Sunday, January 31

My week in pictures #157

(From top left) We finished the first season of prison break on Thursday - it was so intense I need a break now. Arrived home to find mum had bought me this cute skirt because it was £1 in the Tesco sale. I made January's recipe from my GBBO calendar - a somerset apple tart. We also got to test drive a new car on Saturday afternoon and today mum phoned up and paid the deposit so it is now ours! 
You might notice all of these pictures were basically taken at the weekend - that is because my week at uni was pretty boring. Think I'm going to need some sort of activity to keep me occupied while I'm not in lectures. As I suspected Monday was so draining - 6 hours without a break is too much for me. I then came home and snacked loads before my tea which I feel really guilty about. 

I spent quite a lot of time this week trying to sort out my student loan and bursary. They didn't get it right at the start of the year and I've been chasing it ever since however finally on Wednesday they got it sorted. Now I will have money again after being skint for 5 months. Scott also came round on Wednesday and we made Old El Pasos Baja Fish which was delicious. We also finished the first series of masterchef USA. 

On Friday I woke up feeling pretty crappy but instead of staying in bed I got up and tidied my room, hoovered the flat and got on with a few odd jobs. Scott came home via mine to pick me up - I was really happy to be back with my family at the weekend not to mention the dogs were both really happy to see me. I had a driving lesson on Saturday morning - Tom taught me how to parallel park which was nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be. He said I was driving excellently and we can think about booking my test soon - eek!

In the afternoon we went to look at a car we'd spotted online. After a test drive we were 95% sure it was the car we wanted and now we are the proud owners of a lovely red ford fiesta. When mum and dad go to pick it up I'll be insured to drive it too. When we came home I was in a really good mood so baked an apple tart. It went down really well with everyone too.

Sunday has been a relaxing day. I helped mum clean the kitchen floor, we took the dogs for a walk and now I'm lying beside the fire. I do think that the bath is calling my name though.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend! I've linked some more blog posts below if you fancy keeping reading. 

This week on G is for Gingers: A Love Affair with Mustard Blouses | Visiting Siam Park, Tenerife

Friday, January 29

Visiting Siam Park, Tenerife - June 2015

If you've been following my blog for a while you might remember that last summer I went to Tenerife with my boyfriend, Scott. You can catch up on the full post here but recently I was asking to write a guest post and it isn't being used in its original form so I decided to post it here. I'm quite proud of it even though it doesn't have the best pictures to go alongside it. 

Tenerife will always hold special memories for me because it was my first holiday with my boyfriend. We chose to stay in Costa Adeje - It is a hub of activity with beaches, restaurants and most excitingly for us ‘Siam Park – the Water Kingdom’.

Last year, 2015, Siam Park was voted the number one water park in the world by Tripadvisor. I couldn’t really have chosen a better place for my first water park experience. I’m not really an adrenalin junkie and you’d definitely not see me on a roller coaster so turning up at the gates I was very nervous. When we visited the park in June 2015 it has 10 main attractions and despite my initial reservations I went on 8 of these no problem.

After taking a walk around the park to get our bearings, mostly I was stalling, Scott forced me up the steps of the ‘Jungle Snakes’. Clutching our double boat for dear life we got to the top and had to pick one of the four slides to go down. It is all a bit of a blur now as I really didn’t want to go on any of them. He chose one and we were sitting at the top before I knew what was happening. I was in full panic mode for 95% of the ride just trying to force myself to keep calm and breath. As I was finally starting to enjoy it we were out in the daylight again and I was already running up the steps to do it again.

The attraction that was a highlight for both my boyfriend and I was ‘The Wave Palace’. Siam Park boasts the biggest artificial waves in the world and an average swimming pool is transformed. Paddling in the water where we could just touch the bottom neither of us knew what to expect but with the number of lifeguards around we knew it would be exciting. The first thing you notice is the great boom as the wave is created. When you are so small in the water it seems huge! Both scary and exciting at the same time as your thrown into the people all round you. Of all the other rides we enjoyed ‘The Giant’, ‘Mekong Rapids’ and the very first ride the ‘Jungle Snakes’.

