My Pride and joy!

2. What are your favourite types of posts to post in your blog? I love reading lifestyle posts I'm a pretty nosey person and love to see what others get up to in the spare time, I also love lipstick reviews and OOTD's I get a lot of my Outfit ideas from blogs :) I blog shop before I go out myself and make a little shopping list haha.. Is that sad?

3. What would your top tips be for winter fashion? Be Warm!! haha My staple for this Winter is Tartan. I always say don't get cold just to be Fashionable Wrap up warm!! :)

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1. Why did you start your business?  About 5 years ago, I was searching for her flash drive in the depths of her purse. After what seemed to be 30 minutes of frustrated digging (in reality it was only 3 minutes) and pulling everything out of her bag, I decided that mere pockets were not enough to organise her purse. I would create The Perfect Pouch to store all my small necessary items in and would never have to dig again!

2. What are your favourite types of posts/products to post in your site? I normally post things that I've been working on - new ideas, custom orders, photography, etc. I spend a good bit of time looking for new and interesting patterns that I think my customers would be interested in

3. What would your top tips be for winter fashion? Scarves! You can never have too many! As soon as it gets cold here (which is normally late November, I live in Alabama), I have one on until it warms up. Long ones, short ones, fabric, knit, infinity, straight - it doesn't matter as long as it matches!

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Thursday, November 28

Getting To Know... Dan

I love walks- I sit around and wait for them to happen all day and know when it is 4:30 and we are going to go out soon. It doesn’t matter to me if it is raining or dark I will beg until they give in.

I really like cats- we used to have on when I was younger and I would sit and watch her for hours and drool. I would never touch her though. It was only me know knew what I was thinking about.

I adore swimming- it’s my 2nd favourite thing after going on walks. Even though I am freezing I never want to go home and stand at the shoreline shaking. Sometimes I can’t see the sticks in the water because of my poor eye site.

I used to be a chef in a previous life- I enjoy fine food especially raw tuna. I always sit by my mum when she is cooking encase she gives me a treat.

My favourite thing ever is home baking! When Claire bakes she always lets me try some because I am so appreciative and cute. I will always want more which she likes too. Sometimes she bakes me my own dog biscuits, which is a real treat.

I am a very nervous dog and don’t like strangers toughing me (I may give a warning growl or bark but I don’t bite) especially when I’m on my lead. When I get to know you though I am really affectionate.

I am a mummies boy. The rest of my family are great but I know who loves me best and I love her. I don’t like anyone getting in the way or our alone time.

I am fond of to giving special hugs to the people I love. I stick my (big) nose under your chin and snuggle in.

For such a manly dog I have a weakness for cuddly toys and always pick one up and carry it around with me when I see one.  I also used to like squeaky toys when I was younger- but I’ve taken the squeakers out of so many they don’t buy me any more.

I do amazing ears when I want something or to show I’ve enjoyed something. I know they make a fuss when I do them.

I really enjoy smiling. I smile when they come down in the morning, when I want to be fed or when I want to go out on a walk. I have a few different smiles- full cheesier or just a cheeky grin but they both look quite vicious if you don’t know me.

I show my tummy for tickles at every available moment- when there is a family argument going on, when my family have just sat down for a meal or just when no one is paying attention to me.

I am still looking for a few December Sponsors for my blog so if you would be interested or know someone who would be please get in touch. If you email me at I will send you all the info and my stats.

Tuesday, November 26

Autumnal Plaid Shirt

Shirt: F&F Skirt: New Look Boots: River Island

Oooh same location again- think I've found the best place for winter photography (If I manage to get my act together before it get dark) and it is only just outside my door so I don't need to go far. As I mentioned in my last post we had family round for dinner on Friday night and while we weren't leaving the house I wanted to look nice. I bought this shirt from F&F (tesco) along time ago but it has come in handy this season since tartan is so on trend. You can't actually see it so well in these picture but the shirt has hints of orange running through it so I thought it would be perfect for this skirt. You know how much I love to find new outfits from my wardrobe- I also have a jumper I could wear with this but it really wasn't necessary inside so you'll have to wait longer to see that combination.

Today I've been sorting out my advertisers for December and would love it if you could get involved. I have more info here - or if you email me at I can send you my full stats.

Sunday, November 24

My Week In Pictures #43

(From top left) Finally watched the last two episodes  of game of thrones- bring up series two. Had nachos for tea- they are my favourites. My outfit for tea on Friday. Helped mum paint the bathroom and we hung up these cute fish frames. The best popcorn ever from graze. I am able to rock the side fringe again! A chocolate and orange tart I made on Friday (recipe post will follow). Paid the deposit for my T in the park!! Roll on summer 2014.
For some reason I was struggling to put together the photos for this post because I thought I hadn't done much this week but when I put some thought into it I came up with eight. The start of the week was very quiet but I didn't managed to get through any uni work- where has my motivation gone? I will do my best to find it this coming week. I have been to two rehearsals for the panto- I can't believe we only have one more week of rehearsals before the show starts. As the pictures show I helped my mum paint the bathroom- it looks so pretty good now and so clean.