In my head I thought we would arrive around 11am and leave by 3pm but we ended up staying for around seven hours. Only leaving because the park was closing. We returned to the relaxed atmosphere of Costa Adeje feeling exhausted and eager to go back. The park itself is really easy to get to with a free shuttle bus from Los Cristianos, Las Américas and Costa Adeje. Tickets cost around £24 for adults and £16 for Children, which is a really good price for so much to do. There wasn’t any children with us but kids we saw in the park looked to be having a great time as there are areas especially for them. Of course the beach and lazy river are suitable for everyone and are a great way to relax.

My tips for visiting Siam Park:

  1. Buy your tickets in advance - we bought ours from Attraction Tickets Direct. They arrived quickly in the post and on the day we walked straight through the gate.
  2. Our tickets also came with free vouchers so we were able to get a burger and chips at the cafe without it costing us more money. 
  3. Bring your own towels then spend the few pounds a locker. We left other valuables in there too like our mobiles and a small amount of money.
  4. Take flip-flops - the ground will be way to hot to walk on. My feet did get a little sore from wearing them with wet feet though.
  5. Sunglasses are a necessity for me too. Although you can't take them on the rides ours were perfectly safe inside our sandals at the bottom.  
  6. Consider taking a hat - I didn't and my scalp got quite badly burnt. The stairs up the slides were shaded but the rest of the park wasn't.
  7. Finally take regular sunscreen breaks. Although it might seem a hassle it is worth it for the rest of your holiday. Surprisingly neither of us got badly burnt that day.

The one thing I know for sure is I’ll be back to Tenerife – not only was it a wonderfully relaxing holiday but Siam Park has opened a new ride that I can’t wait to try out.

Wednesday, January 27

A Love Affair with Mustard Blouses

Blouse: New Look | Jeans: Glamourous Outfitters* | Shoes: New Look | Hat: Primark
This is my second look featuring an item I bought in the New Look sale a few weeks ago. I knew this blouse had to be mine because of the colour - you can't really say no to a gorgeous deep mustard colour. It is also a colour which goes really well with my hair too which is a bonus. 

I decided to keep it simple and wear it with jeans and a fedora. I've had these jeans for a while now and keep reaching for them. The shape looks good on days I can't be bothered wriggling into a pair of skinnies and they are comfy too for jeans. This is probably the last blouse I'm going to buy in a while because I've added a few to my wardrobe recently and already have different ideas on how to style it.

I wore this outfit (minus the hat) a couple of weekends ago when Scott and I went to Bella Italia. It is the perfect casual date night outfit.

Something I've been doing a lot during this week is looking back on my summer holiday in Tenerife. I draft wrote a post about Siam Park for someone else's blog but it turns out it won't be used in full so I was thinking about posting it here. Would that be something you'd be interested in? Let me know in the comments.  

Monday, January 25

My week in pictures #156

(From top left) I went to the library for the first time in ages and borrowed some books. Homemade chicken pie with leftover roast chicken was amazing. Finally got round to watching the Riot Club - it was good just not as good as I expected. A treat from New Look because they are doing a 20% student discount at the moment. Friday night drinks with Scott. You can't not have a chocolate glory when you go to Pizza Express.
This week has been a slow one - there wasn't a lot happening in the first week of term as a few of my classes weren't running and I didn't have work to do outside them. I started off my week with a trip to the public library because I aim to read more books this year than the embarrassing six I managed last year. I finished 'Panic' already which I would recommend and made a good start on 'Royal Wedding' too. Monday was the day I also discovered I was in uni for 5/6 straight hours including a three hour lecture in the late afternoon - pretty much hell then!

Tuesday was equally quiet. I had one lecture so I walked to Lidl in the afternoon and back through the park and by the river which was nice. I had bought baking ingredients so on Wednesday I decided to bake Olivia's Honeycomb Brownies which only failed due to my oven. The top got a little burnt while the middle was still liquid... They also got stuck to the tin so they didn't quite make it to the blog. My boyfriend assured me they were still delicious though. When I was tidying up Scott arrived and we made cottage pie for tea and watched Masterchef USA. 

Most of Thursday was spent cutting letters from sparkly card for this blog post. It took me a fair while so I got in a couple episodes of 'Charmed'. In the evening I made a monster of a chicken pie and we watched 'The Riot Club'. I'd had enough of hanging around the house by Friday so after my afternoon lecture I walked into town. I did a little shopping before meeting Scott when he finished work for a drink. A little more shopping and last minute decision to go to Pizza Express with my flatmate - delicious!

The only good thing that happened on Saturday was a phone call with Mum - we just had a good long chat about the cars she had test drove that week. Exciting thinking about getting a car I'll be able to be insured on too. Thankfully Scott decided he would come up on Sunday to alleviate my boredom. We didn't actually do a lot in the end - a trip to B&Q which resulted in a practical (but boring) storage box. Then to tesco where we got food for tea and I spent more than I should of really. We made delicious enchiladas for dinner, watched more masterchef then 'Lucky Man' which is a new series on Sky. It was really good so we will definitely keep watching that. Then we went off to bed to look at park tickets for America which got me so excited sleeping wasn't easy...

Are you following me on Instagram yet? I post lots more photos from my week there and follow back too!


This week on G is for Gingers: Styling Summer Dresses for Winter | G is for Gingers is Turning Three

Thursday, January 21

G is for Gingers is Turning Three

So today officially makes it three years since my first blog post on G is for Gingers. In that time my life has changed immeasurably and blogging had turned from something I did to fill my spare time to a passion and a hobby that I love.

All through January I've been trying to come up with a fitting way to celebrate this milestone but I just haven't had a good idea. Yesterday I did bake a cake which I planned to put candles in and take photos. That didn't work out though because my oven decided to burn the top while the middle was still raw... The cake still takes pretty good but it isn't 'blogworthy' anymore. This afternoon these sparkly letters took me ages to cut out but really I just wanted to thank you all. 

After 405 blog post your support just keeps growing. From barely one view on my first outfit post (and even then that was probably by me) to the followers who regularly comment now. I have blogger friends I speak to on twitter almost everyday - no one could have seen this coming in January 2013. I'm pretty certain this time next year I will still be posting on my little space on the internet because I love to blog and keep an online diary of my life.    

Before this post turns to soppy I just want to take everyone of you who is taking the time to read this post - whether you're new here or having been reading since the beginning. 


Tuesday, January 19

Styling Summer Dresses for Winter

Dress: New Look | Top: Primark | Blazer: New Look | Boots: Dash

I bought this dress in the New Look sale only last week. I think it was probably left over from summer stock but it was only £3 so I couldn't really complain. Obviously I couldn't leave it hanging in my wardrobe for a few months so I decided to layer it so it was more suitable for the minus temperatures we are enjoying at the moment. 

Basic long sleeved tops like these from Primark should be in everyone's wardrobes. I have several in black but got this blue one especially for this outfit. A nice scarf, cosy tights and boots completed the look. To add extra layers I decided to put on this burgundy blazer that doesn't get enough wear and ontop of that I wore my cosy blue duffle coat. I thought it would be good to keep the colours simple with blues and burgundies.

This is what I wore to travel back up to Aberdeen on Friday - nothing fancy because I was going to be sitting on the train and a bus for a while. I'm looking forward to being able to dress it up though. 

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Monday, January 18

My week in pictures #155

(From top left) I did my nails with a new Leighton Denny colour my aunty gave me. Mum finally persuaded me to watch the 'Jersey Boys' and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Pizza Express for lunch on Thursday with my parents and flatmate - I had a classic sloppy giuseppe. I finished my first book of the year - it might be macabre but I do love a good Aberdeen crime drama. My new calendar arrived and I'm so pleased with the result. A 'Big Tony' to share with Scott at Bella Italia on Sunday evening.
My week started off with a trip to Perth to visit my aunty. We hit the shops straight away and I bought some treats in the New Look sale (which you can see here). I stayed with her on the Monday night - taking the chance to relax beside the fire while watching TV. On the Tuesday we headed back into town to have a look round TK Maxx where I got the most gorgeous slippers, then to get my eyebrows threaded before getting the train home again. That evening mum and I watched the Jersey Boys which I really enjoyed much to my surprize. 

I stayed in the shower too long on Wednesday and almost missed my ride into town. I went to New Look to exchange something that didn't fit and spent another 45 minutes browsing... I managed to take outfit pictures in the afternoon before heading to Scotts. We were rather naughty and instead of cooking we just had a chippy. 