On Friday my dads cousin came for dinner with her south African husband. We spent the whole day doing crazy cleaning (and the family arguments that come with it) but we had lovely food and it is so nice to meet new family and feel so natural with them! The rest of the weekend has been spent relaxing- I don't know why I'm so tired and feel like I've broken my nose.

The coming week will be filled with uni work (hopefully) and rehearsals for the show. We are in four days out of five so it will be pretty tiring. I also have a few posts planned for you guys. On top of that I am planning my sponsors post and looking for new advertisers for December so if you are interested email me at Hope you've all had a good weekend too! 

Saturday, November 23

How I Make Enchiladas

It's been quite a while since I posted a recipe (the chorizo and bean stew) so I thought I would share another recipe with you. I made these enchiladas one thursday night when my parents were out and I had the kitchen to myself- my favourite time to cook. Firstly you will need to make a tomato sauce with:
25g of butter
1 onion (chopped)
3 cloves of garlic (crushed)
250ml of chicken stock
2 tines of chopped tomatoes
2 red chillies (fresh or dried- chopped)
50ml of single cream

Melt the butter and sauté (fry quickly) the onions and garlic until they are soft. You then add the stock, tinned tomatoes, chillies, salt and pepper. 

Turn the pot to a low heat and leave it to simmer for 15 minutes so it reduces and the tomatoes intensify in flavour. Before removing it from the heat add the cream slowly.

To cook the chicken you will need:

25g of butter
4 cloves of garlic (crushed)
4 shallots (chopped)
Chicken breasts (enough to fill the number of people- for my family of four I used 6 breasts and that was LOADS) Cut into bite sized chunks.
4 large tomatoes (chopped)
a pinch of cumin
salt and pepper
juice of half a lime
fresh coriander (chopped)

Firstly you will need to sauté the onions and garlic in the butter until they are soft before adding the chicken. Leave the chicken to cook- turning every few minutes. You should then add the tomatoes, cumin, salt, pepper, lime juice and coriander and leave for a few minutes to develop the flavours.

As you can probably see from the picture I also added mushrooms and a red pepper. These are entirely optional but if you are feeding a hungry crowd they will bulk out the meal a bit and make the filling go further.

The next part involves filling the wraps with the chicken mixture. I did eight wraps for my family. I usually do rectangular parcels and pack them into a big dish- the type you might use for lasagne. You should then cover them with the sauce and I also sprinkled some greater cheese over the top for even more flavour.

Put the enchiladas in a pre heated oven at 180°C for 20 minutes and your done.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe post instead of my usual baking- would love your feedback and maybe I will do more. The pictures and making me hungry all over again so I might have to go on the hunt for some more food. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 20

Denim Will Always Be In Fashion

Dress: Primark Boots: New Look Coat: London eee

On Saturday we got up early to go to visit my aunty in perth- because it was so early this is a very simple outfit. I just got the dress the day before when I was out shopping with my mum. Do you like it? It is simple style but was a bargain in primark and it has tartan shoulders therefore follows the  current autumn trend. These boots are very old- like five years but I don't care because I still wear them all the time. They are a little big but it means I can wear thick socks in winter and keep my little toes warm. The coat is also an cold one but because I don't usually show my coats on the blog its never featured but I love it and wear it constantly. I am really pleased with the way these photos turned out so I am going to make more of an effort to get outside and take them when light allows. Do you like them too? 

This past week I've been getting emails from T in the park announcing the ticket sales for 2014. It has been really getting me down because I've been applying for jobs and not hearing back so I don't have the money. Anyways last night was the last straw! THE ARTIC MONKEYS are going- alex turner will be there!! In that case there is no way I'm missing it. So this morning I got out my calculator and worked out it would only take 50p from each of my twitter followers however I'm gonna keep thinking of ways to raise money- any ideas? 

Monday, November 18

My Week In Pictures #42

(From top left) The sunset over the castle on Friday night. Dads birthday card from Monday. I made enchiladas on Thursday for tea (recipe post will follow later this week). Painted my nails with opi's Unfor-Greta-bly Blue. Dads pizza tea on Monday night. A little shop in Primark on Friday.

Oops I'm sorry this post is a little late- it's not because I've been busy recently but I've just felt so uninspired to write. I was also meaning to show you swatches of my new lipstick in these pictures but when it came to take these photos I couldn't find it. You know what its like when you lose something and can't settle? Well this morning I just decided to add another photo instead- which I should have done yesterday. However I've got round to it now.

Last week I didn't do a whole lot apart from rehearsals for jack and the beanstalk. On Thursday mum and dad went out so I made tea for when they got back. I made enchiladas and they turned out pretty well so I will put together a recipe post for Thursday/Friday this week. On Friday my parents woke me up saying we were going to go to Dundee for some shopping. It was the first time I spent a whole day out in ages so I was pretty excited. Got a few things in primark which was good (treated by my mum- she really is the best). The dress I got will feature in a outfit post later this week. On Saturday I got up early to go to Perth to see my aunty. She stuffed us with food and chatted for a few hours. It was lovely to see her but we had to go to pick up my dad and get back in time for strictly.

I hope you all day a good weekend. If you want more of my rambling follow me on instagram here!

Tuesday, November 12

Make Up Done, Clothes On & Out The Door

Shirt: Primark. Shirt: New Look. Shoes: M&S
This outfit is nothing special and was put together a few hours before I went out to the pubs on Saturday night. I picked this shirt up about this time last year for £5 in primark and have only worn it about twice. Still making the price per wear pretty low however I like to find different ways to wear things. It is an old skirt too so it didn't cost me anything new which is always a bonus. I like to keep things to autumn/dark colours in winter- is it just me? I am still planning to buy skater skirts in every colour. They are so easy to style I just love them.

Currently my hair is really annoying me. I really don't know what to do with it and will probably have to go to the hair dresser soon. My fringe is now past my eyes which is good progress. Does anyone have any tips for growing out your fringe?

There isn't a lot to report about the night out. I didn't drink that much but it was nice for the whole gang to be back in town together. All of my friends are now 18 so no one is left out and my best friend came down from Glasgow to surprise me. Looking forward to some quitter night out soon. It's difficult to keep up with lots of people when we are all out together.

I would really love some feedback on my latest posts. You guys have been quite quiet and would love to know what you think of my posts?

Sunday, November 10

My Week In Pictures #41

(From top left) Watched the dark knight rises. Decembers company is out!! Finally put the front of my dolls house together. This weeks graze box. Outfit planning for Saturday night out. Pre-drinks selfie.
I'm beginning to wonder the worth of these week in pictures post since I got instagram (ginger_claire) because you can see almost all of these pictures there but it's the diary element of my blog I enjoy so I will keep it up for me. All together it has been a fairly quiet week. Been really unmotivated for uni work and have done the bare minimum. I did get 19/25 on the assessment today so it can't be all bad. I've been to five and a half hours of rehearsals for jack and the beanstalk which have really been putting a strain on my limbs. Couldn't pick up things from the floor for days. The dances we are doing are so much fun though. On friday night I went out for tea with my aunt and uncle before they go back to spain for three weeks. It was great to have a chat and get out of the house. I love having an excuse to put on nicer clothes and do some make up. The life of someone who is at home all the time.

Last night I went out to the pubs with all my friends. Since uni has started I haven't seen them all together so it was great to have a catch up. Having a few drinks while trying to save my money and having a laugh with the girls and seeing the guys was amazing. My best friend came from Glasgow to surprise us all. I was almost in tears I was so happy to see him he is amazing- I've never loved someone so much! (soppy alert!!!) You can see a bit of what I wore above but I will be doing a full OOTD later this week.

The other exciting news is I got the name of my blogger secret santa- I suppose the person who has me will be reading this so hi! I am super excited to find out what she likes and buy her something really lovely. It is my dads birthday tomorrow so I better go and finish his birthday card before we go to our neighbours for tea. Hope you've had a good weekend too.

Thursday, November 7

The Perfect Cold Weather Jumper

Jumper: Primark. Dress: Primark. Footless Tights: Primark. Boots: Marco Tozzi

I'm sure you've seen lots of these fluffy jumpers around the bloggosphere recently and I couldn't help but jump on the band waggon when I saw this one in primark for a bargain £10! The last time I was in they still had plenty so if you've been thinking about it go in and snap one up now. It is so warm and perfect for autumnal days. It was one of these crisp days last Thursday when I went to Aberdeen for my first uni tutorial. I wrote about it in my week in pictures post so check it out if you are interested.

Another classic trend that goes around is layering jumpers and dresses- I've never really done it before but I decided to give it ago to give this dress another look. I'm quite pleased with it and even my mum complimented me which is quite a big thing. Would love to know what you think?

Tuesday, November 5

Yummy Carrot Cakes

It's been a while since I've posted a recipe on the blog so I thought I would show you a quick carrot cake. I've made these a few times in the last few weeks and it is delicious- a real classic. I hope you enjoy it and leave some feedback for me. Been feeling lonely since I lost most of my google+ comments.