The plan on Thursday was to take my stuff back to Aberdeen. We weren't going to have power all day so no one wanted to hang around the house. I spend the morning packing then we headed up in the afternoon. After unloading the car we went into town for lunch with my flatmate. A little shopping then I went home again with my folks. I had a driving lesson on Friday morning that I didn't want to miss.

The driving lesson went really well and next time after recapping some maneuvers he said we can do a mock test!? I'm excited to see how I do with that... After taking some more outfit pictures in the afternoon and grabbing a few last minute things I got on the train back to Aberdeen. A quick stop off at M&S to get a meal deal for tea and I was ready to relax. My flatmate and I watched Focus which I'd been meaning to watch for a while and really enjoyed it. 

Saturday was pretty uneventful - we went to Tesco in the morning then unpacked in the afternoon. I wanted to go the the library but sadly it doesn't open Saturday afternoon. We spent the rest of the day watching 'Prison Break' and I think I'm hooked.

Scott came through on Sunday - he took me to paperchase then we went to his Gran's house. I wasn't prepared for the very strong Aberdeen accent his little cousin would have... there was a real language barrier. We went to Bella Italia for dinner - it was as good as last time and I would definitely recommend the calzone. We tried to get an early night because on Monday it was back to lectures.

My blog turns three this Thursday and I'm really struggling to think of a suitable post to celebrate it! I'd love it if you had any suggestions.

This week on G is for Gingers: A Simple Blouse and a Brown Floral Skirt | A New Look Sale Mini Haul

Saturday, January 16

A New Look Sale Mini Haul

The New Look sale is one of my favourites - I also pop in after Christmas to see what bargains they have to offer. This year I went into my local one (which is just a smallish town one) and also Perth when I was visiting my aunty this week. I got some gorgeous things that I can't wait to wear and take outfit pictures of course.

Dress: New Look | £3
This dress was probably left over from summer because it is a lovely lightweight fabric with cutout detail around the waist. I just liked how simple it was, nice pattern, plain colour and easy to wear shape. At the moment I'm going to wear it layered up but when it gets warmers I'll be able to go around with my arms bear again.

Blouse: New Look | £9
I've been after something mustard to add to my wardrobe for a while now. You can see it is a very similar style to the blouse I wore in my last outfit post so I'm obviously going through a faze. Again there will be several ways to wear this but I will probably just chuck it on with jeans and a nice pair of boots.

Skirt: New Look | £5
This is a slightly different purchase from me - my current black skater skirt has seen better days but I mainly picked this one up for its gorgeous Suedette texture. It is quite short but nothing a pair of black tights wouldn't fix. Hopefully I will find a way to style it - it would go lovely with the mustard blouse above.

Blouse: New Look | £3
Again I think this one was left over from summer but it was the colour that caught my eye first. I love the dusty pink/coral colour during summer. This easy Gypsy, off the shoulder style will also be perfect for the warmer weather. 

Shoes: New Look | £6
Black pumps are something I've been meaning to add to my collection for ages. Can you believe this is my first pair? There is nothing fancy about them - just a great shape at a great price and if they don't last forever it isn't the end of the world.

So all this lovely lot for only £26! I've linked everything I can still find online but I definitely recommend going into the shop and seeing if you can pick up a bargain. I've decided my next purchase will be this gorgeous Red Structured Bag - hopefully they do a boosted student discount soon.

Wednesday, January 13

A Simple Blouse and a Brown Floral Skirt

Blouse: F&F (similar) | Skirt: New Look | Jacket: Rocha: John Rocha | Heels: Marco Tozzi
When my Gran came to visit between Christmas and New Year she bought me this blouse. We spotted it while food shopping in Tesco and it was on sale. It is the perfect loose style - it is actually a size bigger than I'd normally wear but I think it still looks good. The brown/burnt orange colour also brings out the best in my hair. I don't know why I'm a little obsessed with this style at the moment but I've got a few blouses now. It can be styled easily with skirts or jeans which adds to the versatility. 

I think I'll wear this outfit tomorrow - we are going to Aberdeen to take the majority of my stuff back to the flat. Hopefully we will go out for tea at pizza express too so I want to look nice. I'm coming home with my parents though because I have a driving lesson early on Friday morning. 

If you've not seen it already I've chosen some things I’m never going to wear in 2016 and added them to my depop! I really want to sell the stuff asap so feel free to make me an offer.