175g of finely grated carrots
2 free-range eggs
100g of brown sugar
75ml of oil
100g of self-raising flour
1 tsp of ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp of ground nutmeg
50g of desiccated coconut

Firstly you've got to beat the sugar and eggs together in a large bowl. Mix them until they are think and creamy- this should take a few minutes. You then mix in the oil slowly until it is all combined.

After you've mixed in the oil you combine the rest of the ingredients- carrot, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and coconut.

Once it is well combined spoon the mixture into cake cases- I use silicon ones here but you can use whatever you have. Put them into a pre-heated oven at 190°C for about 20 minutes. To check if they are cooked pierce the middle of the cake with a metal screwer and if it comes out clean they are ready.

To make the icing I used 40g of butter softened and 75g of icing sugar. Beat the two ingredients together until they are creamy. For an extra bit of flavour you can add the grated rind of 1/2 an orange. Ice the cakes once they are cooled and enjoy!

Sunday, November 3

My Week In Pictures #40

(From top left) Made a yummy thai curry for tea on wednesday. Made more carrot cakes for a baking post later this week. My pumpkin needs a face life now!! Asos and other magazines for reading in bed. Starbucks pumpkin spice latte- a halloween treat. Helping my aunty choose onesies for my little cousins christmas. Web nail effects for halloween. Mini primark haul.

Feeling quite pleased with my blog work this week. I've posted three times with an outfit post, what I wore to my cousins wedding and introducing you to my first lot of sponsors (it's not to late to get a spot for this month just send me an email at

Can't believe its only been a week since last sunday it feels so much longer. The start of this week was mostly spent studying ahead of my first uni tutorial on Thursday. I was so nervous about going somewhere I didn't know on my own but it all turned out okay. I got the train much earlier than I needed too so I could figure out which bus I had to get- I then tried to look round some shops for an hour but I couldn't enjoying it because I was so nervous about getting the bus (country girl here). Long story short I made it just in time and it was interesting. I then spent all afternoon shopping.

Had quite a quiet weekend baking, watching strictly with mum and chilling in front of the fire. Still pretty disappointed I didn't have a halloween party to go to but worse things happen and I'm going to the pubs next weekend for a friends birthday. Hope you've had a good weekend.

Saturday, November 2

October Sponsors

This is my first monthly sponsored post and I can't wait to introduce you to these lovely ladies and I hope you will have a read of their pages because you will love them as much as I do.

Polly Pocket Beauty is a beautiful blog which, as well as beauty posts, is filled with fashion and lifestyle posts. Cara has a lovely famine style with pretty prints. I always love how are outfits are perfectly styled and accessorised (I am jealous). If you are on the look out for a new blog to read have a look at Cara's blog.

The Happy Cactus is a beautifully simple shop so named because cacti are the only house plant the owner Ari Pepper has been able to keep. She sells a mixture between lovely handmade bags and stunning photographers from her home in the deep south. Defiantly worth a look.

It's not to late to get advertising spots for november and if you buy november now I will give you december for free. Email: for all the info.

Friday, November 1

Can You Hear the Bells?

Dress: Handmade (McCalls pattern no.M6466) Coat: Chilli. Shoes: Dorothy Perkins. Clutch: Local boutique. Neckless: Vintage. Hair Pearls: Dorothy Perkins
Last Saturday my big cousin got married in Solsgirth House. It would be fair to say that my family (mum, dad and Jamie) were apprehensive about going because we wouldn't know anyone (and there certainly wasn't anyone my age I knew) but we shouldn't have been so worried. The bride and groom decided to have a humanist ceremony (I'm sure you can google it) but it is basically not religious but celebrating who we are as individuals. It was really relax and quite informal which was a nice touch. The bride was late by over half an hour though but she looked so beautiful! Wedding dresses are so individual some people love them and some hate them but she had my perfect dress. Tight fitted and a long train with lots of beads and jewels on the bust.

The first thing I would say about my outfit is the tights were not that tanned (silly camera flash). My mum made me this dress for the 2011 christmas dance and I couldn't wait to wear it again. The fur coat is maybe a little much but I honestly didn't have anything else to keep me warm and when I found out we would be in a marquee at night I couldn't go without something. My mum also did my hair- she is so talented and I am so lucky!

We drank lots of champagne before a delicious dinner. If I can remember we had haggis and tatties, a spiced squash soup, lamb and vegetables (I actually don't eat lamb but Jamie does and I enjoyed the veg) and a yummy chocolate mousse. At the recaption they had a PHOTO BOOTH!!! I have some really funny pictures stuck on my wall which I will always love. Also met my dads cousins and to be honest I'm not sure why I haven't met them before they were lovely. We had a really good night.

P.s. I might add more photos when/if my uncle emails them to me but I could wait to post this outfit!!