Sunday, January 10

My week in pictures #153

(From top left) As part of my January clear out I've put some clothes on depop - check them out here or my username is gingerclaire_. My prints arrived from snapfish and I can't wait to scrapbook with them. Lunch on Friday at Roos Leap - my burrito was delicious. These Peanut Hottie samples arrived in the post so I can't wait to try them. Scott and I went for a walk down to the beach on Saturday afternoon even though it was starting to rain. Today I made a layered walnut cake (looks impressive).
Has anyone else felt trapped in by the weather this week? Luckily we haven't been affected by the flooding that has hit so many in this area. We didn't go out at the start of the week much and most of the days were pretty dark. I waited it for the courier on Monday then Tuesday too when they couldn't find my house the first time. It arrived just in time for me to take photos for my 'What I Got For Christmas' post. 

On Wednesday I went to Scott's in the evening. I popped into the post office to post my first depop order then had a browse in the New Look sale. I couldn't buy anything though because their card machines had just gone down. Scott and I made a very simple meatballs and spaghetti for tea and started to watch the American masterchef. 

On Thursday I really got stuck into clearing out my wardrobe. I've got three bags of things for the charity and some old boxes too. Sadly clearing out also seems to make a real mess... Thursday was also so awful I didn't manage to take the outfit pictures I wanted to. However on Friday I got up in plenty of time to take them before my Aunt and Uncle arrived. We went out for lunch at Roos Leap then I helped my aunty set up her new fitbit. Finally we finished off the day by watching a movie in front of the fire.

Saturdays spent with Scott are always my favourite. This weekend we decided to go for a walk - even though it was drizzling and cold. We spent a great couple of hours walking along the beach and looking at all the things washed in. Kind of like Katie Morag - we found a wooden mallet, a small bird house and a small yankee candle. In the evening we watched TV, I baked then we ordered a takeaway. Sadly the rest of the night was kinda spoilt by my Asthma playing up... I was woken several times through the night too. 

Today my little cousin came round! We had a nice family lunch - a indian feast courtesy of my parents. Baby Sophie is growing so fast and has started to find her voice. They weren't proper words but she was pretty happy anyway. They've not long left and we are chilling beside the far. I'm shattered so it won't be long before I'm off to bed!

Remember to check out my depop. I'm going back to Uni at the end of this week and would love the stuff gone. Feel free to make me an offer. 

This week on G is for Gingers: What I Got For Christmas 2015 | A New Ski Print Tunic Dress

Friday, January 8

A New Ski Print Tunic Dress

Dress: Tu Clothing | Gilet: New Look | Leggings: Primark | Boots: Dash | Scarf: New Look
Can we all take a moment to appreciate this is my 400th post on G is for Gingers... 400 seems a lot of anything! My blog will also turn three next week - I'd like to do something special to mark it. 

You might recognise this dress from my 'What I Got For Christmas' post - this outfit is also very similar to my first outfit post of 2015. I love an easy dress to wear - something that goes well with thick tights, a cosy scarf and boots. This one needs leggings though because it is to short without them. 

I wore this outfit to Edinburgh on Sunday with my family - we took a trip to Ikea and then out for lunch at pizza express. The weather in Scotland has been awful recently - aside from the flooding that has caused devastation not very far from where I live we've been pretty trapped in the house. Today the sun finally came out which was bliss. Do you have advice on taking care of your skin in gloomy weather? Mine has just been breaking out something terrible. I got outside to take these photos this morning then I decided to keep the dress on to go out for lunch with my Aunty and Uncle. I've spent the rest of the afternoon helping my Aunt set up her new fitbit with her ipad. 

This week I've uploaded some things to my Depop which I'd love if you took a look at. Sizes 10/12/14 and all prices below £10!

Tuesday, January 5

What I Got For Christmas 2015

I was truly spoilt at Christmas this year! Collecting all these things together shows how true that is. I got some lovely surprises and also the bits of bobs I asked for too. It all helped to make Christmas 2015 magical. If you read my wishlist post you might recognise some of these pieces too. 

It has been years since I asked my parents for anything specific because I could just never think of anything. However this year there were a few things - a new hard drive before I lost all of my precious photos, a hand mixer to help my baking in Aberdeen and finally I spotted this gorgeous jumper in the sleepwear section of Tesco. Mum also surprised me with matching bottoms and a dress from Tu at Sainsburys covered with skiers.

I was equally spoilt by my boyfriend. This jumper arrived only minutes before I took the picture for this post. He wanted to make sure I got just what I wanted so we ordered it together between Christmas and New Year. It is really cosy, soft and although it's a jumper it will be jacket like in warmer weather too. He surprised me with a Lush gift box before Christmas eve which has my all time favourite 'intergalactic' in it and also a new one 'Snow Angle'. The polar bear was also a late presents when we were in the Yankee Candle shop together. I am going through a bit of a phase and love him - he won't be going away with the Christmas decorations. 

My brothers gift probably had the most thought put into it out of them all. It has been several year since we bought each other presents and it was quite a shock. This lantern is made out of wax with a detailed wooden 'window' in the front. He walked down to the Geluja shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh especially. It looks so beautiful with a tealight inside that I even Instagramed it. 

From my Aunty and Uncle I got a TK Maxx voucher - which is fab because I am always in there. My nearest one is only a five minute walk from the university. I'm thinking about investing in a leather jacket so I'll hold onto it for a while. I save my favourite chocolates for last so these are still surprisingly in the box. 

More candles! This one is from my boyfriend's parents (although I think I can just thank his mum). Not only does it smell divine I've been intrigued by woodwick for a while. I'm saving it for back in Aberdeen though. They also bought us a voucher to eat at Malmaison which I'm excited to use. Sometimes a posh meal out is a real treat. 

What do you buy a girl who loves baking and the great british bake off? The cookbook of course! I can thank my cousins for this one - I can't wait to start using it.

From my other cousins I got this cute bobble hat. I'm actually not a great hat wearer but this one is comfy and cosy so I think I'll put it on more. It is more of a practical hat than a fashion one like other I own. Also a lot of my outdoor wear is purple so it matches well too.

Now to find room for all these lovely new things...

Monday, January 4

My week in pictures #152

(From top left) Going out shopping with Scott on Tuesday. He bought me this super cute polar bear candle holder. We watched Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - it is a pretty crazy film. Making faces with friend on Hogmanay. A delicious chocolate and orange tart at Pizza Express. Tonight I built a little dinning table from Ikea for our upstairs sitting room.

Happy New Year - I hope 2016 is good to each and everyone of you reading this post. I can't believe that so much has happened this week. It has been a busy one!

My week started on Monday afternoon when we went to collect my Grandma from the train station. She was coming to stay for a few days. We didn't really do much on the Monday then on Tuesday Scott and I were planning to go shopping. We were looking for something for my Christmas but didn't find it in Dundee. At home we made Pizza for tea and watched TV. We also managed to order something for my Christmas online so I'm so excited for that to arrive. 

On Wednesday Scott gave me a lift home fairly early because we were having a family lunch. He met my Gran too before he left which was nice. We had a festive family meal with my Dad's side of the family and once they left we put on a film to chill. The last day of the year rolled round so quick - and I started it off with a productive driving lesson then I had lunch with my folks before going to Scotts. We made lasagna for dinner then went to a party at a friends before heading to the pubs. This year not only do I remember the bells but also walking home, listening to Oasis and eating chips on the sofa. A really fun night!

To start the new year properly Scott came to the house for Lunch with my parents. He stayed pretty late just hanging and chatting which was nice too. After he had gone though I was desperate to put on the new Sherlock episode which was brilliant. Saturday was spend in a similarly lazy way with a little bit of tidying, a movie and then I got my parents hooked on the BBCs adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' which was also seriously brilliant. If you've not seen it already go and watch it! 

Finishing off the week - although it doesn't really feel like a Sunday - we went to Ikea. My folks needed some bits for the house but I didn't really see anything. We met my brother in the center of Edinburgh for a late lunch at Pizza Express. As soon as we got home I started on building the new dining table for upstairs, mum made some dinner and dad built up the chairs. Then we watch the last two episodes of 'And Then There Were None' which had lead to this post being so late...

I am going to try and sell some of the clothes I won't wear in 2016 on depop. I've never sold anything on it before but it is worth a shot. You can see my page here and if you have any tips leave me a comment!

I'm going to leave my end of year survey until Monday or Tuesday so if you've not filled it in yet then there is still time. You can find it here and the questions should only take you a few minutes. 

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